Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Other news today

Soil Hill
1 male Snow Bunting still this morning(NK)

Ringstone Res'r (TM and SL)
4 Curlew
1 Redshank
60 Lapwing
20 Golden Plover

Elland GP Ski Lake (TM and SL)
An excellent find of a drake Common Scoter this afternoon and a Mute Swan (pretty uncommon in Calderdale in recent years)

Gaddings, Longfield and Lee Dams

On the way to Gaddings this afternoon I came across something I'd heard about and I've even seen a video of it on Springwatch last year, but I'd never witnessed it myself - a Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming on a metal pylon! I first heard it drumming on a tree and located it eventually with the bins. It flew to another tree, obviously unhappy with the sound it was getting from the previous branch, and started drumming again. Although the sound was very different from this branch, it still wasn't happy and flew off again. I lost it in flight but heard it soon enough - and as the sound was definitely metallic I thought, it can't be can it? So I looked at the metal pylon and found it right at the top, drumming away. Weird, but was it effective? I don't know but I heard no more drumming thereafter...

At Gaddings 3 Curlews were on the southern shore and a pair of Goldeneye were on the water. Down at Longfield Dam there were 5 Lapwings and numerous Canada Geese with a flock of 48 Fieldfare overhead.

Nothing at Lee Dam apart from a few Mallards but there were 6 Moorhens in the field next to the dam.

Just outside Mankinholes a Little Owl was calling from its usual place on a dry stone wall.

Lower Gorple

430 fieldfare feeding in the fields near the Pack Horse
27 curlew over
38 lapwings, split in two flocks
16 mallard
11 skylark
4 oystercatcher
Male sparrowhawk being mobbed by oyc's
8 red grouse
1 dead newt on the path near the carpark

The Shorebird Guide

Just got The Shorebird Guide for my birthday (13 today!) and what a cracking book it is, if you like photo's of waders this is brilliant with between 4 & 12 photo's per species, in different plumages etc, well worth a look at and only £20 from Amazon. I also got the Advanced I.D. Handbook that Nick C recommended and that's also excellent, check them out

Robin building a nest in the garden this morning and my first Nuthatch here since September also 5 Starling only my third sighting of Starling in Luddenden in 2 years!

Spring is here....................

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Possible Mealy at CB

Hi all
It would be appreciated if members of the Calderdale Birders would comment on the Redpoll at CB.
Brian S has posted his thoughts. Thank you.
Link to post

Other news today

Brighouse area
7 Brambling and 12 Redwings this afternoon at Coach Road (TM SL)

6 Yellow-Hammers at the usual spot near Bradley Hall (MSt)

Luddenden Dean

I had an hour or so at the top of the dean this afternoon late on to see if the Northern Long-tailed Tits were still about. Drew a blank, not a sign of any local ones never mind the northeners. Think they have probably moved on as no reports of them since around 20th Feb!
Lots of Blue, Great and Coal Tits around as well as 2 Treecreepers, Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpecker.
3 Brambling
c40 Chaffinch
2 Siskin
15 Lesser Redpolls
1 Kestrel

Fly Flatts

I went up to try Fly Flatts this afternoon but it was fogged out. I did take some Nyger seed up to the Twite feeding station, as BS has been doing as well, ready for their return in the next few weeks - we hope!
2 Skylarks
c20 Red Grouse and heard in the fog - Carrion Crow and Canada Goose


Booth Wood Res'r
8 Shelduck there this morning
3 Oystercatchers

Fieldfare and Redwing flock still in fields on left from Booth Wood along Pike End Road

Baitings Res'r
1 Oystercatcher

All the above from SL and TM

Mixenden Res'r

A quick look there this morning.
2 Greylags
10 Canadas
9 Goosander
2 Teal
1 drake Goldeneye
12 Mallard
1 Coot
60 B H Gulls
25 Common Gulls

Monday, February 27, 2012

Other news today

From Steve and Tony
6 Shelduck at Booth Wood Res'r

300 to 400 Fieldfare in fields between Booth Wood Re'r and Pike End, Rishworth. In fields on the left just past the first wood up the hill from the main road opposite the res'r.
Other birds around the animal feeding troughs in the field
2 Curlew
1 Brambling
1 Reed Bunting
a few Redwings
Various other finches
Worth keeping an eye on!

And not to forget the single Snow Bunting found by NK today on Soil Hill.

Withens Head

Male and female Red Grouse was about all I could find up there this afternoon - weather bad!

And 46 Canadas and 11 Greylags at Cold Edge


1 f Goldeneye
1 Cormorant

Back lane/Foreside
17 Common Crossbill to and fro between the main plantation and Back Lane (11 males)
1 Goldcrest
1 Gt-spotted Woodpecker
1 Common Buzzard >NE at 11.20 (bird has a pale tail base but it's not a Rough-legged!)
2 Curlew in the fields
c60 Lapwings plus another 40 >W
1 Common Snipe
1 R L Partridge
2 Skylark
400+ Starlings
c65 Fieldfare
2 Gt B B Gulls, 2 L B B Gulls and 7 Herring Gulls all >SW
Late for lunch today as too much happening!

Mixenden Res'r

At the back (poor picture I know in the rain)- of a single drake Gadwall briefly this morning with a group of Mallard. A first for me in North Halifax! It left SW with 2 Mallard at about 10.15.
1 Coot
13 Goosander
1 drake Goldeneye
1 1st winter Herring Gull with the B H and Common Gulls


Walk from Soyland to Cottonstones up to Flints and back to Soyland produces in addition to usual suspects:

Siskin (10+) in pine at Gough Lane
Grey Partridge
Little Owl (2)
Fieldfare heading West (70+)
Curlew (6) on fields below Soyland Plantation

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Withens Clough

Walked over past Stoodley Pike, through Sunderland Pasture (hoping for Crossbills but none seen) and down to Withens Clough res this morning. No Mipits or Skylarks up here yet.
Fieldfare - 94
Mistle Thrush -2
Goldeneye - 1 female on the res
The car park and footpath are still closed despite all the signs saying work will be completed in Autumn 2011.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Luddenden Dean

The last report I can find of the Northern Long-tailed Tits is of one on Mon 20th Feb. We have checked the site later on the week but none seen. There were only a handful of the British race found on Friday and these could well be dispersing to find nesting territory so the northerns may be on their way back north.??
Please report any further sightings as there is still a chance they could be around!

Also with our thanks to the residents for finding and reporting the birds and accommodating all the birders from far and wide to who have been to see these very special birds.

Other news from yesterday

From SL and TM at Ringstone
No sign of the White-fronts but the 6 Pinkies still there in the north field with c90 Canada's.
Top marks for an adult Kittiwake briefly with Common Gulls heading east towards Elland. Rounded off a fantastic couple of days for Steve and Tony - keep em coming!

Also from the fields opposite the wind farm car park at Cold Edge Road yesterday afternoon was a single Curlew. A few more will be on there way through in the next few weeks.


Late posting for Friday, 24 FEBRUARY 2012

2 Common Buzzards,
1 Peregrine,
2 Kestrels
2 Siskin
On the tops 2 Ravens, 4 Greylags and 6 Tufted Ducks

Friday, February 24, 2012


On the right hand side of the blogg there is a heading pages,One is for useful phone numbers well done to who ever has updated this.The other is s few photographs of the Winter months 2011/12 still under construction any comment appreciated.If anyone wants to add a page of anything relating to local birding its quite easy just go to the dashboard and click on add page and off you go as normal blogging.

Arrivals and Departures

Jay House Lane fields held three Curlews this pm -a very early sign of Spring ?
And there were 30 Redwings nearby, which probably won't be around for much longer.
Also in the fields, 200+ BH Gulls, 80+ Starlings and 10 Lapwings.
A Treecreeper gave great views further down JH Lane, and a Grey Wagtail was at Bailiffe Bridge.

This am at Coach Road, Brighouse were 2 male Lesser Peckers with a male GS Pecker, 25 Redwings, 2 Mistle Thrush, Nuthatch and another Treecreeper.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Andy's Whitefronts pse'd

Perhaps slightly more detail? Mike

Greenland White-fronted Geese at Ringstone

Great birds, well done to the finders, showing well in the fields opposite the farm.

White Fronted Geese

9 of the 15 White fronted Geese at ringstone today showing very well in the fields below the farm.They took flight and flew across the road and landed in the north field where they were still showing at 11.40.At least 7 adults showing and 6 Pink feet as well .Well done TM and SL for a great to work late again....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Started on 2011 report, noticed I dont have any records of Barnacle Goose for last year, did anyone have one, if so where and when ?

Mixenden Res'r

Atrocious conditions early afternoon with driving rain
2 ad L B B Gulls
1 Herring Gull
1 Coot
2 f Goldeneye
13 Goosander
Tried Ogden as well but shouldn't have bothered!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Other news from today

4 Snow Buntings still present on Soil Hill today thanks to NK.

Wheatear migration

Take a look at details of this amazing migration! (with thanks to the vis mig group)

Mixenden and Ogden

1 Coot
13 Goosander
2 Goldeneye
4 Herring Gull >w

Ogden (briefly)
1 pair Goldeneye
2 Crossbill flyovers Back Lane
Several Chaffinch starting to sing as well as Song and Mistle thrushes

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ogden and Soil Hill

Ogden area
1 drake Goldeneye
3 Tufted Duck (1 drake)
1 Cormorant
1 2nd winter Herring Gull >W
10+ Common Crossbill
2+ Siskin
1 Red-legged Partridge calling near Back Lane

1 Grey Heron
1 Skylark in full song flight over Foreside
61 Lapwing
c480 Starlings

Soil Hill
3 very flighty Snow Buntings
7 Skylark

Mixenden Res'r

This morning
15 Goosander - (10 males) displaying
1 Herring Gull - 2nd winter
c70 B H Gull
c40 Common Gull
c40 Jackdaws

Records for 2011

Last call for records. I need to make a start on the 2011 report so can I have any outstanding records asap please.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ogden - Back Lane

Female Common Croosbill this afternoon looking very yellow in the late afternoon sunshine

At least 12 Common Crossbills present in the plantation mid afternoon with 10 flying across towards Ogden main plantation heading in the direction of the 'Giant's Tooth'
2+ Siskin also present as well as other finches.
2 Moorhen
1 male Sparrowhawk on a bird table!
c8 Stock Doves
1 Kestrel
1 Tawny Owl singing late afternoon
Oh and one BS slogging round the ridge on Soil Hill!

The Mixenden white crow

                                        Mixenden white crow still around
                                   4 Snow Bunts still on Soil Hill
                                       Skylarks starting to sing on the hill

Counted over 800 Fieldfare all >NE and to the far west of the area from Fly Flatts a.m. and Soil Hill p.m.
Also from Fly Flatts
1 GBB gull...............>N
3 Herring gull..........>W
15 LBB gull............>NW
Still no Twite at the feeding station but oddly 1 Mistle Thrush, an unusual sighting.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boxing, round three

Another 2 Barn Owl boxes up today, now six in total. Many thanks to the usual suspects, Jane, Sandra, Steve C and especially Andy H and Howard O for sterling effort in, at times, very difficult conditions. Special thanks also to the very enthusiastic landowners without which we couldn't do this.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cromwell Bottom LNR 17.02.12

Sightings at lunchtime at Cromwell Bottom LNR

12 Blue Tits
7 Great tits
5 Bullfinch (3 male 2 female)
15 Long-tailed Tits
Green Woodpecker
7 Redpoll
3 Robins
Song Thrush
2 Teal (1 male, 1 female)
4 Goosander (2 male 2 female)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Other news today

From Ringstone
1 Curlew on the dam wall late morning (TM SL)

4 Snow Bunts still on Soil Hill this afternoon (NK)

Redwing at Savile Park

Went up to Luddenden Dene this morning to take up some fat balls and in the hope of better light. No suck luck, darl and dingey so came away after a short stay. The Northern LTT showed briefly high in the trees while I was there and a flock of redpoll flew over. Cutting through Savile Park I saw a fair sized flock of Redwing by the roadside so turned round and pulled my car alongside where they approached when someone was walking across the field. Reported 30 but it was more like 40-50 when they landed, great fun!

If Nigels 2 Barred Crossbill is refound tomorrow there could be a bit of a scrum at the weekend with Luddenden Dene and Soil Hill acting as secondary attractions. Think the Dene locals might need warning if it's refound.

Two Barred cossbill.......

Hebden Bridge 16/02/12

A walk along the canal from HB to Stoodley Glen turned up the following:

c50 canada geese
c30 mallard
2 wren
small flock of LTT
1 pied wagtail at the sewerage works

3 goosander

1 dipper on the river
1 buzzard over Hebden Bridge
numerous corvids and BH gulls

Cromwell Bottom - 15/02/12

The kingfisher was giving very good views again. After watching it preening for 10 minutes it flew closer to the bridge for a bit of fishing.

Also saw bullfinches on the feeders and several groups of LTTs.
On the ski lake:
3 male goldeneye
5 herons stood together
6 comorant

Further down the river there were approximately 50 canada geese, 2 mistle thrush and a sparrowhawk.

A snow bunting picture from Soil Hill in January.

Out of Calderdale news:
Saw a red kite hunting at Settle so maybe they are spreading west.
Followed a goosander flying down from Kildwick to Keighley - couldn't keep up even at a steady 60 mph.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snowy Owl vs Peregrine

Not local I know but brilliant photos....

15th Feb Walshaw Dean

 A few more of todays Crossbills. Had to do some adjusting due to poor lighting conditions.
Raven over the car park area. (more on Heavy Birder blog)

Walshaw Dean

A real treat with c 20 Crossbills at Walshaw plantation this afternoon with Nick D. They were showing really well in the plantation along the Pennine Way and calling a lot mid afternoon and feeding in the tops where there are plenty of Spruce and Pine cones and flying around. Also briefly what sounded like a male singing.
At least 2 Siskin also present along with a female Great-spotted Woodpecker with 2+ Goldfinch and a few Coal and Great Tits as well.

The other treat of the afternoon was 2 single Curlews over, calling and flying high heading north. A very early sign of spring!
Several Kestrels on the ridge and 2 Sparrowhawk sightings
4 Greylag Geese on Lower Walshaw Res'r with a few Canadas
1 Grey Heron heading downstream from Widdop

Looking forward to seeing some of your pictures Nick.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As this issue was raised last week, I noticed that the house at Stump Cross in which swifts nest each year currently has scaffolding up to the roof. Hope its not sofits.

Mud Hill

I'm temporarily renaming it due to the conditions up there, it must be one of the worst places to visit and dip, but as I pulled up a chap was driving away after not seeing the Snow Buntings, he looked shellshocked. Don't think it was just missing the bunts.

On my way up 100 Starling and 50 Fieldfare were in the field to the right and once at the top the 4 bunts were flying round so easy as you like. Also there were 3 Skylark and 10 Linnet.

Previously I'd been to Luddenden Dene in another vain attempt to get some good photos. Saw one bird but the light was so bad everything is blurred. I had been waiting for the opportunity to get there midweek and was hoping for a quiet time down there but I think we need a guestbook as in two hours I saw 19 other birders and I know some had been and departed in the morning. Pensioners eh?

Maltese Poaching in Egypt

Apologies for cross-posting but I think this deserves to reach a wider audience. Remember, it was only a few months ago when three Maltese "hunters" came to Scotland to do some rough shooting and bagged two Buzzards, a Shelduck and two Oystercatchers and it was only a couple of years ago when a Maltese trapper was caught trying to smuggle out loads of Greenfinches that he'd caught down south.

Shibden (upper valley)

One 'Nordic' Jackdaw with a flock of c50 Jackdaws at Grid Ref SE103282 - In the field 50m up Green Lane from the junction with Paddock Road and Addersgate Lane. This loooks as if it could be Andy's bird from Northowram as he has not seen it for a few days. This site near Shibden Head is just a mile and a half N/W 'as the Jackdaw flies' from Andy's site. Also with it are at least two birds showing a very faint pale grey collar as also seen at Northowram. Looks like this is the same flock moving around (?)

Other birds in the upper valley
1 Sparrowhawk
2 Kestrel
1 Great-spotted Woodpecker
1 Redwing
6 Mistle Thrush
7 Fieldfare
7 Jays together (could have been mobbing a Tawny Owl in a big Leyland Cypress)
c180 Lapwing and c100 Starlings away over the fields towards Corporal Lane looked like they got spooked by a raptor and took a while to settle? (No Golden plover seen)


c30 in the field opposite Norland WMC at 11am today

KIngfisher at Cromwell Bottom - Video

A brilliant video by Chris Burns of a female Kingfisher at Cromwell Bottom LNR
Click Link to video

Monday, February 13, 2012

Northern Long tailed Tits again at Luddenden Dene

February 13, 2012
There were good and frequent views of the Northern Long tailed Tits today. Apparently at least two birds still present (although not seen together), one always with the small flock of resident birds, the other seen solitary several times. Another bird with a narrow head stripe and much white below - possibly a continental? A few photos below. [Michael Foley]

Sowerby Bridge/Luddenden Foot

A walk along the canal this afternoon
c5 Teal at High Royd - probably more in the vegetation but viewing is difficult!
Plenty of L T Tits (all British) including 2 pairs which looked to be nest prospecting in holly bushes
4 Nuthatch
1 Treecreeper
5 Song Thrushes - all singing
1 Kingfisher at Luddenden Foot seen from the bridge over the Calder
2 Grey Wagtails
3 Grey Herons
9 Goosander

Soil Hill

4 Snow buntings still present today (NK) plus Linnets

Mixenden and Ogden Res'rs

Mixenden Res'r
It was good to see a few of the larger gulls on the ice this morning as they usually just pass over.
1 juv Gt B B Gull
14 Herring Gulls (only one adult)
3 L B B Gulls
75 B H Gulls
20 Common Gulls
7 Goosander
1 f Goldeneye
55 Jackdaws

1 2nd winter Herring Gull but not much else other than a few B H and Common Gulls.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cold Edge

Not a lot about up there this afternoon. All the ponds and 2 larger dams are still frozen over.
3 Moorhens together in the fields.
75 Fieldfare and 28 Starlings along Lumb Lane
1 Little Owl further up on the edge of the moor
2 Canadas and 2 Greylags in the usual spot

C.B.W.G. Notice of first A.G.M.

The first A.G.M. of the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group will be on
March 20th 2012   GWH   Link

Cyprus - Petition against bird trapping

I found this article in a newspaper someone brought me back from Cyprus. I hope you can access it via the web as I managed to do!

Page 12 World Wetlands Day

Page 13 Call for action against bird trapping - a document containing signatures from 150 countries (most from the UK)seeking immediate action against bird trapping on Cyprus was handed to the Interior Minister. It calls for zero tolerance approach to trapping as promised at the Berne Convention conference in July 2011.

I think someone sent the petion round for us to sign some time ago so well done if you signed up.

From today

Got my annual report today, thanks Nick.

Short-eared owl,

I'm not sure if this is Calderdale or Huddersfield, but late this aft' a fine looking short-eared owl was sat right by the road, near the old Buckstones Inn, Marsden Moor. It flew off towards Dean Head.

Regards, Chris

Luddenden Dean

1 Northern Long-tailed Tit still present this afternoon, also c80 Brambling going to roost at Castle Carr.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Soil Hill

On BirdGuides - a report of 12 Snow Buntings in the mounds this morning.

Jumble Hole firsts

Two small firsts today -
Two goosander flew west up the valley bottom at 1:00. Don't recall seeing them from the house before.
Also, a treecreeper was on the small tree where the feeders are at dusk. I assume it came in with a flock of long tailed tits that were feeding at the time.
The nuthatches are now a permanent fixture, with a c.15 minute return rate.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Volunteer Day

Just a reminder that there will be tree and bush planting
and nest box erecting at Cromwell Bottom tomorrow
11th Feb 2012.
Meet at the Fishermans carpark at 9:30 All Welcome

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Soil Hill Snow Bunting - Video

Up at Soil hill this morning in the fine drizzle searching for the Snow Buntings, found them then they obliged staying in one spot for a video, they had a good cleaning session in the drizzle, enjoy 3 minutes.

Chris Burns

Final Statement - Budget Proposals, Countryside Services

Hi all
Please find below a link to above Document: This is the final statement now sent to the Council and other recipients.
Very many thanks to those who attended meetings and/or signed the Draft Document. Special thanks to
Anthony Rae for compiling the Statement.

Document Link

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Swift nest boxes

At the CBCG meeting earlier this week there was some discussion about Swift nest boxes - try this site

They look good BUT check the prices!

Mixenden Res'r and Ogden (Stodfold)

A bit of a struggle to find anything this afternoon other than this Dipper in the stream at Stodfold and c30 Fieldfare nearby.

2 female Goldeneye on Mixenden Res'r along with c60 B H Gulls and c25 Common Gulls.

Ringstone Res'r

3 images of this strange duck at Ringstone with 3 Wigeon(yesterday and today) found by Steve and Tony. It doesn't look like a 'farmyard' type and seems to be acting as a wild bird. It was feeding with and stayed with the Wigeon. It has pinkish legs and the bill is substatial with quite a broad tip. Photo's self explanatory, is it a X hybrid or leucistic or what. Any ideas?

Also present in the fields adjacent and down the road towards Barkisland
100+ Golden Plover
30+ Lapwings
1 Snipe
107 Canada Geese
Just a handful of Common and B H Gulls (one with a full black hood)

LTT again

Back to Luddenden Dean again this afternoon and eventually located another of the Northern Long-tailed Tits in failing light and mist. A somewhat better photo than last week's though conditions weren't conducive. This bird has a full long tail, I seem to recall seeing (somewhere?) a recent photo of a bird with a short one, so presumably there are still at least 2 still up there.

Michael Foley

Bird Report 2010

The bird report is now available at Woodlesford News Agents, Pellon /Mount Tabor price £5.00.

Rescheduled Priority Species Workshop - 22nd February

The rescheduled Priority Species Workshop will be held on Wednesday 22nd February at 7.15 in the Mytholmroyd Countryside Services Office (above the library). The meeting will include an update on Calderdale's Biodiversity Action Plan and small discussion groups for different species.

It will be a opportunity to discuss actions for priority species in Calderdale for the coming year with Hugh Firman and other interested parties. If you would like to come along and contribute to the meeting please email Hugh to express your interest:

Anybody interested in helping conserve Calderdale's wildlife is welcome to attend.
We look forward to seeing you there!


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Kingfisher feeding Cromwell Bottom

Hi everyone, One of my first posts on here so hope you like the scroll thru effect, select first picture then use mouse wheel to see it swallow it (sort of). Hope this has gone where it should have. Bye for now.
PS: Love the new feeding station over the river, great job.

At last the 2010 bird report is out

After many phone calls to the printers they have finaly delivered the bird report this evening. It will once again cost £5 and should be available to start with from Woodesford News agents at Pellon / Mount Tabor but give me a couple of days to deliver them. Further details of how to obtain a copy will follow in the next few days or so. I would like to give a big thank you to Dave Sutcliffe for all his help in writing up the corvids and most of the finches and also for his time given to proof reading it. Also thanks to all those who donated photos for the report Dave Tattersley, Jim Welford, Mike Henshaw, Mike Sharp, Jeff Cox and Dave Suttcliffe. Thanks must also go to Nick Carter and Matt Bell for their help with sales over the years hope we can do the same again with this one. Finaly thanks to all who submitted records for 2010 without these the report would be an impossible task.

Ps, Please can I have any outstanding records for 2011 soon, so I can make a start with the next one.

Cheers Nick

Other news today

From Tony M and Steve L
A few Herring and L B B gulls on the ice.
3 Wigeon there plus an odd looking duck with them - looked Wigeon shape but white plumage with black primaries and black on the head - not a Smew! Unusual one this as Steve/Tony couldn't call it - possibly a leucistic bird - wonder if anyone on the grapevine got up there to get some photo's?

And from Andy C - 4 Snow Buntings still on Soil Hill this afternoon and the 'Nordic'/Eastern jackdaw is still showing well at Northowram.

Shelf Hall Park, Norwood Green, Sun Wood

Thought we would have a change of scenery today and check out any potential Barn Owl habitat. Also took in some of the Calderdale Way from Shelf Park to Norwood Green. A lovely valley with some good woodland areas but the surrounding fieds are mostly grazed and there are not many areas of rough grassland! Some reasonably good hedgerows though. 31 species in total including:-
60+ Fieldfare
30+ Redwing
1 Green Woodpecker
2 Nuthatch
c4 Great-spotted Woodpeckers
1 Grey Heron
1 Kestrel
c85 Starlings
2 Jays


Thought I would add  a few more Kingfisher pictures as she had been so obliging and its not so often i have been in the situation of being so close to get a chance to take any pictures

Monday, February 06, 2012

Tree sparrows

Allan Wolfenden reports that tree sparrow has been seen on the feeder at Cromwell Bottom.
The Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group will be erecting bird boxes there this Saturday.
Volunteers very welcome.

Fly Flats

Completely frozen over this afternoon up there.
Just about a dozen Red Grouse but no other birds, not even a Carrion Crow!

Swales Moor

Late morning produced a good number of birds - all of them part of a cold weather movement.
With thanks to Andy for the info on a good Herring Gull movement over Northowram earlier on I thought there might be a good chance of catching some up Swales. Nothing doing until 11.30 when the sun came out and big gulls coming from the west started to thermal high before two groups of around 20 each drifted NE. Another group of around 40 did the same thing but headed off towards Soil Hill (NNW). Mostly Herring Gulls with just a few Gt B Backs.
Also 3 groups of Lapwing (40, 10, 8) and one group of 10 Golden Plover > NE
1 Meadow Pipit >W
Nothing on the top other than 50+ Carrion Crows

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Walshaw in the news.

Legal battle 'threatens England's grouse moors'

Landowners have warned that grouse shooting is under threat from legal action aimed at stopping the practice of burning heather on a leading estate.

Snow Bunts and Mink

The 4 Snow Bunts are still on Soil Hill and seem at home in the snow preferring the snow covered areas to the clear.
A Mink was at Ogden this morning skulking around the reservoir banking.