Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just out of Area

Report of a Slav Grebe at Hollingworth Lake today by the Naval Cadets Centre in the Southwest bay.

Whooper swan

What's wrong with 'Andrew' for a name?

Nordic/eastern Jackdaw

See Andy's Northowram Wildlife link for some shots of this excellent find!

Safe and on the road to recovery

Met Dan from the Yorkshire Swan Rescue centre just after 14:00 this afternoon who with the help of a grappling hook and a loaf of Warburtons wholemeal soon had the Whooper safely wrapped up and in the back of his van.

It appears the only injury is poor feather condition due to oil saturation probably from the boats nearby. Dan will clean it up when it gets back to the centre and give it a good feed before hopefully returning it to the wild. He will ring the bird prior to release and will happily keep us informed of it's progress.

Great job Dan and keep up the good work, looking forward to hearing of it's release and hopefully many of reports of the bird returning safely on migration each year.

Sowerby Bridge

Whooper still in the marina at 13.40. I gather from Andy H that someone from Swan Rescue is on his way.
Bird is alert and been fed by some local people as its fed on bread and scraps and is very confiding and gives the occasional call. However there is some blood on its feathers behind the neck and lower neck feathers look very bedraggled so there is an injury somewhere! It was preening as we left.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Help is on it's way

See my comment regarding the condition of the Sowerby Bird compared to Mytholmroyd Bird in previous post. I've just followed Jim's link and they had a 24hr mobile number so I've just rung them and spoken to a gentleman who is going to get someone out to the bird tomorrow. He has my number and I've told him someone would be available to meet him if required, I can put off what I had planned for tomorrow but if someone else is free I'd appreciate it if they could volunteer to meet this guy if required, as I have some work for my brother to do in leeds.

Can I also suggest that we keep a database of any rescue organisations, I'm happy to be one holder of the numbers if someone else will do likewise in the event I'm unobtainable.

Time to call for Help??

I revisited the Whooper this afternoon as the light was better, it didn't appear to have moved and wasn't feeding while I was there, a passer by said she felt it had lost weight since it arrived a week ago and she passes everyday.

Mixenden Res'r and Ogden (Stodfold)

Mixenden Res'r
10 Goosander
3 Goldeneye
c40 B H Gulls and 20+ Common Gulls

4 Redwing
2 Dippers together

Lower end of Ogden Golf Course
1 female Stonechat

Re Important Meeting this afternoon.

Results of the meeting are on http://calderdale-wildlife.blogspot.com/

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday boxing - round 1

First two boxes now in place and locations for a further two checked out. Thanks to those that helped out today, TW, SC, AH, HO, JC, JU and SLC plus the landowners for their support.

Whooper down the pub

To add to Andy's post - another boat owner said the bird arrived about a week ago but was pure white then, but it is very grubby now as you may be able to see from the pics. It is feeding well and looks strong so hopefully it is fully mobile. No rings visible on its legs.


I cant work out what todays garden bird is?

Sowerby Bridge Visitor

Thanks to Peter for the news on this Whooper Swan, after spending the best part of the day putting Barn Owl boxes up it was nice to see this very unusual sight and get so close to such a great bird. Apparently in the area for over a week now and even one report from a boat owner of a second bird up until last wednesday.


I have lived at Jumble Hole for 9 years. I first heard a nuthatch up in the woods here about 2 years ago. About a week ago, I was thrilled to see one on my feeders. Today, two arrived! They are re-visiting about every 20 minutes. Two great spotted woodpeckers are regular visitors now too....I think I might need to bulk buy peanuts.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Buntings and LTT

Started off up Soil Hill where the 4 Snow Buntings showed nicely, on to Luddenden Dean for some more distant views of the LTT's. Had a word with the chap who lives in the "castle" and I've put a feeder by the bridge filled with fat balls, hopefully they'll find it soon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Other news today

4 Snow Buntings still on Soil Hill (NK)

c30 Golden Plover at Ringstone Res'r (TM)

No news today on the Northern L T Tits in Luddenden Dean though they were there yesterday.

Pepper Hill/Ploughcroft

Sparrowhawks - 1 ad male and 1 large ad female with a smaller female was unusual!
2 Jays
60+ Woodpigeons
9 Herring Gulls heading west
c40 Common Gulls
1 Redwing

Mixenden Res'r

This morning
5 Goosander
2 f Goldeneye

Longfield Dam

A pair of very soggy Goldeneye were at Longfield Dam today along with 6 Black-headed Gulls and a few Mallards.

Why does it always rain on me?

Having filled the fermentor with the latest offering of Slightly Foxed I decided to head straight up to High Royd worth the visit but boy did it rain.

2 Nuthatch
2 Treecreeper
1 Grey wagtail (first of the year)
7 BH Gulls (new arrivals since my last visit but have been more evident around Sowerby Bridge this last week)
1 GSW - male

and a large tit flock containing c20 LTT (no northern's) and several Great/Blue tit's the odd Coal tit and 4 Goldfinch.

A few Blackbirds were also around but no other thrushes.

1 male Teal but surely more out of sight
1 Moorhen
1 Coot


Three Goosanders, one Cormorant and a few BH gulls. That was about it apart from the cold wind and sleet.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Other news today

4 Snow Buntings still present this morning on Soil Hill ((NK)

Northern L T Tits were around this morning in the dean and seen by residents but only negative reports from birders this afternoon.

Crimsworth Dean

2 pairs Kestrel
15+ Fieldfare
4 Redwing
1 Great-spotted Woodpecker
1 Green Woodpecker
2 Nuthatch
4 Stock Doves

Grey Heron

2 traditional sites checked this afternoon and 6 and 5 birds present.

See 19th January posting on the blog regarding the BTO Heronaries Census.


The other noticable thing about yesterday in the Dean was the number of Blackbirds or rather the complete lack of any other thrushes despite the high number of Blackbirds. Not a single Mistle, Song, Fieldfare or Redwing has anyone else noticed this or is it just in the Dean?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soil Hill and Luddenden Dean

Andy H and myself took advantage of the good weather (?) and went up Soil Hill to see if the Snow Bunts were still around. They were, 4 of them, around the back of the mounds poking around in the rubble and puddles and snow. The visibility was bad but we had good views and they approached quite close to us as we crouched and tried to get some photos. Drizzle was blowing onto the cameras so the quality of the shots we got wasn't great - here's the best of mine.

We walked around the hill seeing if we could put up a Snipe or Jack Snipe but no go. There were 2 Skylarks and 3 Lapwings though.

On to Luddenden in the hope of seeing the Northern Long-tailed Tits that I had missed on two previous visits....3rd time lucky perhaps?

We parked at Jerusalem Farm and walked by the stream towards the head of the Dean then onto the track. As we reached the track we saw a flock of LTT's, about 15-20 strong. Those we were able to get onto were not Northerners though. There were numerous Blue, Great and Coal Tits down the track. We wandered aimlessly through the clouds hoping to catch a view of the birds and at about 14:00 Andy spotted two of them on the telephone wires behind the house where the feeders are where photos have been taken previously.

They really stand out like sore thumbs compared to the standard LTT's and once you see them they are unmistakable. They flew off in the direction of the feeders and we hoped to see them on the way out by splitting up and covering both ends of the track but we missed their exit and never saw them again unfortunately.

Other birds seen:
Treecreeper - at least 3
Nuthatch - 2
Great Spotted Woodpecker - 2 maybe 3
Bullfinch - 4 (3 females)
Goldcrest - 2
Grey Heron - 2 (one perched in a fir tree)

Derbyshire gamekeeper loses appeal for attempting to kill birds of prey

Excellent news and well done to the RSPB in this case. See


This is an important result but ultimately my view is that the land managers and owners should be held legally accountable for any wildlife crimes that are committed by their staff, as is the case in Scotland. Please give consideration to signing the following petition to help make this happen




High Royd and Sunny Vale

Tried somewhere different this morning but the drizzle and conditions were not good so gave it up as a bad job at 11am and went home for a coffee.(Jeff and Andy fared better up Soil Hill)!!!

High Royd
4 Goosander
c8 Teal
6 Coot
3 Moorhens
1 Grey Wagtail
Usual corvids and a few tits
AND a steam train heading down the valley towards Sowerby Bridge - that was unexpected!

Sunny Vale
2 Teal
4 Moorhens

Monday, January 23, 2012


Late afternoon we went to check out a smallish Canada Goose reported by NK from earlier this afternoon. Short neck, small bill and very steep forhead suggesting a 'Richardsons' - BUT it was at the feeding area with Mallards so perhaps it's just an 'od one'.
1 Tufted Duck
1 Cormorant
B H and Common Gulls on the Res'r with 2 Herring Gulls over NW
6+ Goldcrests together skulking around the reservoir vegetation

Luddenden Foot etc

We walked along the riverside footpath this afternoon to Mytholmroyd and back on the canal but didn't turn up very much other than a nice BLT 'butty' in Mytholmroyd!
Several small groups of Gt B B Gulls/Herring Gulls headed west up the valley.
70+ Canada Geese and 1 Greylag Goose along the canal
3 Redpoll
1 Sparrowhawk
1 Dipper at Luddenden Foot

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Luddenden Dean

At least 2 Northern Long-tailed Tits were seen in the dean earlier this afternoon by a few observers. Went down with Nick D but we couldn't track them down.
1 Green Woodpecker
c10 Lesser Redpoll and a Siskin
1 Treecreeper
4 Redwing
1 Great-spotted Woodpecker
1 Kestrel
c11 L T Tits of our normal British race
Lots of Chaff's going to roost in Castle Carr and lots of Blue and Great Tits about.
We also had a report of a Crossbill in the dean as well.

Black Swan!

BS reports from B.O.G that a Black swan has appeared on Harold Park Lake at Low Moor, Bradford. Probably the same bird as seen recently at Mixenden Res'r.

Friday, January 20, 2012


A male blackcap arrived at a garden near Well Head Park on 10th Jan. It defended the feeders for three days, forcing all other birds to feed on the ground below.

On 13th in the morning it was seen to fly high over the house towards the east, and hasn't return.

per A.Moore

Mixenden Res'r/Soil Hill/Ogden Res'r

4 Snow Buntings at Soil Hill - watching for predators!

Miserable conditions today but it was worth a visit late morning in the drizzle.
Mixenden Res'r
1 f Goldeneye
3 Goosander (2 males)

Soil Hill
4 Snow Buntings on the flat area before the mounds - showing well once I found them after tramping round in the mud for an hour!
5 Skylark
c40 Lapwings in the lower fields
1 Sparrowhawk through >SE

Ogden Res'r
1 immature Cormorant

Countryside Unit but not as we know it

Proposal to remove the Countryside Unit from the Council budget. For info click Link

Original post from Philip.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

BTO Heronaries Census 2012

This Census is the longest running breeding season bird monitoring scheme in the world. I think 2012 will be it's 85th year! (No I haven't been doing it that long) - well not quite!

We do not generally advertise the location of nest or nesting colonies but it would be a big help if you could let me have any information on dates(number of nests/locations/numbers of birds present etc) as the birds take up territory leading up to breeding and raising young.

At least one pair in Calderdale was already at a nest site last week.

I will return the forms to the BTO at the end of the season with all the information.
If anyone else already does BTO returns for colonies then that is fine. It would be a help if you could let me know which colonies you cover!
Many thanks - Dave
Email or text me the info or send email to calderdalebirds.co.uk

Long Tailed Tit - sub-species

With all the intrest in the Northern Long-tailed Tits I thought I'd post this plate illustrating the different sub-species, it just shows how highly variable they are.

The only races recorded in the UK are A.c. rosaceus, caudatus and europaeus, the next time your abroad keep your eyes peeled

(from Tits, Nuthatches and Treecreepers)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Northern Long-tails

Finaly caught up with these little beauties today, definatly had 2 probably 3 birds in with the British race, nice comparison above. Suggest people park at the Cat ith Well pub and walk the 20 minute walk to the top of the dean or even at the Cross Roads Inn at Wainstalls, its about a 30 minute walk from here, parking is very limited down this narrow lane and we do not want to upset the locals who have been very helpfull. (More photos on Heavy Birder Blog) Now 71 Golden Plovers at Mount Tabor.

More Northern Long tailed Tit and the amazing sheep Pig photos


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Courier Report

In last nights Courier a nice photo of a Woodcock - sent in by a lady from Pye Nest. " It flew into my window and almost died. I nursed it for an hour and half, then sat it on the lawn and after a while it flew to freedom in Crow Wood Park"
Fortunate for the Woodcock - they must be great birds 'in the hand'.


For some reason my last 2 postings have got mixed up and info on Elland GP has gone?!! In trying to rectify the problem it is making it worse.

Sorry for duplication of Lesser Redpolls at Elland under the Ringstone Blog

c6 Goldeneye
c10 Tufted Duck
1 drake Pochard
No Goosander!
4 Little Grebe
3 Grey Heron
c10 Cormorant
1 Green Woodpecker
20+ each Lesser Redpoll and Siskins
1 Song Thrush
c30 Goldfinch etc

Elland G P

Fieldfare at Ringstone

I had a look up at Ringstone for an hour mid morning.
5 Wigeon (3 males)
55 Golden Plover
54 Lapwings
47 Canada Geese
1 Reed Bunting
12 B H and 22 Common Gulls
8 Long-tailed Tits (carefully checked!)
c20 Fieldfares
27 Rooks

Shelduck there yesterday (TW)

Calderdale Draft Budget

Hi All
Calderdale has published it's Draft Budget for the next three years  (http://www.calderdale.gov.uk/council/consultations/council-budget/index.html)  The communities proposal suggests major changes for Calderdale Countryside Service.  My first read through looks like that only Ogden and Jerusalem farm will be supported by the council in future.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Bunting races

Watching the birds yesterday one stood out from the others as paler and a bit more gingery. Here's a montage of the four birds up there (I think!) and the bottom left looks very much like a bird Martin Garner put forward last week as a quiz, http://birdingfrontiers.com/2012/01/09/snow-bunting-in-sheffield/

Added a shot showing a bit of the rump of this bird

Northern Long Tailed Tits

Our friends were able to get some more photographs yesterday afternoon [Sunday ] which are attached.

Swales Moor

I keep having a look up there but the habitat has deteriorated so much since it was sown down with Rye Grass for the grazers.
Not even a Skylark this morning, up to around 20 last winter, no Linnets either when there was a small wintering flock last year.
1 Common Snipe late morning
1 Sparrowhawk male
1 Kestrel with prey
6 Mistle Thrush and 2 Fieldfares
Lots of corvids and c20 Common Gulls

Soil Hill still 4 Snow Buntings this morning. (NK)

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Always good to get some shots of the pinkie flocks to look through on the computer when you get home. Just a note to watch out for White-fronts etc...., always worth getting the scope on them if you can - I always find this difficult with movers though!! A flock of 80+ White-fronts was moving up the east coast earlier today so any photos can be a big help to identification!

The Grapevine.


I think I speak for all concerned when I say a big thank you to Dave and Jen Sutcliffe for keeping the grapevine active the last 12 months and continuing it on this year. Im sure we,ve all benefitted  from the quick response and seen birds we would have otherwise missed.
The thanks also extends to all users of the system for sending the messages in quickly, its a great system and long may it reign.

Snow Buntings

Rolled about on the frosty surface for an hour or so, it had already taken an hour to find them. Fortunately not too much of a thaw, liked this one - loads of insulation.

Tod Pinkies

I walked down to Walsden this morning and on the way down a large skein of Pinkies flew over while I was by Longfield (around 10:15). They were flying higher than usual, coming from a direction down the Calder Valley and heading towards Bacup which puts them flying West-ish. Not sure if this is the same skein seen by Brian S just a little earlier? Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so couldn't get a pic to check numbers but there were about 150.

A little later at 10:45 another, smaller, skein flew over while I was in Walsden. Estimated at about 70 birds this skein was headed North towards Tod. A Green Woodpecker was yaffling over towards Henshaw Wood.

On the way back I checked Longfield Dam for Lapwing (8 were there last Thursday) but none today, just 5 Canada Geese and 3 Black-headed Gulls. At Lee Dam there were 4 Goosander (3 drakes) but nothing else.

Soil Hill and Ogden Pinkies

                                          Soil Hill Snow Bunt
                                                    Ogden Pinkies

Snow Buntings on Soil Hill were now down to 4 this afternoon with no other birds coming in to roost at last light. The birds were very elusive and totally camouflaged in the area they were in but spotted by Susan Drake who was up there with Peter Drake, nice to meet you both.
Did anyone get a count on the skein of Pinkies that were spotted over Birstall this morning by Jim Welford and passed me at Ogden heading >N. I was on the edge of the plantation so could only see part of the group.

Long Tails in the Dene

After a fruitless search for our Northern Long-tails on the cold side of the Dene yesterday, I decided to try looking on the sunnier cemetery side and was not disappointed.
After parking up in the rather limited pull-in space, I first decided to check out the area around Upper Hays Wood but the only birds here were Blue Tits and Dunnocks.
I then continued towards the cemetery where I was rewarded with a couple of Redwings feeding in the holly and a Great-spotted Woodpecker in the nearby gardens. From here I doubled back and headed in the direction of the Lodge but stopped to film a male Bullfinch in roadside hollies by the Lowes. The fields here were alive with birds...and rabbits. Blue Tits, Great Tits and Chaffinches were the dominant species feeding in the scattered trees and scrub...hollies, brambles etc. and there were around 4 Jays kicking around towards the back of the field and a Green Woodpecker nearby.
I then decided to walk on towards the Lodge but found that there were fewer birds this far down so I returned to the field opposite the Lowes where I figured that our Long-tails might hopefully, put in an appearance. Sure enough, at one o'clock a tit flock came steaming through from the direction of the Lower Lodge. I heard the Coal Tits first, the Long-tails being surprisingly quiet. It was difficult to estimate numbers because there were plenty of other tits and finches around and I was busy trying to get a text out in what is a bit of a mobile dead zone. In amongst a flock of normal Long-tailed Tits were at least two white-headed northern caudatus sub species. Sadly, the birds were too mobile and too distant to get any footage and they flew up-hill towards Castle Carr Road where I lost contact. I then tried to re-locate them further down the road towards the cemetery, but was disappointed to discover that this was not the case. Just in case they had doubled back, I tried to locate them down by the Lodge but found nothing. I can only think that their early afternoon foraging flight takes them right up the valley towards Saltonstall Lane or even Caty Wood. They did not appear to be using Upper Heys Wood unless they were out of site, towards the back. The North-east side of the valley is sunnier and warmer so should have the odd insect amongst the brambles or in the tree canopies.
Shortly after this, I was joined by Jim Welford who brought negative news from the South-west side, and Niall Roache who had been looking along Castle Carr Road with no success.
A long stake out of Lows Lane came to nothing until after Jim left, (Sorry Jim), when I picked up on a Long Tail call coming from the direction of Upper Heys Wood at 3.30. This was the precursor to a flock of around 12 LTTs flying as if on a mission towards the Lodge. They flew directly towards the canopies of some tall trees at the bend in the road before the Lodge. Most were up in the canopy, but one or two were moving through the scrub under the wall by the stream. Niall and I could make out at least one northern form amongst them, but in a flash, they were gone. They appeared to go up towards Catherine House Lane but we failed to re-locate them. It was still fairly light, and perhaps a little early for them to go to roost but they just vanished. Perhaps they are roosting in this general area, feeding up in the morning and moving on to the sunnier North-east side to forage towards noon and into the afternoon. It would certainly be worth checking any bramble patches along Castle Carr Road and Saltonstall Lane.

Venue Change to the January meeting of CBWG

Hi everyone the meeting on the 24th of January has been changed to the Mulberry Suite, Parsonage Lane, Brighouse.

Click for full message.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Luddenden Dene

No sign of the Northern Long Tailed Tit's today, the only flock we found were all British birds however some good birding with plenty of common species about and a Woodcock flushed from the top of the Dene and two skeins of Pinkfeet over, about 150 heading west at 14.32 with another skein of about 70 a few minutes later

earlier we saw a very large skein of about 200 birds high over Mixenden (seen from Ogden) at 13.05

Soil Hill

Three snow buntings giving tremendously close views this dinner-time. Considering the lovely, bright conditions, they took a suprisingly long time to find.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Withens Clough Res

Not been up here for a long time but today was up there doing a photoshoot for some friends of mine and their band, not much about until we came down off the moor when on the res itself there were 3 Goldeneye, 1 male 2 females.


Ski Lake
11 Goosander, 1 Pochard, 6 Goldeneye, 4 Cormorant, 5 Tufted, 2 Little Grebe, c75 B/H/Gulls, 15 Common Gulls and c50 Canadas.
Fishing Lake
10 Tufted and 2 Little Grebe.
Around the reseve is a large mixed flock of Redpolls and Siskins up to 80 strong. Lots of Blackbirds,Robins, Bullfinch and Wrens.Blackbirds singing along with 2 Song Thrush at full bore.
It has been a good week to meet people as on Wed am met Alf King with 3 other birders from Hudds, Thur a good meet with Chris and Nick from RSPB who think the place is a gem with a report to follow via Robin and this morning a good chat with Gordon Denison

Snow Bunting article


Anyone care to have a guess at the origns of the soil Hill birds,

Mixenden Res'r

2 adult Whooper Swans at 09.30 and still there when I left.
1 Goldeneye
3 Goosander
12 Redpolls over towards the plantation.

7 Snow Buntings still on Soil Hill yesterday from NK

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cromwell Bottom 11.01.12

189 pinkfeet over in 4 seperate groups (counted from pics)
2 Redpoll on new feeder
5 Blue tits
8 Great tits
10+ Long tailed tits
2 Teal on the river

No sign of Long Tails

Went up Luddenden Dean with Andy and Jeff this PM but no sign of the Northern Long Tailed Tits, in fact no sign of any Long-tailed Tits, perhaps we were looking in the wrong place.We did however have a couple of Ravens fly over calling.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Anyone else use Flickr? Wondered whether there is any interest in setting up a Calderdale Wildlife photos group.

Mixenden Res'r

Late afternoon had a quick look. Black Swan still there with 4 Goosander and that was it.

It's grim oop Noorth

Afore ah knew weer t'Northern LTT's were ah went lookin' for 'em in Luddenden this morn. Nowt doin' o'corse burit wer a reet gradely morning, apart from t'drizzle. Ah wandered round t'village until me accent got so bad ah couln't stand it na moor an went off 'ome. Dave S rang just as ah gorin and told me abaht new info on t'blog so ah reckon al go oop tomorrer.
Seen round Luddenden village:
Lots of Great and Blue Tits and one Coal Tit. Two small groups of Long Tailed Tits but no Northerners.
Jay - 2
Nuthatch calling from the top of a small tree.
Dipper - by the small waterfall on the stream next to church (weir else would it be?)
Treecreeper - 2

Al Sethi

P.S. 13 Redpolls on the garden feeders this morning - the highest number I've had so far

Northern Long Tailed Tits

The N L T T were seen at the top end of Luddenden Dene. Access particularly for vehicles is difficult. I suggest that anybody with a vehicle parks at Jerusalem Farm and then walks up the track which I think is called Catherine House Lane towards the top end of the Dene. From our further enquries it appears that they have been about for a couple of days with a small flock of our usual L T T

Wheatley Valley

Shroggs reclaimed landfill site this morning.
I went looking for Jack Snipe on the large flat grassy bog area but nothing doing. Elsewhere around the site
1 Song Thrush singing
6 Siskin
6 Bullfinch
4 Goldfinch
20+ Chaffinch
1 pair Great-spotted Woodpeckers
2 Jays
2 Stock Doves
8 Redwings

No further news today on the Northern form L T Tits in Luddenden yesterday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ringstone, Elland G P and Jay House Lane

Steve L and Tony M earlier today
Ringstone Edge Reservoir
8 Teal
c30 Grey Geese (unidentified) heading east down the Calder Valley

Elland GP
4 Goldeneye
2 Goosander
2 Wigeon
1 Pochard
No count but a good showing of Redpolls and Siskins in the area.

Jay House Lane
17 Stock Doves
All feeders empty and no Tree Sparrows found. Can anyone check the site to see if they are still around? If the feeders are empty they may well be foraging further afield?


Having lunch with friends today in the Luddenden valley we were surprised to see 3 Northern long-tailed tits amongst a small flock of the usual Central variety. Photo attached.

Luddenden Dean etc

Didn't make Mixenden Res'r today but thanks to NK who confirms the Black Swan is still there and he got some photo's and also at least 7 Snow Bunts are still on Soil Hill.

Luddenden Dean this afternoon produced a good 'smattering' of woodland species including Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch.
6 Jays
2 Treecreepers
c80 Fieldfare
12 Redwings
100+ Woodpigeons
4 Bullfinch
1 Kestrel
1 Tawny Owl singing near Castle Carr

The feeders at Jerusalem Farm were crawling with Chaffinches, Blue and Great Tits and several Coal Tits in among - well worth a look at from the road!

Working Party This Saturday - Cromwell Bottom

Myself and Mike took a walk round with Robin Dalton(who is the lead on the working party) on Saturday to check on the areas we were going to clear ie: the 2nd lagoon area , unfortunately its under water which is too deep to work in, however we have another area in mind which will be the Sphagnum Bog , some work was done last year and we would like to clear some more of the willow /birch /and beech whilst trying to keep the oaks that are there . LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ALL THERE . meeting in the fisherman's car park 9-30am till 3pm , the area is to the right hand side nearest to the fishing lake between the river and canal and hopefully will be marked. Wellingtons will be needed along with gloves. If you intend to stay until the afternoon then bring something to eat and drink.
                                                               Yours GWH

Monday, January 09, 2012

Odd Birds

These birds were seen by Christine Eves at Holywell Green.
A patchy Blackbird and a sooty great tit.

Bird records wanted asap

If possible can I please have all records for 2011 in by the end of January. Also could people who have the group recorder programme installed please use it, it makes life alot easier for me. Records on paper are also welcome but I am having all sorts of problems with Excell spread sheets, my computor can open them but I am unable to edit them. Appologies for the delay with the bird report, I was promissed it by Chistmas but should have known better. Printers to get an earfull tomorrow. Cheers Nick D.

Soil Hill

Still Snow Buntings on Soil Hill. I found a group of 6 around 3.45 - on the grass around to the right near the back of the hill. They did take some finding - I was about to give up.

Mixenden Res'r and Cold Edge

A Black Swan on Mixenden res'r late morning was an unexpected visitor. No camera/no scope - dash - didn't bother taking them as it was pouring down! These are native to Australia but are kept in wildfowl collections in Bitain so it's obviously an escape or a feral bird on the move. Anyone know of any local collections having Black Swans?
I did think this was a juvenile /sub adult as there appeared to be some brown flecking and light barring on the back but I'm not sure so will have a look on there tomorrow - with camera and scope and hope it's still there!

Also on Mixenden Res'r
1 Cormorant
3 Goosander (2 males)
1 female Goldeneye

Cold Edge this afternoon
24 Canada Geese and 3 Greylags
c50 Mallard
1 Tufted Duck
1 female Goldeneye
1 Kestrel
c12 Red Grouse
1 Moorhen

Ringstone hide log sheets

Sheets for 2011 collected at weekend and passed to Nick D today.

Sunday, January 08, 2012


The new feeding station is having the desired effect. Well done Allan.
Apart from the endless stream of Blue Tits and Great Tits, 1 male and 2 female Bullfinchs were putting it to good use as were a couple of Redpolls that seemed to ignore the calls of their brethren who were feeding in nearby Birch and Alders. I estimated around 80 or so and perhaps 30 siskins, all of which were fairly flighty, perhaps due to the amount of people that were out and about.
A treecreepeer also paid the feeding station a visit, albeit not on the feeders. A green woodpecker went over as did c.14 Goosanders, a flock of 13 Teal and two skeins of Pinkfeet (100 in the first skein followed by another 50.
1 Kestrel, 2 Grey Heron, 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker, Robin, Dunnock, Blackbird, Carrion Crow, Woodpigeon made up the numbers, whilst a Stoat snuck across the track and into the undergrowth. I vainly tried to call it out but it was in to much of a hurry.
As the light began to fade, large numbers of Gulls (black-headed) were heading west to roost.
I didn't visit the lake but heard that there were 6 Goldeneye and 1 Pochard on there.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Soil Hill / Ogden Resevoir 07.01.12

Thanks to Bruce for taking me up to soil hill, picked up 3 lapwing and 7 snow buntings within minutes of arriving!

I went on to Ogden Resevoir and unexpectedly found another lifer for the day, 2 crossbills!

Soil Hill
3 x Lapwing
7 x Snow Bunting

Ogden Resevoir
5 x Black Headed Gull
2 x Cormorant
99 x Mallard
2 x Crossbill
3 x Robin