Monday, June 30, 2008


This afternoon
1 Grey Heron
13 Lesser Black-backed Gulls
15 Black-headed Gulls
6+ Siskin ('Giants Tooth' area)
Several young Coal Tits
Several Willow Warblers singing, 1 Blackcap and 1 Chiff-chaff

Swifts and Twite

Spent dinner time watching c.50 swift feeding above hay meadows near Warley as the grass was being cut. Had a short walk after work and found a couple of family groups of twite below Green Withens, 8 took off and (I think) a couple more were left behind.

On another note, are there any plans to put up more nextboxes before next year?

Birdlife Malta recognition

Sorry to be mentioning Malta again, I know some people are probably sick of hearing about it but thought those who contributed to the Optics Fund would like to know that our presentation to the ALE has been given coverage in Birdlife Malta's magazine "Bird's Eye View". The coverage includes a photo of the presentation and acknowledgement of our efforts, if anyone wants to see a copy let me know.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Callis Bridge

Common sandpiper at Callis Bridge, around a week ago. Photo courtesy of Craig Shaw.

undisclosed site

got brians text and went straight there
only 1 lrp and no juveniles
1 lapwing nest although exact location not known
blowing gale force 10-wind speed 200mph
2 wheatear
2 mipits
2 lapwing-protecting nest

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fly Flats

530 Canada Geese this afternoon
4 Common Sandpipers including 1 large chick
No Twite
100+ Swifts feeding over the moor


1 pair of Siskin at Back Lane plantation this afternoon flew off into Ogden plantation.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


just had about 20 swifts about 2m from the ground
this could be the signs of bad wether that nick carter promissed

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Undisclosed Site

Sorry I couldn't get a better shot of this Redstart heading into the nest box to feed it's young this afternoon!
Well done to those who put nest-boxes up last year in the hope of Redstart or Pied Flycatcher - at least we got one success.

Cromwell Bottom

Grey Wagtail, Mallard with 9 young, and Kingfisher on the river
Around the lagoons -
6 Chiffchaff
4 Reed Buntings
2 Willow Warblers
Female Blackcap
3 Reed Warblers singing from different areas of the reeds
3, possibly 4 very young Little Grebes in amongst the reeds-look as if they're recently out of the nest

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garden birds

Coal Tit

Young Blue Tit

Bullfinch - a new bird for me on the garden feeder!


Can someone identify this for me please - several found in the Shibden Valley.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ringstone Edge Res'r

Report from JB at 7.25 pm of 19 Common Scoter on the res'r. All still there till at least 9.15 pm.

undisclosed Site

3 different long eared Owls
2 Short eared owl
1 adult and 3 juv Tawny owls
1 Little Owl
1 Buzzard
1 male peregrine
Oytercatcher and Common Sands

Sunday, June 22, 2008


look round this morning
not much else

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Callis sewage works

Feeding during the first shower of rain at 12:45. Minimum counts of:
- 275 swifts
- 180 house martins
- 20 swallows

Also, woodcock still roding on dry evenings this week at Jumble Hole.

Twite feeding stations

I spent yesterday afternoon with Nick Wilkinson who is working with the RSPB as a full time fieldworker for the Twite Recovery Project, he has asked if it would be possible for us to supply him with details of where and when we have operated feeding stations for Twite both currently and in the past. I have info on my own feeding station but would welcome input from those others who have or are currently operating feeding stations. I know Nick D, Andy H, Gordon D, Brian L. Sean G, Dave S. etc have all fed twite at one time or another but am uncertain as to when and how often.

Now the big Twite survey is around half way through Amy Crowther (RSPB) has agreed to supply a summary of volunteers results to date, watch this space!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Undisclosed sites

A cracking day, started with torrential rain and 5 Ring Ouzel; M, F and 3 juv finished with blazing sun, 3 Twite and some peregrines.

In between SEO, Male Merlin, Common Sandpiper, Curlew, Stonechat, etc Loads of 'usual stuff' with young.

new email

if anybody cares ive got a new email account:

Undisclosed Sites

Thurday 6:30-9:30pm
Young LEO heard calling at 2 sites (NickD : heard young for the first time at the site from Monday calling at 9:15pm).

Some photos - short eared owl resting and hunting in the strong wind.

Long eared owl at the same spot as the short eared. Came towards me and hovered 2 metres above my head with its claws dangling while it checked me out. After a few seconds it carried on up the track. I didn't have time to change to the wide angle lens I'd have needed to get a photo!

More of the owls here under recent images

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mount Tabor

Posting for Nick Dawtrey

Lots of swifts moving through, going west this afternoon around 4pm. More than 1000

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fly Flats/Castle Carr

Yesterday - 16th June
Fly Flats
2 Twite - one with pink over white on left tarsus
c4 pairs of Common Sandpipers (one pair with small chicks)
3 male Reed Buntings
c260 Canada Geese
50+ Swifts
Red Grouse with c8 med sized young

Dean Head
1 pair Grey Wagtails
1 pair Common Sandpipers with 3 large young almost flying
8 Stock Doves
c200 Swifts

Undisclosed site - monday


Out owling with Nick D.
5 SEO - one a young bird


Curlew, oystercatcher and lapwing.

Spotted flycatcher
3 woodcock

Unusual sight - a frog being attacked by a shrew. We were alerted by a strange squealing in the juncus at the side of the path. Watching it we saw a frog climb up to the top and sit there squealing. Moved closer and a shrew that was hanging on to one of the frog's legs let go and dropped back in to the juncus.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Walsden - Sunday Evening

An evening of Swifts and House Martins, at times every inch of sky had a bird in it and then it faded as they drifted over the school. Jackdaws called as they flew around it's chimneys. A pair of goldfinch flew past and one returned to the feeder full of niger seed. The Martins skimmed over the trees. As the light faded and the birds lft the sky, bats feasted on the midges that escaped the the hiruniformes. We live in a wonderful world.

Soil Hill

15/06/2008 1530-1645 hrs
1 Redshank
11 Stonechat, 1pr + 3 juvs, 1pr + 4 juvs
1f Wheatear
1 Little Owl on telephone wires
For full report see Queensburybirders
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hardcastle Crags - Saturday am

7 Blackcaps singing
Loads of goldcrest
Grey wagtail

4 Dipper

Family of mallard.

4 Spotted flycatcher
A lot of coal tit

Plus sparrowhawk, green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, 2 grey heron and the usual.

Birding today

Sat June 14 p.m.Had a Cormorant flying low west over Withen Clough Resr. Also 6 Swifts moving west, low. About 12 Canada adults plus four small young at far end. Willow Warbler singing and a Whinchat near car park. Squally showers.At Baitings there was a Common Sand below the bridge, and an Oystercatcher lurking up the top with the Canadas.

Colin and Denise Shields

Seeds Project

Thanks to Sue and Reg Slater of Acre Farm Midgley for including a display on the Seeds Project during the Midgley Open Gardens event, Sue and Reg are landowners with fields in the scheme and are very supportive of Twite and our aims. For anyone with an interest in gardens the event continues tomorrow.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fly Flats

1 of 6 Common Sandpipers there this afternoon
Also 1 Snipe
260 Canada Geese (including c40 goslings)
No Twite

Withens Clough Car park

Hi all,Brian and myself will be running the trap at 9.30 on Sat 14th June all welcome(should be less midges and we can hide in cars if it gets bad)I can give anyone a lift if they would like.Cheers

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Little Owls

They seem to be everywhere at the momemnt, 3 owls at two sites and I missed somewhre I'd normally see them!

A great evening tonight with LO, SEO and LEO. Male merlin, Rouzel at a new site (to me!), kestrels etc...


My Photo exhibition which has been running for the last 6 weeks at Nelson's Wine Bar in Hebden Bridge reached it's end last night.
I'd just like to thank all of you who supported me on the opening night and anyone who has been down since.
The Exhibition has been very well received and thanks to the sales acheived and the kindness of Lou who owns/runs the bar I shall be donating a further £57 to the group making it a round £100 raised.

I have learn't a lot from this as well and would personally like to thank all involved especially Philippa for the hard work and effort she put in to making it happen and her mother for making the booking and forcing my hand in the first place.

Thanks again for all your support it is very much appreciated.

For anyone that missed it, I have another exhibition starting on Saturday again in Hebden Bridge at the Copa House Tearoom & Restaurant on Market St.

Ogden/Ovenden Moor

BTO Atlas survey today in the area west of the res'r including the golf course, Withens and part of Ovenden Moor.
1 male Whinchat by the golf course
6 Reed Buntings
2 Twite at Withens Gap feeding in the field down the track from the hen huts. Also 4 Greenfinch and several Linnets in the same field and 2 pairs Pied Wagtails.
42 Meadow Pipits,15 Linnets and 9 Skylarks in the 2 hr survey
1 Snipe above the golf course
1 pair of Wrens were trying franticlly to distract a weasel from raiding their nest
Surprisingly we couldn't find any Red Grouse on Ovenden Moor - think they are just very quiet at the moment

Apart from the survey
1 G C Grebe on Ogden Res'r
1 Grey Wagtail
1 Chiff-chaff
c20 Willow Warblers
2 Blackcaps
1 m Sparrowhawk

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Undisclosed Site

Tuesday 10th 7:00-8:30pm

Curlew, lapwing and oystercatchers

Male merlin

Spotted flycatcher, goldfinch, chaffinch, goldcrest.


Short-eared owl

Meadow pipits.

More owl pictures here under recent images.

Ringstone Edge Res'r

6 Great Crested Grebes there this afternoon.

Shibden Valley

Checked a site in the upper valley where Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers have been seen recently by NK. No luck today but did manage Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers there.

Undisclosed Site

LEO confirmed breeding after one young one was heard hunger calling this evening.
We have 6 sites this year so far where adults have been seen and 4 of these are confirmed breeding.
Please liaise with Nick Dawtrey if you have any further information this summer, or if you can help with the survey.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

GB Wildlife

Note the addition of a new website under the Links section, this is GB Wildlife which has been set up by local birders Andrew and Lorna Crystal, well worth a look.

White Stork photo from this morning

Glad you were able to see it Dishfish. Quick check on the way home - no sign at 5:30pm.

white stork-shibden

white stork
saw the post by ian in the spanish lesson (the room has computers) and rang my mum as soon as school ended. however when i got there, there was no bird on the roof and after a thoughrough look round i found no bird. just as we were leaving the ducks went crazy and a pigeon flew overhead followed by the stork. it was quite tame so got some fab shots

stork food:)

Shibden Park


White stork flew onto the roof of the new visitor centre as I entered the park on the way to work this morning. I didn't have a camera with me so had to nip back home (photos to follow). Was still on the roof preening at 9:10 am.

Monday, June 09, 2008


saw this owl tonight and heard young calling, but the light and wind got the better of me.

LRP Sunday am

LRP flew past - 2 others seen gathering food.
3 groups of common sandpiper with young.
2 twite.
Skylarks and meadow pipits.
4 wheatear.
2 curlew.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Castle Carr Road/Warley Moor/Cold Edge

7th June
Castle Carr Road
3 pairs of Twite feeding in fields at far end of road
2 Reed Buntings
6 Linnets

Warley Moor
5 wader sp...

Cold Edge
Male Whinchat below Withens Gap above the ruined farm
20+ Linnet
1 Peregrine over had a stoop at a Carrion Crow - just missed!
1 2nd year Lesser-black-backed Gull
2 Reed Bunting
2 Snipe

Broadhead Clough/Withens Clough

6th June
Broadhead Clough
We went looking for Tree Pipit following our sighting there on 5th May - without success.
1 Great Spotted Wodpecker with young ready to fledge
1 Treecreeper
1 Sparrowhawk

Withens Clough
Whinchat, Stonechat and Reed Bunting - all males
1 Little Owl

Fly Flats

5th June
9 Twite in the area
600+ Starlings (about 80% fledged young ones)
2 Redshank
4 Common Sandpipers
90+ Canada Geese between Fly Flats and Dean Head


5th June
2 Nuthatch by the lodge over the bridge by St Stephen's Church
2 pairs Grey Wagtails
1 Dipper
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker


Undisclosed site - friday pm


Checked out a previous site for LEOs with Nick D.
2 different LEOs seen hunting from different but slightly overlapping sites. One perched on a fence post long enough for Nick to almost get his digiscope setup ready! No young heard.
Short eared owl seen catching prey and taking it to a presumed nest site in the heather.
3 kestrels.
1 grey heron.
Woodcock roding overhead - had 2 at once then 6 or so further sightings of a single bird.
2 male siskin song flight displaying.
Curlew, canada geese, meadow pipits, chaffinch.
1 greylag goose.
6 lesser black backed gulls - one stole an egg from a moorland nest (species unknown) and ate the contents.
Lapwing with well grown juveniles - about 2/3rds adult size.
Oystercatchers with well grown juveniles.

its raining owls

soil hill-1 little ringed plover
1 short eared owl
kestrel only 70cm away from where i was standing
red legged partridge heard
5 mipits
3 skylarks

undisclosed site-1 tawny owl-typical it being a leo site
1 breif view of a long eared owl

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Raptor watch Part II

Another owl from the same site as Ian was, out at 17:20. Also saw Kestrels and Merlin, sadly no picture. Thanks for the tip about Little Owl Ian.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Calderdale - Raptor Watch

6:30 - 9:30 pm

Distant views of a common buzzard. It looks to be the same one I saw a couple of weeks ago judging by the primaries on the left wing.

Little owl perched at the side of the road.

Male sparrowhawk carrying food.

Long eared owl at first site. Seen hunting twice.

Long eared owl seen at a second site. I also heard 3 juveniles calling at the second site.

150+ canada geese
2 oystercatcher
8 mistle thrush
6 song thrush
chaffinch, goldcrest, goldfinch, meadow pipit, curlew and lapwing.