Friday, November 30, 2007

XMAS Social get together

Following the relative success of the last get together it has been suggested that we have another to give old and new members the opportunity to meet and generally have a good night out...................The new get together is at The Bridge inn Ripponden(Tims Pub)on Sunday the 23rd of December
8.30 onwards everyone is welcome old and new.Lets put some faces to our blogg names.Merry X - mas

battle of the titans

there was a huge war at our school today. all the gulls suddenly flew of the roof then all the crows came out of the trees and they started flying towords each other. there was no fighting but a lot of noise and pooing. also saw 1 sparrowhawk flying high in the malee


My son phoned me yesterday mid-day to say he was just watching two kingfishers on the canal at Lob Mill. He'd watched them dart down the canal and go under the bridge only to see them seconds later come back to the Tod side , flying over the bridge. . So quickly, in fact, that he thinks there could even have been two pairs.

I'll look forward to seeing a week's worth of reports when I get from Luxor on 10th.


Shroggs Park

c40 Redwings over first thing this morning plus c20 Greenfinch. I think they are polishing off what's left of the Whitebeam berries and probably starting on the holly berries.


Nothing doing there at all this morning other than 48 Common Gulls. Also a Grey Heron heading >N over Soil Hill.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shibden valley - Thursday 12:20 to 13:40

Approximately 6 redwing.
4 mistle thrush.
Robins, 3 dunnock, 1 bullfinch, 3 chaffinch.
Usual great and blue tits but didn't notice any long-tailed.
Little owl roosting in a hawthorn bush - distant views.

Blackbirds, wood pigeons, crows and magpies (not counted but approx 10 of each).

Then on the walk back down the lane, I saw what I thought was a pigeon approaching through the trees. It was only when it drew level that I could see it was a woodcock. So I fumbled the camera and missed the shot! A tick for me though.

1 Kestrel.

One thing that is very noticeable is the lack of hawthorn berries. I've a photo from this time last year showing the hedges full of berries. This year there are hardly any. Rowans seem in short supply too and most of the blackbirds/thrushes were on the holly.


I would welcome some advice on the best way to set up a website to showcase my photography.

Having lived in Yorkshire for more than half my life now you will understand that the cheaper the better.

Having risen from my death bed today in a manner of which Lazarus himself would have been proud I spotted a female Reed Bunting on top of bush in a neighbours garden, also present from the kitchen window 3 Greenfinch, 2 Magpies, Robin, 2 Collard doves, 2 Blue tits and several corvids passing over fields in front of the house.

Crimsworth Dean

Checked the dean from Hardcastle Crags car park today. Lots of small tit flocks etc. Also Nuthatch Crags car park and another half way up the dean. 2 Kestrels and 1 Common Buzzard over.

Ogden/Fly Flats

Ogden - 1 drake Goldeneye this morning and a drake Goosander over >S. Male Sparrowhawk giving the long-tailed Tit flock a hard time but didn't see it catch anything! Also Great spotted Woodpecker and that was about it.

2 f Goldeneye on Cold Edge but nothing doing at all at Fly Flats other than a Kestrel.

Towpath & Cromwell Bottom 29th November 2007

Morning all

As it was so nice this morning I set off early at around 7.15 to meet up with Les at 8.30. Not much to see until I got to Cromwell Bottom as it was still darkish. Two pairs of Goosander, several Mallard and a Kingfisher passing through on the river near the metal foot bridge from North bank to Tag loop. Put some food down for the Chaffinches that seem to congregate near the large Ash tree just over the bridge. When I got up to the feeders there were the usual gang of Magpies scrounging underneath and again a Great Spotted feeding on the Lard feeder. After topping off the feeders I moved away down to Brookfoot loop and disturbed a Green Woodpecker feeding on the floor. I have no idea what they feed on whilst on the ground on Tag loop but I have never seen them other than feeding on the floor, but one would think nothing much in the invertebrate line would be around at the moment ? As as was very early to meet Les I decided to walk around the river on Brookfoot loop as I have not been round here for a few weeks. Nothing much on the river at first until I got past the railway viaduct when I picked up a pair of Little Grebe and then single Little Grebe further down. Moving on down through the heavily overgrown brambles further downstream I spotted four Bullfinch feeding on the old withered berries (two male & two female). As I got down to where the emergency overflow pipe at the bottom of the lagoon flows into the river (or would if the lagoon flooded) the dog disappeared to investigate the river bank at this spot and flushed out a Water Rail, only my second ever sighting here, last one was at least 15 years ago in the same spot and also flushed out by a previous Springer Spaniel I had.

When I met Les near the Avocet factory I told him about the rail and he mentioned that there is quite often one in residence here in winter most years. Not much seen on our walk around the disabled path at Tag loop apart from both Les and I were sure we heard the mew of a Buzzard coming from Strangstry Wood on the opposite hillside but nothing appeared. We did find Heron on the river is his usual spot but no Wagtails or Dippers this morning. Leaving Les on the canal bridge with the crumblie club, I set off back up the towpath home about 9am. Nothing much seen until I got up near the Knowles Pipeworks dump where I spotted a Fox curled up in the sunshine in the usual spot near some Hawthorns. Just up from Rawsons Pool I spotted a tit flock and stooped to watch them for 10 mins. The flock was mainly Long tailed, with a good number of Blues (no Great tit again) , two Coal tits and two Goldcrests. I finally managed another Nuthatch much nearer to Park Nook Lock than I have seen them before, one spotted coming down the trunk of what I think is large old Ash tree. I had good views of this in the sunshine and really appreciated the subtle shades of grey and "pink" which stood out well in the bright sunshine.

I am at last starting to get my eye in again with birds as my main interest for many years as been entomology and one tends to walk around looking downwards below head height as this is where most insect are to be found. I am now (until spring at least) starting to walk around looking up into trees and thus spotting more birds again. All great fun and something to fill in the time when the insects are not around.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jumble Hole

On a very quick walk this afternoon, 4 siskins were in a small tree next to the path. Got views down to 5'. Also, 16 long-tailed tit, 2 jay, 65 bh gulls, 7 greenfinch and a pair of bullfinch

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hen Harrier book raffle

The raffle for the books donated by Paul Talbot was drawn at the CBCG meeting this evening, the lucky winner was Andy Cockroft who after taking the main prize generously resubmitted the remainder of the books for a redraw, these were won by Alf King. Many thanks both to Paul for his generous donation and to everyone who bought tickets, the raffle has raised £212 for optics for the ALE (Administrative Law Enforcement) on Malta

Its not Always Quiet.

Just totalled up my Autumn 2007 Vis Mig watch for Fly Flatts
and in 18 Sunday mornings, I have clocked 39 species of flyovers
totalling 10,867 birds. Not a lot in terms of vis mig counts but it
shows even Fly Flatts can produce the goods sometime. BS

Huddersfield Bird Club Forum

Having read some comments on this blog together with a more robust approach taken on the greenwithens blog it is obvious that there is a little confusion about access to the HBWC Forum. There has been a claim that only subscribing members of the HBWC can gain access but, even though we would welcome more members, this is inaccurate. Access is free to anyone. however you must first register a subscription to the forum complete with e-mail address which will subsequently be formally accepted by the moderator. This process has had to be introduced as there were a number of very unwelcome postings being placed on the forum when we had free and open access.

To register simply click on the help button and follow the instructions that show. It should take only a day or two for you registration to be accepted.

No confusion was intended and I hope that you will all accept that, like yourselves, we are a small group of volunteers operating with very limited resources and trying to promote interest in birdwatching in our local area.


Canal Towpath and Cromwell Bottom

Morning all
Met up with Les for our usual Tuesday walk. Set off around 7.30 am and although I could hear plenty of birds around on the woods either side of the towpath I could see bugger all due to it being so gloomy this morning. Got a nice view of three Roe Deer feeding near the Pylon in the field just past Knowles pipe dump. One buck and two does browsing away only feet from the busy Elland road. Lots of happy little commuters in their metal boxes hurtling into work oblivious of the deer nearby, never mind they can watch Titmarsh later and see some on telly instead.

Went up onto Tag Loop before I met Les to top up the feeders. A few tits present on the nuts feeders, a Great Spotted feeding on the lard feeder and 3 Magpies scrounging underneath looking for spilled seed and nuts. A walk round with Les with not much showing really and what was showing was hard to pick out due to the poor lighting. A few Cormorants on the Ski lake ramp, usual B/H gulls, one GC Grebe and several tufted duck was all we spotted on the lake. A small flock of finches was feeding in the alders but we were not sure what they were as all we could see was dark silhouettes ! We did spot a Kestrel moving over Tag meadow, not often seen these days on Tag due to the fact that the meadow is now lank and overgrown rather than mowed each Autumn as it should be. Kingfisher and Heron on the river between North Bank and Tag Loop with the usual assortment of Mallard and one pair of Goosander.

I left Les on the canal bridge with his crumblie mates and set off back up the towpath. I then had a nice sighting of Tree Creeper in a large Sycamore directly opposite the abandoned wood huts in the field near the flats (is this where you spotted it Darrell ?) I had very good clear views of the bird as it worked its way up the trunk and branches. Whilst watching this bird I spotted another creeper also working its way up. They were obviously together as they moved from tree to tree together up the bank. As I followed them up I spotted Green Woodpecker calling and the flying over towards Cromwell Bottom.

As I moved up following the creepers I had a large mixed tit flock appear around me and move between the trees on either bank of the canal. Mainly Long tailed and Blue but I also spotted one Goldcrest amongst them. Is it my imagination or are Great Tits not around in such large numbers this year ? Despite hoping my luck was in this morning I didn't manage either Lesser Spotted or Nuthatch near Rawson's Pool :-((

Monday, November 26, 2007

Field Guide

I have a rather tatty copy of Birds of Britain & Europe by Bruun, Delin and Svensson which is now dropping in bits. What is the best field guide to birds in the UK to replace it with ? I don't rate photo guides so could someone suggest the best field guide that uses drawings ?


Soil Hill

Checked the area late afternoon. Nothing found other than 3 Kestrels heading away to roost.

Elland GP

Had a quick look at the ski-lake this afternoon but spent most of the time looking around the pipe-works woodland for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker - without success. Quite a few Siskin and Redpoll over and Treecreeper and L T Tits in the woodland. 2 Kingfishers along the canal and 3 Goosander and 2 Little Grebes on the river.

Ski-lake - 3 Cormorant, 26 Tufted Duck, 3 Goldeneye, 3 G C Grebe, 2 L Grebe, 12 Goosander.
Also 2 Pochard (can't believe these are firsts for me in Calderdale this year!)
100+ Common Gulls in the fields and c240 B H Gulls on the lake.

Sunny Vale 13:30 to 15:30

1 female bullfinch
Great and blue tit flocks - 5 or 6
On the lake: 6 teal (2M 4F), 8 moorhen, 26 mallard, 2 grey heron, 2 water rail excellent views but no camera!
Tawny owl flushed from the trees at the side of the lake.
2 BH Gull, 1 common gull, jay, 1 siskin.
10 robins in total.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ringstone and Scammonden today

Ringstone Edge R. 09.50 - 10 .15 & 14.00 - 14.20
high cloud cover W2-3

Teal 6
Goosander 1 male
Golden Plover 135 am only
Com Gull 330
B h Gull 120
Stonechat 1 fem

Scammonden Valley 10.20 - 13.00 & 13.030 - 15.00

G C Grebe 1 Scam Dam
Goldeneye 1 male 1 first w fem Dam
Kestrel 2
From 11.15 to 12.15 190 large gulls flew South West thro the valley
G B B Gull 4 ads
L B B Gull 1 ad 1 1st Winter
Glaucous Gull 1 adult with 4 Herring Gulls
Herring Gull 184
Common Gull 200 on Dam and feeding in fields
B h Gull 75
Short-eared Owl 4 birds hunting the valley above Dean Head Res. 1 asio owl flew low thro trees adjacent to car park after dark.
G S Woodpecker 1
Redwing 1
Goldcrest 6
Sonechat 1 male 1 fem
Siskin 14
Goldfinch 25
Reed Bunt 2
G S Woodpecker 1
G B B Gull 4 ad

25th : out and about

A mid to late afternoon check on Withens and Ringstone.

1m Goldeneye, 2 Teal, no passerines at all (Withens circular walk), plus 1m Goosander, 5 Lapwing (Ringstone, from car). No Gull action at either.

Fly Flatts / Soil Hill

25/11/07 Cold NW>4 Cloudy

Fly Flatts :-
2 Raven
1 Reed Bunting
4 Red Grouse
1 Goldeneye
Checked the top road Dave , no sign of Snow Bunt,
just the Kestrel that flushed them.

Soil Hill :-
2 Meadow Pipit
4 Golden Plover
5 Grey Partridge
No sign of Snow Bunt.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ringstone Edge R. and Elland G. P. today

Ringstone 13.20 - 13.50
W4-5 low cloud and rain - from the car

Goldeneye 1 male + 1 w fem
Goosander male + fem
Golden Plover 250+
Lapwing 150+
Com Snipe 9 flew into field to the East of Res
Com Gull 175
B h Gull 320+

Elland G P 14.05 - 16.50 (dark)
Brighter light showers

G C Grebe 2 Ski L. 1 Fish L
Little Grebe 9 Ski L. 2 River
Cormorant 2 imms
Teal 2 male Pool
Tufted Duck 26 Ski Lake
Pochard male + fem
Goldeneye 2 fist w male + 1 first w fem
Goosander 12
Peregrine 1 high over valley at dusk
Herring Gull 1 ad flew W to roost
L B B Gull 1 ad
Common Gull 100 Feding in fields + 400 flew thro to roost
B h Gull 2500 most moving thro valley to roost but 400+ remained on ski lake after dark
Coot 22
Kingfisher 1+
Siskin 35
Reed Bunting 2

24th Nov patch tick

Roils Head
After a few weeks of nothing but a couple of Stonechats, I finaly got a good bird in the form of a male Brambling on the border with West End Golf Course. I dont recall seeing this species here in the past so it looks like a patch tick for me. The Lapwing flock at High Road Well Moor is now 100+.

Ps I still need photos for the 2006 bird report.


5 mistle thrushes amongst blackbirds in sainsburys car park today

p.s where is walshaw dean

Friday, November 23, 2007

Lee Mount

This morning 35 Redwings over >E and 40 Woodpigeons >E.

Ogden/Fly Flats

Ogden - 4 Stock Doves, Green Woodpecker and Siskin and Redpoll over plus usual sp... Little Grebe from yesterday gone.

Ovenden Moor - 1 Snipe flushed on the moor near Nab Hill and checked around the quarries but no sign of any Snow Buntings! Also 1 Raven over and 2 Peregrines over went to sit on the 'long fence'.

Fly Flats - 1 Red-legged Patridge on the moor took flight and was hit by a falconers young Peregrine. It survived the hit near the small bridge/path leading to sailing club - looking dazed on the bridge. I later found it dead in the 'cut'.

1 Stonechat near the Withens.

Also forgot from yesterday at Soil Hill, 2 Stonechats on the fence surrounding the mast.

Cromwell Bottom 23/11/07

Morning all
Nothing unusual around this morning for me and Les. Usual suspects around in some numbers this morning and we did have very clear close views of a Great Crested Grebe on the shallows near the pontoon bridge between Tag & Brookfoot Loop but nothing out the ordinary.

I had a great view of a male Sparrowhawk on my way back up the canal towpath. I spotted two birds belting through the woods between the river and canal and realised the lead bird was a male sparrowhawk with a dead bird (thrush sized but impossible to tell which species) clutched in its claws with a Magpie in hot pursuit obviously trying to get it to drop the bird. Neither bird made a sound. I went off to investigate to see if I could find the hawk and victim but no joy in the thick scrub. I did scare off the Magpie so I assume the hawk was nearby but the undergrowth was too think to see anything. Why is it that Hawk plucking posts are always out in the open according to the books but usually in thick scrub when you actually get to look for them !


Sean Johnstone and myself would like to announce the formation of our team for the boxing day race. It will include Sean, myself (guys) and our respective partners Joanna & Philippa (BIRDS).

Nick see us for the entry fee on Sunday or Monday

Come on everyone lets get involved and see some teams.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Book Raffle

Final reminder that the book raffle will be drawn next Tuesday (27th) so not long to get your tickets if you haven't done so already. If anyone can sell tickets please get in touch.

High Royd S F

Some lagoons near the river have water in but most of the others are muddy or dry. c20 Teal there today along with 2 Coot and c12 Moorhens.

Ogden/Soil Hill/Fly Flats

Ogden - 1 Little Grebe, also Redpoll and Siskin over.

Soil Hill - 1 Snow Bunting still present in the same area as last few days.

Fly Flats - 3 Snow Buntings flushed by a Kestrel at 1 pm along the top road. They flew off >N towards the quarries at Nab Hill (far end of the top road on the right where the 'Pit Stop' project is proposed!).
Also 1 Redpoll fly-over by the track to the boat-house and a Stoat there.
On the res'r 1 f Goldeneye and 1 f Tufted Duck. A few Red Grouse vocal over the moor but no Twite at the feeding station.

Cold Edge Dams - 2 f Goldeneye

Cromwell Bottom today

Morning all
Usual walk with Les Midgley produced two decent sightings this morning. First large flock of Siskins of the winter were spotted in the Alders on the far canal bank on the deep water length opposite the top end of the ski lake. We counted around 50 birds in the flock. We also had the first big skein of geese passing over, around 200-250 of what Les thinks were Pink Feet. They were in 3 big "V" formations all together heading east which Les suggests is an unusual direction at this time of year.

Usual suspects for the time of year around showing well this morning despite the early gloom. Goosander number are now starting to build up with many more males now arriving. Cormorant's still in lowish numbers of under 10 most days. Still large numbers of Tufted on ski lake along with up to 5 Great Crested Grebes most days. Bullfinch now showing well and its unusual not to spot at least two or three groups of 4-6 birds. Large (20-30) flocks of mixed tits around most days, mainly long tailed, great and blue with the odd coal tit now and then. Peckers noticeable by their absence the last 10 days or so with only the odd sighting or calling bird heard. Jays seem to be around in much larger numbers this year ? I think that Jackdaws are now roosting in the quarry behind Butterly Bricks as I hear and see a few each morning when I nip up and top the feeders up on Tag Loop, not a bird I associate with CB.

Finally I found this interesting link to the collective nouns for groups of birds:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shibden Valley/Sunny Vale/Elland GP

Male Kestrel at Elland Gravel pits today.

Walked down the valley this morning to the gravel pits and back. I thought this might be a bit different from Ogden and Fly Flats in the mist!!! Well done Andy for locating the Snow Bunting again at Soil Hill on such a dismal day.
Some really good habitat down the valley especially Sunny Vale and downstream, worthy of more attention.
Sunny Vale - 1 Water Rail, calling from the reedbed as I went down and seen on the mud as I came back 3 hrs later. 1 Grey Heron at the lake along with 1 Little Grebe, 6 Teal, 22 Mallard and 4 Moorhens. Also nearby were 6 Siskin and small tit flocks.
Down the valley - 1 Green Woodpecker, 1 Nuthatch and 2 more Grey Herons, 18 Goldfinch and c30 Blackbirds, 1 Song and 6 Mistle Thrush (no Redwing or Fieldfare found in the valley today and unusually, no Great Spotted Woodpecker).
Elland G P (from the canal side)
Ski Lake - 4 Cormorants, 1 G C Grebe, 2 Little Grebe, 1 pr Goldeneye and 2 Goosander.
Fishing Lake - 1 G C Grebe and 1 Mute Swan
Reedbed Lake - 12 Teal
River - 8 Goosander, 2 Little Grebe

Xmas Competition Update

Morning all

Just to clarify the entry for the two book prizes.

To enter the most species on the day comp you need to buy a raffle ticket AND attend on the evening at the Barge & Barrel. This gives you two chances of wining the book prize. The winner of the biggest list prize will not be entered in the draw for the other copy to give someone else a chance of winning

To enter the draw for the other copy of the book, you simply need to buy a ticket from Nick Carter at a suggested minimum donation of £5. For this you get chance to win a brand new copy of the latest New Naturalist title, "A History of Ornithology". The book retails at £45 so if you win you get a decent prize and you have the added joy of knowing every penny that comes in will go back into helping the local bird population via the conservation committee.

So please buy a ticket or two and help out YOUR local group.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Elland Ski Lake today

Just a very quick look
G C Grebe 2
Cormorant 3
Tufted Duck 31 good number for Calderdale


Just taken the dog out for its afternoon emptying and it very kindly flushed only my second ever Woodcock in this end of Calderdale, last one was around 18 years ago ! The dog took off in the woodland between the canal and Calder just down from Park Nook Lock. I throught it had picked up a squirrels scent but after about 30 seconds out popped a Woodcock from the ground just in front of it. Last one I saw locally was in Park Wood about 18 years ago.

Xmas Competition

Following on from Andy's attempt to organise a Christmas get together. I have decided to run a boxing day competition for biggest list of local species on Boxing day 2007. The competition to run from 8am till 4pm and then we meet up in the Barge & Barrel at 8pm to declare a winner. The winner will be the person with the most species recorded locally on the day accepted by those present as genuine records. To enter you need to pay a minimum £5 to Nick Carter who will bank the money raised on behalf of the bird conservation group and put your name on a raffle ticket, you must also turn up at the Barge & Barrel on Boxing day evening for 8pm for the get together. To even things up a bit for those less experienced at bird watching,I will also offer a prize on the night for the holder of the raffle ticket first out of the hat on the evening. The winner of the list prize will not be eligible to enter for the draw.

The prizes on offer are two hardback copies of the just published New Naturalist volume
"A History of Ornithology" by Peter Bircham. List price of of the book is £45 and as always with NN titles it will rise over the years as the book becomes more collectable. Both books are still sealed in their wrapper.

"Peter Bircham looks at the history of British ornithology, spanning a millennium and exploring along the way the first bird book, the earliest British lists, various notable scientists, collectors and artists, the first studies of migration, and the challenges presented by classification. He traces the development of the British Ornithologists' Union and other organisations, and finishes with a review of the current state of ornithology in Britain.'A History of Ornithology' is an authoritative and engrossing account, packed full of fascinating stories -- not only about the birds but also about the many colourful characters who have studied them through the ages. This beautifully illustrated book will hold great appeal both for the student of ornithology and for the enthusiastic amateur naturalist."

So for a measly fiver, you get an excuse to escape whatever crap is on telly that day, two chances of winning a decent book and a very reasonable excuse to nip down the pub at night, AND all money raised goes to a good local cause.....its got to be the best offer you will get all Christmas !

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Photos as promised.

Grey Wagtail from Cooper Bridge Sewage works on Thursday.

Great shots of Crossbills Sean, puts mine in the shade.

xmas CANCELLED !!!!

Unfortunately due to the apparent lack of interest I will not be announcing a time and place for the Xmas get together.


Headed out with Sean Johnstone in search of Snow Bunting but all we had was 3 Fieldfare in adjacent fields and frost bite, my first visit to Soil Hill and my hat is off to you regulars. Although with all the dog S*%t I'm surprised it's not Soiled Hill.

So in search of a warmer climate we headed down to Avocet Wood in search of LSW, dipped again, only a flock of long tailed tits with a single goldcrest were to be seen.

Undeterred by weather and so far a lack of birds we headed across the road onto EGP, where we had several flocks to LTT with Blue and Great tits amongst, only the odd goldcrest accompanied them. Min of 3 Goosander 2 males and a female, as most sightings were in flight, 3 GC Grebes on water ski lake and anglers lake, Common Gull, several Coots and Mallard also on lake.

Total of 3 Bullfinch seen 2 females and a Male, One female at Avocet end the others down the other end nr the car park.

c30 Redpolls feeding in trees nr the Water Ski end car park, also 2 GSW there along with usual tits and chaffinches.

A single Grey Heron and Redwing the only real birds of note other than the above.

Sure I've prob forgotten something so check comments for Sean's corrections.

Ringstone today

Golden Plover 325+ North and West Fields
Lapwing 180+
LBB Gull 1 adult
Argentatus Herring Gull 1 adult
Common Gull 280+
B h Gull 300+
C Goose 12
Grey l Goose 1

Soil Hill / Fly Flatts

Fly Flatts 0800-0900 Heavy snow showers S>5 Misty
1pr Stonechat
1 Goldeneye
1 Raven

Soil Hill
1 Snow Bunting
1 Mipit
21 Golden Plover BS
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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Soil Hill

17/11/2007 Last light
A call from Nigel Kerwin saying he had located a single f Snow Bunt on soil hill
just gave me time before dark to get up there and get some seed down and see
the bird. I met Nigel and he took me straight to the spot where the bird was and as we
stood there talking the bird was feeding less than 3ft away, at one point we could have touched it.
Bad news was my camera jammed up just when I could have got some crippling views. BS

Book raffle

Just a quick reminder to everyone that its now only 10 days until we draw the raffle for the books donated by Paul. Many thanks to those that have bought tickets so far especially to those that have been particularly generous, anyone not yet got theirs please E mail me at

Cromwell Bottom 9 to 12

Little grebe on the canal.
Several flocks of long tailed tit throughout the area.
3 comorant on the ski jump and several tufted duck on the lake - is there a better place to check out the lake than from the road?

3 goosander (1m 2f) on the river between Brookfoot and the metal bridge.
6 teal, 4 bh gull, 1 coot and 1 mute swan on the reed fringed lake between the river and canal.
2 bullfinch.

Goosander caught up with again at the weir:

10 goldfinch on the top (tag loop?)
Great spotted woodpecker on the canal towards Elland
4 nuthatch between the bridge and the first lock past Knowles pipeworks
Mixed tit flocks (LTT, Great, Blue and Coal)

Headed back towards Brookfoot - up to 10 goosander flying from the lake around the site and back.

6 heron, 2 jay and a kestrel hunting from a pylon.

The feeders at the car park had great, blue and coal tits, chaffinch, greenfinch and a magpie.

I've put up a collection of Calderdale Birds for 2007 at my photo site if anyone is interested (sorry Nick, nothing for 2006).

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bird report 2006 update

I am now in the final stages of putting the Halifax Birdwatchers Club bird report for 2006 together. It is just about to go to the proof reading stage. I am however short of pictures and would be grateful if people could send me on a CD their best shots taken in Calderdale in 2006. I know whos out there, Sean Gray, Darrel Prest, Nick Dawson, Ian Scott, Dave Sutcliffe and many more. Please send them as soon as possible it will make the report so much better to have some quality pics or even record shots.

The 2005 REPORT is still available at Woodlesford News Agents Pellon.

Pecker under Attack

Sue & I went for a walk at Cromwell Bottom this morning to top up the feeders. Whilst we were walking back on Brookfoot loop we heard a real commotion coming from the wet-willow scrub. We at first thought a mammal had been caught by a predator but as we stood and watched a Green Woodpecker shot out of the willows with a female Sparrowhawk close on its tail. The pecker made a clean getaway as I think the hawk spotted Sue and I and veered away. I had no idea Sparrowhawks would attack Green Woodpeckers, but the pecker obviously knew what it was happening and didn't hang about to become breakfast ! We heard the pecker calling nearby as we walked back past the spot with Les Midgley 20 mins later, so it obviously got clean away.

Not much around this morning but views we had of various Bullfinch groups we spotted made up for the lack of much else. Feeders are now getting a lot more activity as the birds have got used to them.

Fly Flats

Just a Raven there this morning, 2 Kestrels and lots of Red Grouse. 1 Goldeneye, no Twite.

Walshaw Dean & Widdop Res 8 till 10, photos to follow.

Walshaw Plantation this morning 3 Crossbills, 1 male and a female - the other only seen in flight. Also at least 3 Brambling, 1 Lesser Redpoll, approx 10 Siskin, Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker heard, Coal tit and min 2 Goldcrests, Female Sparrowhawk over. To the right of the plantation 2 Redwing and all morning flocks of Starlings totaling approx 250 passing over. 2 Kestrels and numerous Red Grouse in good voice. Also usual Pheasants, Robin, Wren, Blackbird, Great tit, Blue tit.

Quick check of Widdop Res produced 2 Ravens and a Peregrine (unhappy at the Ravens) swooping around and calling whilst the Ravens voiced their displeasure at the disturbance. Also a lone Meadow Pipit.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fly Flats this afternoon - cold and sunny and good views over the moor. No Twite at the feeding area but I put some niger seed down just in case. Are you still putting some down Brian?

1 Peregrine, 1 Raven and 2 Carrion Crows over the moor along with lots of Red Grouse being very vocal.

Res'r - 1 f Goldeneye, 1 sickly looking Lapwing!, 1 Fieldfare feeding at the top of the overflow channel, 2 Kestrels and 18 B H Gulls.

Thanks to (Yorkshire Water, I presume) for fixing three new bridge walk-ways over the bog at the far end of the res'r on the path that leads up to the road. The old railway sleepers were getting very fragile and crossing them was getting a bit iffy! Many thanks.

Soil Hill/Ogden

Good to see John and Bruce and Christina at Soil Hill late morning - along with 1 Snow Bunting giving excellent views. (I wish I could bet clearer pictures!) 1 Golden Plover there earlier and a Raven went over >S at 11.15. Also c100 Lapwings in the fields below Soil Hill on the Bradford side.
Ogden (08.30 - 10.30) not a lot about other than Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers and 2 Treecreepers in the woodland. 2 Stonechats were feeding on Ovenden Moor seen from the 'Giants Tooth'. Also a movement of c80 Starlings and c90 Fieldfares all going >N. Red Grouse were getting noisy on the moor so there seemed to be quite a few birds about.

common gull or was there something more........

unfortunetly not it was just a common gull above my school. as it flew over i thought it must be a ring billed gull but after serious anlysis i have decided against it. how very heartbreaking :-(

Scope..which to buy ?

Having been enthused about birds again by meeting members of this forum whilst moffing, I have now decided to go the whole hog and buy a scope again after many years without one. I wonder if I could ask advice from members of this forum before looking through the plethora of scopes advertised. At the moment I cannot afford a top of the range scope, but don't want a cheapo one either. Is there a consensus on a decent scope that wont break the bank ? I can manage for the time being with my bug watching bins which though small have decent optics, but I remember from my past bird watching days a scope makes a big difference to the range at which one can safely ID birds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Soil Hill
Two Snow Buntings there this afternoon - male and female - 3-4 p.m. They were among the stones in the area on the top beyond the long 'pool' which is straight ahead from the path in.

Whiteholme area - 12-30pm - 3pm

Whiteholme - 1 peregrine over, > E. 2 goldeneye on res'. 1 fieldfare over. 2 twite on beach, (1 un-ringed, 1 with pink on left leg)

Warland - No twite at all. 3 mallard on res'. 1 wren alarm calling.

Ryburne - 8+ goldcrests in woods, 1 dead canada goose that had been dragged from the moor to the res' edge by a fox / Gordon Dennison / both in partnership. 11 bh gulls. 3 mallard, and LBB / GBB gull at a distance (see photo, click on it to enlarge - any thoughts?)

Another walk on the Wildside 6.50 am to 7.45 am

I set off early this morning as I was not meeting up with Les Midgely, so still well dark at 6.50am when I set off down the towpath. Nothing much seen or heard until I emerged below the trees at Rawson's Pool. I then heard various Robins in full song staking out their territory. I stopped off at each tree and left a small handful of Pin Head Oats in a clear spot for each bird. I used to count Robins on my way home in the dark after a nightshift at Firths Carpets at Bailiff Bridge(bloody hell that's nearly 30 years ago now!). I think the maximum I ever bagged on the route home back to Rastrick was 36 different Robins.

The sky had lightened up by there time I arrived at Brookfoot loop but still not much bird sound at all, very quiet. I dropped some seed & pinhead oats off at the pontoon bridge between Brookfoot and Tag Loop and by the time I climbed over the barrier a Robin had nipped down for breakfast. I took the centre track up to the top of Tag and topped up feeders and threw out some more Carrots for the Roe Deer. I then scattered seed, nuts and oats by the large seating stone on the top of Tag, the usual crow dropped down to feed as soon as I moved away.

I then made my way across the top of Tag Loop towards the Alders running around above the disabled path. I heard, then spotted a nice flock of Siskins here, probably 20 or so. It was still quiet gloomy and hard to pick them up in the dark background. Not sure if any other species were mixed in with them as I only managed to see Siskin. The dog and I then made our way around the disabled path towards the Calder, nothing much about apart from a few Woodies and Jays. Just after the settling pond on near the path I heard something in the bracken under the trees and picked out the shape of a Roe Deer no more than 20 feet away across tag cut browsing amongst the bracken. Gradually I picked out three deer in total all totally oblivious of me and the dog. I watched them for around 5 minutes but then as I have a bad case of bronchitis at the moment I coughed and they were up and away within seconds. This is a good area to get close to Roe at the moment as they seem to be looking for fallen acorns amongst the bracken.

I then walked out onto the river bank and immediately noticed that the Mallard were back in the this section. This area has be totally devoid of waterfowl since I spotted the mustelid a couple of weeks back. It has now perhaps moved out the area ? Walking back up towards the metal footbridge I had Dipper, Heron and heard a Kingfisher. Also had Chaffinch and Greenfinch in the hawthorn hedge.

Walking back up the canal towpath home I had Fox and Roe deer (one) in the field below Knowles pipe works dump. I spotted two flocks of Bullfinch with around 5/6 in each flock. Nearing home I was watching a flock of Great, Blue and Great Tits in the woodland between the Calder and canal when I rather luckily spotted a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker under a Sycamore branch of all places. Sheer chance played a great part in it had I not been looking through the bins at the tit flock I would never have noticed the pecker.

Nothing seen that would get on the grapevine and have people hurrying down to view, but nevertheless a very satisfying 55 minute walk. I bet not many people in Calderdale are even aware if the deer in their midst and I got to watch them so close I could almost touch them. Its amazing how little most people see when out walking in the countryside. I suspect most naturalists are always on the lookout even when in supermarket car parks but even walkers seem to blunder past without seeing even large mammals. I often see deer and fox in an afternoon when taking the dog down the canal towpath but watch groups of walkers coming towards me who have obviously no idea what they are missing on the opposite bank. Why is it that despite the plethora of "wildlife" programs on telly most people never use their eyes when out, do they think nature only occurs on TV !

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Soil Hill

1 Snow Bunting still there this afternoon at 15.30. In the NE corner on the most exposed area - c10 meters and no closer - still there at 16.00. No other birds around other than 1 Meadow Pipit over >N. Tried to digi-bin the Snow Bunting and got a few blurred shots but the wind was too strong to keep the camera still.


1 was flushed on soil hill and guess what its my third new bird in 2 days. just a quick flush but obvious to tell what it was (plus there were other birders up there). i wonder what will come next. im back to school tomorrow so i wont be able to see much more stuff.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Caption Competition Time Again

Taken on a recent trip to Spurn, anyone care to comment? Keep it clean, remember the group's image.

Mystery Garden Visitor

Taken by my Dad on Saturday, my thought is Harris Hawk but don't have a guide book with it and think perhaps on the small side any ideas chaps? Also I'm afraid no further info on id only other thing is it flew off right.

snow buntings

what could make this day better. 1 jack snipe my first and now 3 snow buntings at the same site.
got a text about them from the grapvine and went up in less than 5 mins. nothing else presant probably because it is too dark.

Soil Hill

Walk round at 2.15pm.Put up six snipe which flew off towards Oxenhope. Four snow buntings still present which were feeding towards N E Corner. Nothing else except two crows.Puddles still had a thin ice cover on.

jack snipe

1 up on soil hill this morning about 9.30. also there was about 6 red legged partridge, 3 mipits (flyover jobs) and also 3 flyover golden plovers. 1 sparrowhawk flew in from the SE. my personel first jack snipe and good to see it on home turf instead of on holiday which is where most of my best birds are eg honey buzzard. flushed twice but lost it the second time.

no snipe on the pools this morning although the meadow pipits flew over. besides that the pools were deserted. no snow buntings either (or shore lark or purple sandpiper or lapland bunting but hey).

Out of area

It's south of our area boundry, but a little auk was reported at Blackmoorfoot Res', Huddersfield at 8:30am today.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

11th November

Roils Head
2 Stonechats, 1 Redpoll, 5 Meadow Pipits, 1 Reed Bunting, 1 Kestrel.
Highroad Well Moor
1 immature Herring Gull flew west, 40 Lapwings and 7 Common Gulls.
Moor End Road
1 superb adult male Sparrowhawk.

Soil Hill

11/11/2007 a.m.
Soil Hill comes up trumps again on Rememberance sunday with
3m and 4f Snow Buntings found by Chris King and rang through
to me by Mark Doveston who was at Barden at the time but got
back onto the hill in record breaking time. Thanks for that Mark.

Just 2 Goldeneye at Fly Flatts early on. BS
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XMAS Social get together

Following the relative success of the last get together it has been suggested that we have another to give old and new members the opportunity to meet and generally have a good night out.

I have several suggestions as venues and would welcome some input as to a favoured spot over the next week. I suggest a date of Thursday 29th November.

Possible venues incl The Works (Sowerby Bridge), Old Bridge Inn (Ripponden) or the Pump Room (Halifax) the last of these I would recommend a change to a Wednesday night as they have a quiz on a Thursday unless of course some of you wanted some friendly competition on the night (it's not a genius type quiz - trust me I've come 3rd twice - not out of 3 no!!)

Anyway let me know and I'll post the final venue time and date next Sunday.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Book Raffle

Raffle tickets sales are going reasonably well, some people are being very generous, others are conspicuous by their absence so far, come on chaps as one buyer put it "the cause is a good one and the book(s) brilliant"

Ringstone and Scammonden Today

Ringstone Edge R.
10.20 - 11.30 & 14.20 - 15.35
Cormorant 1 flew straight thro West
Wigeon 1 fem
Teal 4 males 1 fem
Com Snipe 8
Lapwing 29
Good numbers of gulls coming in mid afternoon
Common Gull 220
B h Gull c300
Starlng 250+
Pied Wag 1 male

Scammonden Dam
viewed dam from car only
10.00 - 10.15 & 15.40 - 15.50
Little Grebe 1
Cormorant 1
Kestrel 2
Common Gull c200
Bh gull 80

Soil Hill

10/11/2007 1530hrs Strong W>6
Hoping for a repeat of last years Purple Sand.
Conditions exactly the same minus the bird.
4 Mipits
1 Skylark
1 Kestrel
6 Grey Partridge.
Got plenty seed down. BS
We walked down from the Wind Farm to Ogden Reservoir this morning - slightly wondering whether we should have found some alternatice entertainment because of the weather - and were rewarded with good views of two (at least) Goldcrests among a mixed Tit flock (in the trees on the left just before you get to the reservoir). There were a few Blue and Coal Tits but most were Long-taileds - not sure how many, too busy looking at the Goldcrests, but guess at least 25-30; they clearly have done very well this year as there seem so many around.
Bill Halling

Friday, November 09, 2007

Ringstone Edge Today

Calderdales 'Martin Mere' Ringstone now the hotspot for Whooper Swan but thats were the similarity ends as this was the only species of waterfowl on the reservoir
common Snipe 8
Stonechat male & fem North wall

BTO Atlas Survey

Continued into another Tetrad today which includes part of Castle Carr/Dean Head Res'rs and Fly Flats moorland. Still pretty hard work to cover the various habitats but just about managed a 2 hr stint. Many thanks for the permission of the landowner to go through the estate.

2 Dippers at Dean Head and 60 Fieldfares in the woodland. 2 Twite at Fly Flats (one of them pink ring on left leg) were the highlights, also the number of Reed Buntings about is encouraging especially in moorland grass/juncus habitat. 2 f Goldeneye, 6 Stock Doves, 9 Red Grouse and a Kestrel at Fly Flats.

Outside the tetrad 3 Stonechats, 3 Reed Buntings and 1 Meadow Pipit on Castle Carr Road and 2 f Goldeneye on Cold Edge.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ogden/Fly Flats

Hard work today in the driving wind and rain this morning. Couldn't find much at all other than 1 female Goldeneye at Cold Edge this afternoon and that was about it but for a very hardy Kestrel at Fly Flats.

High Royd sewage farm

A brief visit this afternoon.
16 moorhen
15 teal visable (on the water I could see - almost certainly more there)
Water rail heard
5 pied wagtail on the new settling beds
4 mallard
26 bh gulls

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I dont beliveeeeee it

The blogg gods have let me spaak,thank you all.female Sparrowhawk killed feral pigeon off next doors roof and landed in field in frount of House today.

Cromwell Bottom Sighting

Morning all
Spotted a large water loving Mustelid by the weir between North Bank Loop and Tag Cut Loop on the river Calder at CB this morning (7.45 am). The animal was hunting below the weir sill and then disappeared into vegetation on North Bank. It reappeared some 5 mins later above the weir and swam off strongly upstream towards Lowfields Business Park. I had the animal under observation through bins for a good 10/15 mins and am certain of my ID. For obvious reasons I have not named the creature on a public forum and hope that anyone wanting to see such animal will be discreet and remember that the animals safety and well being comes ahead of anyones understandable wish to view it. I suspect a good place to look would be to park at Lowfields and walk downstream on the right hand bank of the river in the direction of Brighouse.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

WALSHAW DEAN 7:30 - 10:30

1 of 6 individuals who added to the pleasure of this mornings walk.

An early morning stroll upto the first res and then on past the plantation up the left hand side produced probable Mealy Redpoll, very light individual in the plantation amongst a large flock of Siskin and with Coal tit,Great tit,Blue tit,Goldcrest,Chaffinch, 4 Teal and 6 Mallard on res, min 10 Red Grouse, 2 Kestrels, 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker, a Jay, 14 Woodpigeon and a Stoat.

4 Roe Deer in fields in front of my Dads house before setting off added to a great morning ruined only by the need to get back and goto work.

It was also a pleasure to meet Terry from the Burnley side who was followed by the legend that is the Guru. Hope you had a good day guys.

Ogden/Fly Flats

New bird for me at Fly Flats this afternoon (thanks for the tip off John!) A Dipper in the cut by the bridge near the sailing club. It flew off toward the Withens around 2 pm.

5 Goldeneye on the res'r and one Twite at the feeding station. Bitterly cold wind there this afternoon but good to share seeing the Twite and Goldeneye with Bill who I havn't seen since we saw the Shorelark at Soil Hill - last December.

BTO Atlas work in the Tetrad west of Ogden Res'r this morning. One hour was a bit of a push to cover the various habitats (woodland/upland pasture/moorland/windfarm area/golf course and bog! However the BTO have an option for a further hour (separate count) so I made good use of that. I mention bog because I went through the area from Withens Road to Ogden golf course - very wet but rewarding with 5 Reed Buntings there!

Even more rewarding were 2 Woodcock - one flushed on the golf course by a golfer who was thrashing about in the rough, looking for his ball - nice one as it flew right across the golf course towards Cold Edge (I dont think the golfer even noticed it!)! and the other flushed in Skirden Clough/Ogden plantataon - they don't half go with a rush when disturbed.

I am still coming to terms working the Tetrads out and how to record as the fieldwork instructions. I would encourage everyone to get involved. If you dont fancy Tetrad timed counts then there is an option to send into the BTO records from wherever you are. If you are not sure then tells you all you need to know - its running from Nov 2007 till 2011.

Monday, November 05, 2007

EGP - 08:45 till 10:15

Short walk round not much about, 2 Goosander on the river, Great Spotted Woodpecker up towards Rawsons pool, (Paul whats the story with those wooden houses?) small flock of 7 Siskin flying around and a seperate pair also, plenty of Blue/Great and Long Tailed tits only picked up one Goldcrest but sure there were more about. 1 Redwing, 2 Song Thrush and loads of Blackbirds, Little Grebe also on the river.

Paul can you also give me directions to your feeding stations, cheers.

Raffle update!

Received from Paul today....

I have added a copy of SHOREBIRDS, an identification guide to the waders of the world by Hayman, Marchant & Prater (Helm HB) and a three volume set of Cowards British Birds and their eggs to the Harrier book to boost your chances of selling some tickets. The Coward set goes for around £15 and the Shorebird book for £20 as its in mint condition. I have also just dug out a copy of the New Atlas of Breeding Birds of Britain and Ireland 1988 1991 and added that to the pile so its well worth spending a fiver on raffle tickets. Only thing I ask is that the buyer collects the job lot.

Come on chaps, with a prize like that a fiver is nowt (and its for a good cause).

Harrier Book

Ticket sales going OK but we need to sell as many as possible to raise a significant sum, the guys in Malta are delighted we are doing this and want tickets themselves, lets not let them down!

Ogden/Fly Flats

Not a lot about today - lots of rain early afternoon and then a howling gale at Fly Flats.
Ogden - just a large group of Long-tailed Tits (c20) along with Coal, Blue and Great Tits, 6 Goldcrests, Treecreeper and Gt Spotted Woodpecker.

Also checked Soil Hill but if anything was there it was keeping down in the strong wind - just 1 Meadow Pipit there.

Fly Flats - 2 fem Goldeneye and a fem Merlin sheltering behind the embankment wall out of the wind. Unfortunatley it flushed and flew down into Luddenden Dean but nice to see. Merlins are special!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I know it's not all about numbers, but in the last 48 hours, the site has had over 400 visits. There's some brilliant stuff to look at too, so thanks to all who have posted and made comments.

Ringstone and Scammonden today

Digiscoped shot - look Sean you just dont need all that equipment

Scaup on Scammonden today with 4 tuftees refused to pose for photo

Ringstone Edge R
Mallard 1
Teal 4
Goldeneye 5 only two present at 08.00
Greylag Goose 1 08.00
Whooper Swan 2 ads came in at 11.32 from the South. Probably these two swans were seen Fling North over Holmirth a few minutes earlier by Dave Pennington.
Sparrowhawk 1 male flushed everthing off North shore early morning
Lapwing 180+ mid afternoon
Com Snipe 11 on shore early morning
L B B Gull 1 flew W
Common Gull 45
B H Gull 185
Rock Dove 1
Stonechat 2 Fem/imm North wall
Raven 1 very distantly over the hillside to the West
Reed Buting 4
+ al the finches etc at Sean's restuarant

Scammonden Valley
Scaup 1 fem
Tufted Duck 3males 1 fem
Sparrowhawk 2
Kestrel 2
Little Owl
Redpoll 6 SW
Short-eared Owl was hunting on Cupwith Moor just South of the Calderdale area at dusk.

Hen Harrier book

Paul Talbot has generously offered us a first edition copy of "The Hen Harrier" by Donald Watson to raffle to raise money towards optics for the ALE in Malta (that's Administrative Law Enforcement not beer money!). The current value of this first edition is thought to be between £80 - 125 so it could turn out to be quite an investment as well as an interesting read. Tickets are priced at £1 each and can be obtained from me, I intend to circulate details of this raffle to as many local birders as possible so please pass the word round. The draw will take place at the end of November.

Many thanks to Paul for his continued support of all things birdy in Calderdale, please repay this generosity by visiting his Pennine Books website (see links) when buying natural history books, remember he has also offered us a donation for every book sold.

Fly Flatts

04/11/2007 0700-0945 Bright, cloudy sunshine N>1 turning WNW>2

Vis Mig :- all movement before 0800hrs.
STARLING.................................515 >N
WOODPIG.................................626 >SW
REDWING..................................48 SW
MIPIT.........................................8 >S
Other :-
6 Goldeneye on water
No Twite.
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Ringstone and Scammonden today

Ringstone E Res. 08.20 - 09.10 and 14.20 - 16.50
Teal 5
Peregrine 1
Kestrel 1
Lapwng 85
Golden Plover 6
Common Snipe 16
Com Gull 5
B h Gull 120
Woodpigeon 400+ SW am
Scammonden Valley/ Dean Head Res. 11.00 - 13.45 and 17.00 - 17.35
Pink-f Goose 220 suprisingly went North
Peregrine 1
Kestrel 3
Sparrowhawk 1
Oystertcatcher 1 Flew low thro valley SW
Short eared Owl 1 prob 2 hunting in the valley at dusk
Woodpigeon 250 SW
Meadow Pipit 16
Fieldfare 115
Redwing 20
Siskin 3

Ringstone hide rates

For those of you who have been following the hide rates saga I can now confirm that the application for a full rate relief has been successful, we will not be paying rates. Next step is to get the hide delisted completely.

Shibden Valley

03/11/2007 1530hrs
Green Lane Top
5 Brambling
8 Chaffinch
4 Greenfinch
2pr Bullfinch
1 Green Wdpecker
Sev Fieldfare and Redwings in Holly Bushes.

Soil Hill 1500hrs poor.
1 Stonechat
Corvids seem to be clearing seed
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grey wagtail

saw 1 on my bike around bradshaw which is strange because there isnt any fast flowing water

High Royd

Called down there this morning and was urprised to find two of the lagoons had water in - this after all the settling beds have been dried out all summer - the other beds looked quite muddy without any standing water. 12 Teal, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Coot, 8 Moorhen, 12 Mallard, 1 Pied Wagtail and 48 Carrion Crows - so thats an improvement!

Jumble Hole 9:30-10:30am

Had a relatively productive hour at Jumble Hole this morning.

11 siskin over > NE
1 twite over > S (an uncommon bird for Jumble Hole)
Min' 250 redwing over > west, in small parties
45 fieldfare
5 bullfinch
3 chaffinch
1 greenfinch
1 goldfinch
2 heron
1 green woodpecker
Loads of tits feeding - more or less equal numbers of long-tailed, coal, blue and great
2 pheasant
1 kestrel
And to finish, a house sparrow in my garden - again not that common here.
Also a neighbour on Underbank Avenue reports a nuthatch as a recent and very regular visitor to his bird table

Friday, November 02, 2007

Ogden Water

Woodcock in Skirden Clough this morning was a treat. Nothing much else about other than usual woodland spp.. with 30 redwings >N and 2 Fieldfares. Siskin still around the plantation but no sign of Crossbills. The res'r has been very quiet this week - could do with some duck -maybe when the weather deteriorates!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ogden/Fly Flats

A single Swan sp.. heading high over Back Lane at Ogden this morning towards Thornton Moor at 08.35 also 2 unid Grey Geese heading in more or less the same direction at 08.37. Thanks to Brian Sumner for contacting HC on the Bradford side who also had the swan over soon after and confirmed it was a Whooper but had no sign of the geese. Many thanks.
Also Redpoll and Siskin over Back Lane but nothing much on or around Ogden Res'r other than 70+ B H Gulls and 35 Common Gulls.

Fly Flats very windswept this morning - just 4 B H Gulls and 2 unringed Twite at the feeding station.