The winter of 2011/ 2012

 Great Northern Diver at ringstone started things off.(finder Darrel Prest )
Up to 9 ' Icelandic ' Snow Buntings Soil Hill from November to late Feb (finder Nigel Kerwin)
 Rough Legged Buzzard...amazing picture taken on mobile phone near Ringstone,
' Nordic ' Jackdaw at Northowram (finder Andy Cockroft )first seen on jan 31st and last seen on the 14th Feb.2012

15  'Greenland ' White Fronted Geese at Ringstone.on the 23rd Feb 2012 .(Tony and Steve)
' Northern ' Long tailed Tits..(finder SE Drake )people came from far and wide to see these gorgeous birds with up to 3 birds present from Jan to late feb .