Friday, February 04, 2011

Waxwing Ringing Update

Just received the following from Ray Duncan which might be of some interest to local birders:

Hi David,
What can I say but thank you very much for your perseverance on this one. Thanks for trawling through your photos (saved another trip out in the rain?!) A young male with no previous sightings.

Light Green Blue Green
BTO No NW50229
Ringing Date 28/11/10
Location Claremont Gardens, Nellfield, Aberdeen

Light Green Blue Green
BTO No NW50229
Re-Sighting Date 04/02/11
Location Sainsbury's, Mill Lane, Brighouse, W.Yorksh (SE147227)

Distance Travelled 384km South
Resighting. PHOTOGRAPH

Attached is a map of ringing results so far from this winter. Way out of date already due to yours and several other sightings in the past few days but will happily update ASAP. You’ll see loads have gone very far south, some appeared to get to the south coast within a week or two of ringing.
So it is very interesting to know that some individuals like your bird are still relatively far north.

Any further sightings will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks again.
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes,

Raymond Duncan

(On behalf of Grampian Ringing group)

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