Monday, January 30, 2017


White-fronted Geese still there, on the reservoir around 2.15 this afternoon (GS)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cold Edge Dams

This afternoon..
Kingfisher was a surprise in a willow over the top small pond. New one for me at this location.
1 Stonechat
17 Canadas and 3 Greylag Geese by the lower small pond
300+ Starlings
c60 Fieldfare
2 Mistle Thrush and maybe 20+ Blackbirds.
Song Thrush singing
c15 Meadow Pipits
1 Stock Dove
15 Herring Gulls >W
Click on pictures to enlarge !
 Herring Gull

Upland area

Skein of pink feet over an upland moor site, just to the north, 12 golden plover heading west over the moor and a mountain hare....sadly about a hundred yards south of the area.

Siskins flock at Todmorden c. 40

Below Cross Stone Church. Pics on Calderdale Wildlife blog.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Four White-fronted Geese (found yesterday by Dave T) were still present at Ringstone up till at least 12:20 this morning in the west field with c180 Canada's. Good to see lots of observers up there for the special occasion. ! Birds still present at 16:30
Not sure if anyone got some decent photos? The site was fogged off early on then as it cleared the rain came down for most of the day and the birds were quite distant on the edge of the Canada flock.

A good number of smaller gulls there as well as Golden Plovers and Lapwings.
Male Pochard was on Ringstone at 10.30 but not seen subsequently (JB et al)
Teal count up to 40 on the res'r but disappearing into the shoreline vegetation.

Friday, January 27, 2017


seen on Twitter that Dave tatt has had 4 white  fronted goose and pochard today on Ringstone also five male pintail last week check out @davidtattersley

Mixenden Reservoir and plantation

Having given it up at Fly Flats I headed down to Mixenden in the hope of getting out of the thick fog.

As soon as I got there a 'pinkie' was calling continuously and circling around the reservoir. This was at the same time as I got a message from DB on Soil Hill about 'pinkies' disorientated in the mist up there. This single bird was also out of it's comfort zone. Surprising how different a single bird sounds compared with a migrating flock !

I got  a few distant shots and it eventually settled in the water and later on the embankment. Looking at the photos now I realise (suspect) why it came down.

It looks like the bird had frozen mud on it's feet, probably from last night maybe in the Lincolnshire or Humberside fields. I guess in the freezing conditions high up did not allow it to thaw out, then the heavy feet held it back from the main flock and it probably got tired with the extra load ?

Maybe landing in the reservoir thawed the frozen 'package' fairly quickly. See some nice shots of the bird seen later on from BS's blog where the feet look clear - West Yorkshire Birding.
I suspect the bird will be off soon enough especially if more pinks head over during the night or in the morning.

Pink-footed Goose with heavy landing gear
Also there this afternoon
2 f Goldeneye
1 Snipe disturbed from the playing field
 14:17 this afternoon 
 15:06 after a change in the temperature !
Common Snipe

Fly Flats

Fog-bound up there, though I went to put some seed down by the wind-farm car park building in the hope of  Snow Bunting - a long shot - but its worth a try !
Fantastic hoar-frost (I think it's called) on the vegetation and fence lines etc.
Still a single Stonechat braving it out.
 Withens Head
 Withens Head
 Fly Flats

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Out and about..

Ringstone - birds mostly in the west field
c50 Golden Plover
c60 Lapwing
c190 Canada Geese
c40 Fieldfare
c30 Redwings
c30 Starlings

Bowers Mill - Barkisland
3 Teal
2 Mallard
A few L T tits

High Royd - water treatment works along the canal just west of Sowerby Bridge. Very difficult viewing there !
1 Grey Heron
2 Grey Wagtails, c30 Pied Wagtails and c40 Carrion Crows on the filter beds

Mount Tabor
A good showing of Fieldfares and Starlings either side of fields along Heath Hill Road

Fly Flats and Withens Head
2 male Stonechats along the top road fence line and a pair around the wind farm car park building. What are they doing up there in this weather minus -4c degrees up there ?
2 Golden Plover in the field along Cold Edge Road opposite Nolstar.

Record shots in poor light

Female Stonechat
 Male Stonechat
Golden Plover

Recent bits

f. goosander on the canal by Walkley Clogs 20 Jan
A flock of 15 siskins went over the house at Jumble Hole on 21 Jan
A pair of goosander were on the river by the Old Mill pub (formerly the Corn Mill) Brighouse on 24 Jan.
A buzzard was reported at Callis Bridge yesterday.

Lee Mount

Pink-footed Geese heard over Lee Mount at 10:10 this morning were probably high >W as unseen in misty conditions.
Also from yesterday a flock of 79 over Ogden late afternoon (BS) - see West Yorkshire Birding link

Ogden etc

Late morning visit but not much found at all..
4 Cormorants >SW over the 'Giant's Tooth' area
1 Jay
Bullfinch singing at the top end of Ogden and another Bullfinch singing at the top of a Sycamore in Lee Mount yesterday.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mixenden Res'r and Swales Moor

Back to 2 f Goldneye today after BS's 6 yesterday which included a drake
1 adult Herring Gull
1 adult L B B Gull
c100 B H Gulls
c40 Common Gulls
10 Mallard
No Siskin in the alders at top of Mixenden Road today - looks like they've moved on (?)

Moor End - nothing doing at all today

Swales Moor - Ringby Lane
At least 100 Common Gulls between Ploughcroft fields and the northern end of Ringby Lane - mind you there had been plenty of 'muck spreading' evidence. Surprisingly only a single Black-headed Gull with them.
3 Herring Gulls >W
1 Kestrel
c50 Starlings
c20 Meadow Pipits along the edge of the quarry
Plenty of corvids !
One group of c50 Common Gulls with a Rook in the middle of them

Monday, January 23, 2017

Historical study into pied flycatcher nesting

An interesting article on the nesting habits of pied flycatchers. The one thing I took out of it is although they rely on an oak dominated woodland for finding food, the actual tree that the box is fixed to is far less important.

One other thing I read about a few years ago, and has proved to be true in Calderdale to date, is that pied fly's much prefer to have a branch above the box they can land on, have a look round, then continue the last couple of yards into the box. The photo is the pair that nested in Jumble Hole last summer, and the dead branch was about 2 feet above the box, extending about 6 feet out, They used the branch on the way into and out of the box.

Soil Hill

1 Skylark on the top this morning
19 Meadow Pipits in the field near the mast and that was it.
Cold enough for Snow Bunting on the top !!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mixenden Res'r and Moor End

Just 2 female type Goldeneye on Mixenden this afternoon.
1 adult Lesser Black-backed Gull with c100 mixed Black-headed and Common Gulls
I also found a flock of c30 Siskin feeding in the tall alders just by the Clough Lane/ Mixenden Road mini roundabout though I couldn't find any Redpoll with them.

Moor End - on the reclaimed landfill site
c20 Meadow Pipits
38 Lapwings
c30 Fieldfare
c50 Starlings
3 Herring Gulls >W

Beware of impostors

Digi scoped record shots in poor light. Walshaw Dean today. A flock of 12 Crossbills including this female with obvious wing bars and tertial spots, trying very hard to turn it into a two barred, but unfortunately its just a very well marked Common Crossbill (never seen one with such well defined wing bars before. Also at Walshaw - Gorple 8 Brambling, 1 Stonechat, 2 Raven, Green Woodpecker, 9 Herring Gulls, the usual raptors and a Woodcock over the crags.

Waxwings - Walsden

A flock of a dozen waxwings outside our house - on Ramsden Wood Road, Walsden.  Perched in a tall tree - keep flying down to a shrub with pink berries opposite our doorstep.  (No.8 OL14 7UD)

A similar sized flock did a flypast, dropping down to drink from a muddy puddle but didn't stay long.

Arrived a couple of hours  ago and still here. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Starling Murmuration at Brighouse

This large flock of Starlings has been gathering together in small parties to make one huge group to roost together in central Brighouse for at least a few weeks.

Thank you to Annie Honjo for posting her video on You-tube.

We were there this evening 4.15 to 5.00pm, along with eleven other people amazed by the spectacle.
A Sparrowhawk appeared twice but didn't seem to catch a Starling, though it was definitely trying!
A spontaneous round of applause went up when the birds finally settled into the trees.

The finale is when the trees appear to suck the flock out of the sky.
If you want to see it, go to the car parks at the bottom of town near the double-towered old flour mill.

Other news from Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve was a Raven calling just to the west today.
On following the sound we found it flying round and perching on a pylon near the large caravan storage area.

M62 Jct 22 and Ringstone

M62 Jct 22 - heading towards Oldham this afternoon on the A672 just after the junction and 7 Whooper Swans came over the moor from Buckstones direction over White Hill and heading >NW maybe towards Hollingworth Lake (?).
Maybe they too are starting to head back towards Britain's north west coastal areas like the 'pinkies' appear to be doing (?)

Ringstone Res'r - called there on then way back though the light was going and the mist was encroaching.
13 Golden Plover flew over >SW
42 Lapwings looking to roost
10 Goosander
A few Black-headed Gulls heading off towards Scammonden

Bean Goose update

Once again well done to Dave for finding the Bean Goose yesterday. As its only the fourth ever record for Calderdale then DF should receive the Golden B Award which I shall gladly hand over tomorrow.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Other news today

From AR at Wainstalls at 10:15 this morning 6 Whooper Swans low down over >W towards Hebden Bridge.

Ringstone - 5 Wigeon this morning (AT and DF)

Pink-footed Geese over Savile Park as well this morning with 3 flocks 60, 100, 40 (SB)

Luddenden Dean

Jowler, Wade Wood, Jerusalem Farm and around the upper dean today. Nice to get some sunshine after the gloom of recent days.
1 Green Woodpecker
2  Kestrels
3 Great-spotted Woodpeckers together squabbling in Wade Wood
2 Nuthatch
Plenty Blue, Great and Coal tits but only 2 L T Tits
1 Grey Heron
60+ Fieldfare near the cemetery
Several Jays

Castle Carr Road - just past Bridge Terrace a pair of Stonechat there was nice to see but no sign of the usual Little Owls today.


I am not a goose expert but I believe that DF has done it again and found another good bird for Calderdale. I think the left hand bird in Dave's photo's is a Bean Goose, the dark wings with obvious white edges to the upperwing coverts are I think classic features for Bean Goose. Also the bird looks thicker necked with a stouter bill and although difficult to see appears to have a narrower white trailing edge to the tail. Dave also described the bird on the ground having orange legs not pink and a small orange patch on the bill not pink as in pink footed. Any other comments on this bird very welcome. Well done Dave, I only wished it had stuck around as Ive never seen a Bean Goose in Calderdale.

Soil Hill

Few sightings from the Hill for the last few days:

20th Jan
7 Golden Plover circling the hill, fairly vocal

18th Jan
1 Stock Dove flew over

07th Jan
1 Green Woodpecker on Taylor Lane

A Little Owl and pr Stonechat have also been present on and off during January

Patch ticks for me have been Grey Wagtail feeding in a drainage ditch down Taylor Lane, and Goldeneye, which I have shamelessly scoped on Mixenden Reservoir.

Daily visits have gained 33 points from 33 species for my Patchwork Challenge effort in 2017. Hopefully will be able to make a real fist of it this year

Gorple - Walshaw

Walshaw - Gorple, 3 Crossbills at Walshaw Plantation and 1 at Lower Gorple, also 3 Siskin, 3 Redpoll, Dipper etc.

Grey Wagtail - Holmfield

I was fed up stuck in work this morning when this Grey Wagtail started feeding in the puddles right outside the window on the flat roof.  Nipped up to Soil Hill at lunch but the only thing was a small flock of 11 Meadow Pipits.  Little Owl in usual place off Stocks Lane this evening.

Lee Mount

'Pinks' on the move again this morning. Alert from AC at Northowram at 08:55 - they came directly over Lee Mount. Couldn't just get them all on with the 100mm lens and I just missed a few on this photo - around 67 birds.

Pink-footed Geese

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ringstone Reservoir etc

Ringstone - late afternoon visit
6 Shelduck
8 Teal
c80 Lapwings
c12 Mallard
190+ Canada Geese (all scoped, but nothing different with them)
1 Moorhen

M62 Junction 22
A single Raven flyover >NW mid afternoon

Booth Wood Reservoir
1 Cormorant

Skircoat and Savile Park

About a dozen Waxwings this morning around 11:00 top of Godfrey Road and top end of hospital but very flighty. Not many berried trees now other than maybe back gardens shrubs ?

200 + very dark breasted Redwings lower end of Savile Park and Manor Heath but lots of disturbance with traffic and dog walkers so they too are very flighty !

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Today's news

40 to 50 Waxwings - at Rawson Avenue, Skircoat Green around 10:30 this morning from GN - many thanks for the report Graham.

Several reports of skeins of Pink-footed Geese through Calderdale today -  mostly around mid-day and all  >W or >NW.
(JL, PG, DW, WG et al)

3 pairs of Mandarin Duck on the Ryburn earlier today (PG)

Thrushes, etc

Song Thrushes sound to be 'on song' now. There were 2 singing in the Red Beck Valley and 2 singing at Coach Road today.
More Bramblings in a large mixed flock with Chaffinches as well; there looked to be at least 12.
Also at Coach Road, a large bat swooping for insects, mostly at tree top level -possibly a Noctule.
Then a Tawny Owl calling there at about 6.00pm.


4 or more large skeins of geese reported heading over Hebden Bridge dusk/early evening yesterday.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Other news

From yesterday - 4 Brambling in the trees at Coach Road, Brighouse (M St)

Noon today c 150 Pink-footed Geese >NW over Ripponden (WG)

Waxwings reported again in the Skircoat Green area between the shops at the top of Godfrey Road and the traffic light junction. (SB)
Also from SB - c20 Brambling at Norland near the pub at the Day Nursery turn.

Walshaw Dean and Lower Gorple

An afternoon with AT in the overcast and misty conditions - but it could have been worse by just about avoiding the dense banks of fog.
Very few birds about but what we found were very acceptable !
Walshaw Dean plantation - at least 6 Crossbill in the top of the Spruce's
c70 Fieldfare >SE
Small flock of Goldfinch

Lower Gorple Reservoir
1 male Kestrel near the Pack Horse
1 Dipper
7 Brambling came in to roost in the plantation near the former reservoir keepers house and obliged by alighting in the very top of a tall Larch
1 Herring Gull >W
19 Pink-footed Geese arrived from the west, meandered about a couple of times, obviously disorientated in the mist but they left probably towards Walshaw Reservoirs ?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Castle Carr Road

A couple of hours this afternoon along the road above Luddenden Dean started off well with a group of Pink-footed Geese heard high over the dean. I managed a few distant shots - 21 birds >NW around 14:55. I guess these were the same ones as Nick had over Roils Head.
1 distant Kestrel over Midgley Moor (not many 'kessies' about)
c65 Fieldfare
Pair of Little Owls
1 adult Herring Gull >NW
1 adult Great Black-backed Gull >NW
2 Stock Doves
1 Dunnock
1 Blackbird
A few Red Grouse heard
2 Pheasants that 'flayed the living daylights' out of me as I checked over  a wall . I should be used to being surprised by them by now !!

Lee Mount earlier in the day
1 Grey Wagtail feeding in the wet in Lee Mount Road
1 Song Thrush singing

Hardcastle Crags - 1pm

Lower carpark to just past the mill
- 12+ goldcrests
- lots of siskin heard
- 2 pair of treecreeper together
- c. 6 nuthatch
- not one woodpecker!

Back at Jumble Hole, 5 meadow pipits were unexpected in from of the house.

Roils Head

Lots of birds about today, Roils Head buzzing with finches including 2 Brambling, also Song Thrush, Reed Bunting and 21 Pinkies west. 9 Herring Gulls east and 7 west, 2 GBBGs west 2 LBBGs west. Yesterday at Walshaw Dean, 4 Crossbills, 2 Stonechats, 1 Twite, 30 Reed Buntings, 25 Herring Gulls, 6 Great BBGs, 3 Teal.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mixenden Res'r, Moor End and Balkram Edge

Great Crested Grebe still there
3 f Goldeneye there but left towards Ogden
c100 B H Gull and c40 Common Gulls
1 adult Great Black-backed Gull and 1 adult Herring Gull >W together
1 Grey Wagtail
Green Woodpecker heard
Meadow Pipit 2 >W
14 Fieldfare >NW

Nothing doing at the Moor End site

Balkram Edge
1 Little Owl

Friday, January 13, 2017

Other news

Went to the tip at Lee Bridge this morning. Just unloading when I heard a Dipper call as it flew overhead heading upstream from Dean Clough towards Old Lane/Holmfield. A great bird for such an industrial area and a nice surprise.

I also got a call from my Auntie who lives at Queensbury. Seen 2 different looking birds this morning in the garden  with  a tufts on their heads and having looked through the book thought they could be Waxwings !. Alerted BS who promptly found 6 birds around Moor Close Road. Well done Bri and Auntie D of course. See 'West Yorkshire Birding' blog for report and photos.

Mixenden Reservoir and Moor End

3 female type Goldeneye
1 Great Crested Grebe - still there from yesterday
Black- headed and Common Gulls moving through towards Ogden + 1 adult L B B Gull
1 Grey Wagtail
5 Siskin
15+ Goldfinch
15+ Stock Doves
6 Canada Geese moving towards Ogden

Moor End
Nothing there today - the mipits and Redwings must have moved elsewhere, possibly to lower elevations after the snow and frost last night.

Sowerby Bridge

Male goosander on river outside entrance to swimming pool about 15.30.  Paddling against current and going nowhere for a while.  Then it swam under road bridge towards where rivers meet.  We crossed the road and watched as it joined a group of mallards and they all came towards us obviously hoping for some food.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sunny Vale area

In the Red Beck Valley a Green Woodpecker showed really well, flushed from near the road, then flying to a nearby tree. It didn't appear again so it presumably had found a safe tree hole.
On the lake at Sunny Vale, there were the usual suspects-
9 Teal
3 Little Grebes
12 Moorhen
2 Coot
10 Mallard
and another Green 'Pecker yaffling nearby.

Bird Records

Its that time of year again when I am busy compiling the bird records from the previous year. SO if you have not yet sent them in could I please have them by the end of January. Thanks to every one who's already contributed. We still need to sell more Bird Reports just to break even, so if you have not got one they are still for sale at Woodlesford go local store at Pellon/Mount Tabor and at Flying Saucers at Hebden Bridge. DJS also carries some in the boot of his car so if you see him about he's the man to get one from.


Nothing much to report from up there in a snow shower this afternoon
1 Kingfisher in the ponds below the embankment was very nice to see.
24 Canada Geese >N in the snow storm maybe towards Thornton Moor

Couple of sightings

A dipper is a regular at Callis Bridge, as are a pair of grey wagtails.

2-8 siskins are almost always in a small group of larch trees near my house at Jumble Hole, although I haven't managed to coax them on to the feeders yet.

And a pair of goosander were on the canal by Walkley Clogs this morning.

Mixenden and Moor End

Great Crested Grebe on Mixenden this morning along with a Goldeneye.

Moor End
I was trying to count Meadow Pipits when a Sparrowhawk went through low and 50+ Meadow Pipits lifted. I felt it worth scanning for possible larks but the snow came down thick and fast and curtailed detailed scanning.
The snow brought down c180 Redwings and 2 Fieldfare - they were really close to the road though I left before it got worse as the road was getting covered in snow. ! Another climate up there but not as bad as Soil Hill !!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ogden etc

Poor results today after spending quite a lot of the morning at Ogden mainly doing the woodland areas -
Usual Mallard, 2 Jays, c8 Long-tailed Tits and not a lot else other than a few B H and Common Gulls and 3 L B B Gulls.

1 Red Grouse at Fly Flats then the mist came in and another Red Grouse at Withens Head

Red grouse (male)

Cold Edge - dire !

Moor End near Mt Tabor - c35 Meadow Pipits was nice. 3 Stock Dove. Always worth a check in wet weather at the former landfill site for gulls, corvids, pipits and larks (but no Skylark today.)

Monday, January 09, 2017


Lane Head still with around 70 Waxwings this afternoon (AT)

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Other news today

From AT - yesterdays 4 Shelduck and 'pinks' at Ringtone had moved on though the Canada Geese were still there + a pair of Goosander on the reservoir.

At least 275 Pink-footed Geese this morning around 09:30 over Northowram and Beacon Hill (AC and PG) + 5 Brambling near Shibden Hall (PG)

5 Whooper Swans (4 adults and a juv) on Lower Gorple Reservoir late afternoon left >W around 15:50 (MM)

Lane Head, Brighouse - up to 80 Waxwings still present mid afternoon (BirdGuides report)

Swales Moor

I went to check on the top mid afternoon inspired by a message from BS about a Snow Bunting briefly this afternoon on Soil Hill. See West Yorkshire Birding for Brian's report. Well done BS - persistence eventually paid off  !

Ringby Lane. Light not good and very overcast but plenty of birds about to keep the interest going.
2 Ravens >N then turned >W
5 adult Great Black-backed Gulls - >NW
1 adult Lesser Black-backed Gull >S
25+ Herring gulls >NW
110+ Common Gulls -  all loafing along the ridge
Golden Plover 1 >W
Sparrowhawk 1 >S

Other birds on then top - 18 Starling, 2 Stock Doves, 6 Mistle Thrush, c30 Redwings + the usual corvids

A few record shots only of this afternoons birds in poor light
 Great Black-backed Gulls
 Golden Plover
Common Gulls (part of the flock)

Saturday, January 07, 2017


I called in there for an hour early afternoon after a text earlier from DF about 4 Shelduck there this morning. They were still there but distant on the reservoir embankment.

Scanning over towards the west fields I saw part of  a large flock of Canada Geese so I went round to the road just past the reservoir house. Fortunately I had the scope with me and it was certainly needed.

160 Canada Geese with 120 Pink-footed Geese feeding on the slope along with 35 Lapwing, c160 Black-headed Gulls and c50 Common Gulls. Also a few Starlings and corvids but no sign of the recent Golden Plover.

The 'pinkies' were a real treat - we usually just get them high overhead but with thick fog to the west I guess they had thought better of heading through it and instead come down, perhaps attracted by the Canadas. I scanned through, carefully but couldn't find anything different with them.
Well worth checking the site tomorrow especially if fog persists to the west !

Crossbills and break ins

Walshaw Dean today,at least 5 Crossbills in the plantation with a few Brambling, also 4 Stonechats nearby and 5 Herring Gulls south. Please beware if visiting this site, there were 2 break ins at Cloughfoot Car park and another at Blake Dean today. Safest bet is to park at the Pack Horse Pub, the landlord is ok with it, its a bit of a walk but worth it.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Finnish Blackbird...

From Denise - who managed to get details on the ring of this garden feeding Blackbird. This has since been identified as a juvenile bird from Finland ringed on 2nd September 2015.
If anyone does see a ringed bird then sometimes photo's can be good enough to get the details of the ring letters/numbers on the computer later.

Today's news

Lots of Waxwings and Redwings still being reported today from Lane Head, Brighouse, with 110+ Waxwings. A selection of photos below from Mike H and Denise S


Also today were several large skeins of Pink-footed Geese mostly >W or >NW across lunch-time with c40 reported >SW. (M St, AC, NG et al). Also this evening a noisy skein, at about 17:45 over Mount Tabor (MM) and another lot over Norton Tower in the dark at 19:15 (PG) with this second skein lingering as they were probably disorientated in the fog up there (?)
A flock of c50 Brambling also from Wellholme Park, Brighouse (AC) and some decent sized Lapwing, Golden Plover and Starling flocks also in the area (M St)


One in the Calder by Todmorden Bus Stn at about 1415.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Lane Head Hotel waxwings, Brighouse, and Walshaw Dean yesterday.

Around sixty waxwings showing beautifully by the Lane Head Hotel this afternoon (nice to meet Mike Henshaw too).  Yesterday afternoon, small party of crossbills at Walshaw Dean, including a showy male in song (something I've never heard before).

Swales Moor and other news today

Totally dead  at Swales and along the top at Ringby Lane this morning. Nothing moving at all and nothing on the top except a few corvids, 13 Starlings and 6 Stock Doves.

Better news from AC - with c60  Waxwings still in the area at Lane Head, Brighouse this morning.

Masses of Black-headed and and Common Gulls (600+) at Ringstone late afternoon in the wake of the 'muck spreader'. There could well be something in among the gulls but it's probably a scope job.
I guess the farmer is getting the tractor on the land with the firmness of the frost in it but if the weather turns wet then maybe he won't continue ! Still,  it's always worth checking those fields !

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Around and about

I had a good look around Pellon Lane, Spring Hall Lane and Hanson Lane area this morning on the search for the recent Waxwing flock. I wasn't able to find them though they may have moved further afield.? Plenty of some really good looking Redwings down the lower end of Pellon Lane and area at the back of 'The Range' with 100+ birds scattered about, along with a few Fieldfare, Mistle Thrushes,  Blackbirds. 150+ Starlings were on Lightowler Road.

Cold Edge - I called there to see if there were any stray geese about but not today. A flock of 200+ Starlings were in the fields though they got 'spooked' and headed up towards The Withens. A very pale brown Starling like bird stood out from the rest but in the blustery conditions I couldn't get enough on it - though it was probably just a 'vulgaris' (?) A few Fieldfare and Redwing getting blown around.

Fly Flats - not a day even to open the car window up there but I did manage 40+ Mallard on  a point just about half way along the reservoir.

Mixenden Reservoir - Plenty commoner birds (Woodpigeons, Stock Doves and Jackdaws) coming in to roost and c300 B H Gulls and Common Gulls heading up towards Ogden. 2 Herring Gulls >W and 2 female Goldeneye on the reservoir

Murmuration of Starlings

Has anyone seen the murmuration that's happening at dusk in Brighouse ? Someone (he works for the Environment Agency) says they are doing it there, attracting the gaze of shoppers.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Around Brighouse

Red Beck valley
Buzzard calling
12 Redwings
14 L T Tits
Green Woodpecker -rear view only !
Sunny Vale
11 Teal
2 Little Grebes
10 Mallards
15 Moorhens
2 Coot
G S Woodpecker
2 Goldcrests
Birkby Lane, Bailiff Bridge
200+ Lapwings
2 or 3 Golden Plovers -possibly more that were out of sight. 

Park Lane Bonanza

        What a day, DP and I got 28 species this morning
        and only walked 50 yards, a cracking start to the
        New Year and a bird I didn't see at all last year.