Sunday, August 31, 2014

31st August

Roils Head 1 Spotted Flycatcher, 1 Chiffchaff, 1 Wheatear, lots of Meadow Ppits and Linnets kicking about. Female / juv Blackcap 2 Chiffchaffs at Dodgson Wood Pellon.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Swales Moor / Lee Mount / Ringstone

Short spells out today.

Swales Moor for an hour late morning
Very little happening though 3 Kestrels hunting the ridge at the same time was interesting - seems like its been a really good breeding year for them locally, which is very good news.
A few Swallows and a couple of House Martins on the top but the Linnet flock was out of site probably due to the strong westerly wind.

Lee Mount
1 Swift (could be the last one ?) and a few Swallows >SE this afternoon
Jays becoming noisy feeding in the nearby Oaks

Ringstone Res'r
c300 B H Gulls and a few Common Gulls feeding in the freshly manured fields just west of the res'r though after bathing they all moved off >E around 17:00 as did c160 Lapwings
Also feeding in the manured fields, a lot of alba wagtails, (and checked for flavas) difficult to count at a distance through the scope but 50+ there, a few Starlings and plenty corvids
1 Kestrel
1 Peregrine over high >NE

Friday, August 29, 2014

Other news today

Not a lot ! - but a Greenshank at Ringstone this morning with the Lapwing flock was a good find (DF) though not sure if it's moved on ?

Fly Flatts checked - just a pair of Tufted Duck (trying to look like Common Scoters from a distance!)

A Barnacle Goose still with Canada Geese at Stodfold (near Mixenden Res'r) from NK and also a Little Grebe at Ogden as well as 2 great Crested Grebes

A Spotted Flycatcher was at Cromwell Bottom (The former Elland Gravel Pits) first thing from P Gr.

A juvenile Ring Ouzel, 5 Wheatear, 8 Kestrels and a solitary Twite at Walshaw Dean early evening from  NCD and DF


I went over the top at Shackleton Knoll to check the fields near Walshaw where the 2 Yellow Wagtails were found earlier this week by Pete Grba. They had obviously moved on, after an extensive search scanning the fields. There were over 25 Pied Wagtails there with 30+ Meadow Pipits and a few Chaffinch and Goldfinch and c40 Starlings
6 Curlew were disturbed in the fields, so it was good to find some when they have usually moved off the moors to the coast by now.
2 Kestrels
1 Great Spotted Woodpecker
5 Stock Doves
Lots of Swallows around the farms
Then the rain and wind set in !!

Crimsworth Dean

This morning - it was pretty quiet in the woodland though 2 or more Nuthatches were calling on the track up the dean from the car park at Midgehole.
c30 House Martins were together making there way down the dean feeding as they went
1 Treecreeper
1 Grey Wagtail flyover
30+ Mistle Thrush in one field near the farm at the top of the hill
1 Kestrel
On getting back to Midgehole car park later in the day there were 100+ hirundines feeding high over the area where the 3 valleys meet - but no Swifts

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Other news today

From Ringstone - a real bonus for some dedicated watching there over the last few weeks for Steve L with 3 Little Egrets dropping in at around 08:00. Unfortunately they moved off after only 5 mins or so heading>S.
It's a shame the shoreline has now all but disappeared after the recent rain, just when we were hoping to attract some waders in the next few weeks. A good number of other migrants reported from there this morning by Andy C.

Cold Edge

This afternoon the highlight was a Hobby over at 15:55 heading towards the Withens then it drifted off high>W. We first saw it right overhead with a Kestrel but the bold streaking on the underside gave it away then we had better views as it showed the white face markings and black moustacial markings as it drifted away from the Kestrel.
Not a lot else about other than
3 Tufted Duck
c50 Canada Geese
Just a few Meadow Pipits and a mixed flock of c40 Linnets and Goldfinch on the bankings of the upper dam.
A lovely afternoon once the threat if rain moved away.

Swales Moor

Late morning no sign of any visible migration but the Linnet flock seems to be increasing with 80+ now but they are very mobile. I'm hoping they stay all winter and maybe attract some Twite. !
Also a good flock of 30+ Goldfinch
2 Skylarks on the top along with a few Meadow Pipits
3 Sparrowhawks
2 Kestrels
2 very distant Common Buzzards drifting high >SW
1 LBB Gull
Plenty Swallows and a few House Martins around
 Ovenden from Swales

Illingworth from Swales

Lee Mount
2 Swifts through >SE as well this morning along with c20 House Martins

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Other news today

2 Yellow Wagtails at Walshaw hamlet this morning at the lower end of the track leading up to Shackleton Knoll (Pete Gr). A very good find - as far as I am aware this is the only record this year in Calderdale for this species which has become rarer over the years.
Lots of other birds in that area including Starlings, Pied Wagtails, Goldfinch, and Chaffinch's...

Also at Ogden a Common Sandpiper this morning  together with an unidentified Ringed or Little Ringed Plover ta the north end.(BH) but both species were absent later on in the day after a check by NK

Fly Flatts

12 Teal late morning on the res'r but no waders
1 Whinchat by the boat house
3 Wheatears

Hunter Hill

Vis Mig again 9:00 ttill 11:15 but very few genuine movers - all >S
1 Swift
11 L B B Gull
4 Lapwings

Other birds around the site
1 Green Woodpecker
1 Barnacle Goose
39 Canada Geese
11 Pied Wagtails
2 Sparrowhawks
3+ Kestrels
c60 Meadow Pipits in and around the quarry
c60 Swallows
c20 House Martins
1 Common Buzzard distant to SE

2 Sparrowhawks together this morning

RSPB Investigations Officer Vacancy

Monday, August 25, 2014

25th August

Roils Head, 1 Spotted Flycatcher in the northern shelter belt, also lots of grounded Meadow Pipits. Last night 1 Redstart at Walshaw Dean Plantation.

Hunter Hill

I went for some Vis Mig this morning after Jen reminded me of an Osprey I had there last year >SW on the 28th August) so that was the incentive !! but after the drizzle started at 08:45 there was nothing other than increasing >ESE wind and decreasing visibility.
Early movers were:
1 Goldfinch >S
62 Swallows >S
3 L B B gulls >S
2 B H Gulls >S
1 Meadow Pipit >N

Birds around the site included
1 Green Woodpecker
3 Curlew arrived on the golf course
c45 Canada Geese (at Back Lane , Ogden with the scope)
3 Kestrel
2 Stock Doves

c38 Meadow Pipits at 'The Withens'
1 G C Grebe on Mixenden and 15+ Swallows feeding over the res'r
Just 1 Wheatear found at Fly Flatts + 1 L B B Gull and 2 Mallard !
3 Little Owls near Wainstalls
Went home wet through - very enjoyable.

Soil Hill

We had a short walk on the west path (the one that leads to the pottery). The farm at Soil Hill End Farm has dumped a pile of manure close by. There were lots of mipits, 1 skylark (sang briefly), 2 stock doves and a female wheatear taking advantage of the insects. Several nearby swallows. I hope the pile is left for a while, may prove interesting.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Luddenden Dean

This afternoon in the upper dean produced just a few good birds.
1 juvenile Green Woodpecker
1 Little Owl at a regular site
1 Kestrel
1 Willow Warbler
3 Whinchats together on the walls on Castle Carr Road was a special though they were very mobile and I couldn't get near enough to them to get any decent photo's  
Plenty Swallows about and c20 House Martins with juveniles
I thought the Whinchats were the highlight of the afternoon but 3 juvenile fledged Little Owls together pushed them close. ! again just out of range for some decent photos.

Lee Mount

4 Swifts earlier this morning but none later  

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lee Mount

Down to 2 Swifts this evening !


Late afternoon - good to meet up with Nick and Sandra and Ady and Kate doing the rounds before the festival !
1 drake Common Scoter still there from this morning (DF)
1 Cormorant
1 G C Grebe
c130 Lapwings
c120 Starlings
2 Reed buntings
1 Willow Warbler
15+ Goldfinch
c30 Linnets
c35 Rooks
30+ Swallows
1 House Martin
1 Kestrel

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lee Mount

5 Swifts feeding tonight along with 3 Swallows just before dusk

Luddenden Dean

This afternoon it was perfect weather conditions for a walk around the dean from Jerusalem Farm though there were few birds about.
2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers
2 Kestrels
2+ Nuthatch
1 Willow Warbler
2 Whitethroat along Dry Carr Lane
1 Brown Hare
4 Red Admiral butterflys on a white buddleia looked really good

 Horse Chestnut near Castle Carr (probably diseased)
Luddenden Dean looking north from Dry Carr Lane

Swales Moor

This morning 9:00 till 10:30 with very little movement but 26 Swifts very high drifting >SW followed by a single low down. Also an unidentified Accipiter very very high heading >SW.

Around the site
2 Little Owls
50+ Swallows
20+ House Martins
30 Meadow Pipits
40+ Linnets
40+ Goldfinch
1 alba Wagtail
2 Stock Doves
1 Fox with a prey item which looked like a rat !

22nd August

3 Shelducks at Ringstone puts 3 of us tied at the top with 133 species for the year so far. Nothing at Warland, Whiteholme and Fly Flats. 1 Redstart in the treeline at Roils Head and 1 dead Sparrowhawk in the middle of Mor End Road.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fly Flatts

Afternoon visit - still the same conditions as this morning, rain and wind but 14 Common Scoters flew in at 15:30 (all drakes) and still there when I left at 16:20
1 Redshank also on the shoreline

 Common Scoters - all drakes
 Kestrel - male
Heather Moor

Lee Mount and Fly Flatts

Still 7 Swifts over Lee Mount this morning, the same number as yesterday evening.

Fly Flatts - very windy conditions and sideways rain late morning
No waders
16 Swallows high over the moor >N
8 Canada Geese
3 Kestrel
3+ Wheatears but there were probably a lot more hiding away

Swales Moor

First thing on Vis Mig - not a lot moving, the most notable being Swallows totalling 58 in small groups and all heading up the western side of Shibden Valley  and then over the top >N
1 Whitethroat right on the top was unexpected at that elevation but obviously an overnight arrival
2 Stock Doves
40+ Linnet
30+ Goldfinch
1 Kestrel


Ringstone this morning

Drake Common Scoter
Kestrel 2
G C Grebe 3
Lapwing C70
B H Gull  C50
Common Gull
LBB Gull 6

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20th August

2 hours spent at Mount Tabor watch point proved fruitless so checked out Roils Head and found 2 Redstarts in the northern shelter belt.Also a flock of 200 Linnets at Highroad Wll Moor.

Fly Flatts

Late morning
1 Common Sandpiper
2 L B B Gulls
6 B H gulls
8 Canada Geese
200+ Swallows and 20+ House martins - they were all over the place ! but no Swifts up there.
25 + Wheatear
5 Kestrels

Hunter Hill

My first day on Vis Mig from the watchpoint for 2 hrs this morning
Meadow Pipit 36 >SW
Swallow 45 movers >S but 200+ in the valley and feeding over the moors could not be classed as genuine movers !
2 goups of Swifts very high - 44 >S
1 Grey Heron >N
5 Mallard >S
2 Mistle Thrush >N
3 L B B Gulls >N

Other birds nearby
9 Curlew on the golf course
1 Whinchat by the quarry
17 Greenfinch
30+ Goldfinch on thistles
2 Stock Dove
11 Woodpigeons
20+ House Martins
1 Pheasant
45 Jackdaws
32 Carrion Crows
2 Magpie
1 Willow Warbler in Slaughter gap along with 2 Blue Tits and a Chaffinch

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fly Flatts

Late afternoon visit - still lots of shoreline but not a sign of any waders !
7+ Kestrels - they seem to have had a really good breeding season.
20+ Wheatears
1 Swallow
1 Red Grouse
1 Common Gull
2 L B B gulls
1 B H gull
2 Meadow Pipits
9 Canada Geese - the rest have disappeared !
Still no Twite
'distant guns' on the moors to the north !

Lee Mount and Swales Moor

Lee Mount
2 single Swifts through this morning >NW
1 Sparrowhawk across lunch-time

Swales Moor - late morning for an hour but no visible movement
4 Grey Partridge
30+ Swallows
2 + House Martins
30+ Linnet
30+ Goldfinch
1 Kestrel
Pair of Little Owls

Withens clough

Quiet this evening

Stonechat 2
Swallow 3
Chiffchaff 1
Goldfinch 1
Mallard 1
Meadow pipit 5
Grey wagtail 2
Chaffinch 4
Coal tit 2

Crimsworth Dean

Buzzard calling and flying up and down the dean this aft', with two swifts heading south also.


Birding Frontiers new book - Challenge Series

If anyone is interested in Martin Garner's latest book I shall be returning west this weekend for Colne Blues Festival and can bring copies with me. For further details see

Price is £14.99, superb value for what is, in my opinion the best cutting edge ID book currently available.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sparrows by the squadron

I've been trying to coax House Sparrows into my garden for a few years. They've been nearby a long time, but totally absent from my garden.
Last year I got a pair occasionally, and this spring they were here again, the male picking up grass stalks.
Last week I had 12 all together and today at least 14. Some of them are obviously juvenile males so I guess most of them are birds of the year.
I let the garden go a bit and ignored the dandelions last year, and saw the pair eating the seeds from the heads before they were ripe.
I've also seen them eating young  dandelion leaves here and in West Central Halifax.
The foods they are coming for now are white bread crumbs from the breadboard and dry porridge oats, until I get stocked up on proper stuff.
I put the food out and they will have sometimes appeared before I get back to the window. They're very flighty, though.
I think they're also attracted by a neighbour's fat feeder.

There was another  flock of 25 - 30 at Barkisland today.

Withens clough

Nice to meet Fran up hear

Whinchat 1
Green woodpecker 1
Swallow 4
Goldfinch 2 
Stonechat 1
Pheasant 1 
Lbb gull 1 

Bird Reports 2011/2012

The Go Local shop at Woodlesford, Moor End Road has temporarily sold out of the reports till Nick gets some more there in next day or so.
Thank you to everyone who has supported the Bird Group by buying the reports recently.

Roils Head this afternoon - redstart, Whinchat, Whitethroat and Willow w's.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

16th August

Fly Flats, 2 Wheatears, 2 LBBGs. Walshaw Dean, 1 Whinchat, 4 Kestrels, 1 Tufted Duck, 2 Swifts. Whiteholme, 3 drake Common Scoters, 1 Wheatear, Warland, 2 Dunlins, 2 Common Sand Pipers, Ringstone, 1 GC Grebe, 4 LBBGs, ASDA 50+ House Sparrows

Withins clough

Not a lot about this morning in the strong winds

Common sandpiper 1
Mallard 1
Kestrel 1
Pied wagtail 4
Meadow pipit 8

Meadow Pipits

Lots of Meadow Pipits on the move yesterday and this morning, coming down the fields and onto the wall at the back of the house before flying off West.

Friday, August 15, 2014


This evening whilst sat in the garden

Swift 1
House Martin 11
Swallow 34
Grey wagtail 1
Jay 1
Chiffchaff 2 

Withens clough

Lesser black backed gull 12
Kestrel 1
Pheasant 1
Swallow 7
Goldfinch 15
Chiffchaff 1
Mallard 2
Canada goose 7
Coal tit 1 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Roils Head etc

After another soaking the rain stooped and I was able to locate 2 Redstarts at Roils Head this pm. One was a moulting adult male the other a first winter / female type. Also several Willow Warblers present and a Swift over. Nearby 2 Wheatears were at High Road Well Moor as were several gulls. A frustrating half hour was also spent trying to get views of an interesting pipit at Tower Hill but that one got away.

Withens clough

Less wind but more rain

Persistent rain this evening though some shoreline appearing 

1 swift
2 wheatears
4 stonechat
1 snipe
23 swallows
3 coal tit
1 blue tit
1 Goldcrest
1 chiffchaff
2 chaffinch 
1 grey wagtail
3 pied wagtails 

Lee Mount etc

6 Swifts first thing this morning but none since, maybe a few this evening.

Lane Head Lane, Upper Brockholes this afternoon - a female Redstart gave itself away calling from a fence post 150 m down the lane and seen again later in the gorze area on the right before the quarry.
Nothing found on the golf course though lots of Swallows in the valley with a few House Martins.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Little Owl and Curlews

Little Owl at Soyland. Adult female I think.
Had been out on moors with Matt the Herpetologist of Littleborough as I had a report of a snake from a mountain biking friend. Needless to say we were unlucky. It was a bit too cool and breezy. If anyone hears reports of snakes especially, but lizards also, please pass them on to the email on Calderdale-wildlife.blogspot. Please keep locations of snake sightings off the public blogs as some people have an irrational fear of them and still kill them.
Also you can reach Matt on his well-illustrated blog - The European Amphibian and Reptile Blog.
He is a keen birder and general naturalist.

No other birds on or over the moor except a few Meadow Pipits and one Skylark regrowing moulted wing feathers.

Later in the day at Ogden there were six curlews feeding on a tee at the golf course.

Withens clough

Still windy but a few a birds about

Wheatear 1 on the edge of the res
Swallow 3
Goldfinch 7
Meadow pipit 6
Wren 2
Pied wagtail 1
Grey wagtail 1

Had a look around the plantation

1 Green woodpecker
1 blackbird
2 chaffinch
3 coal tits
1 great tit
2 blue tits

Fly Flatts

The wind was still blowing this morning but not as strong as yesterday though there were still some showers moving through from the west.
1 Dunlin
2 Common Sandpipers
1 Curlew
20+ Wheatears
2 L B B Gulls
2 B H Gulls
1 Swallow and 2 Linnets >NE
Guns still blasting away in the moors to the NW. !

Lee Mount

1 Swift and 1 Sparrowhawk over this morning.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Withens clough

Windy and rainy this evening, no surprise very little about

13 swifts flew over the res heading sw 
1 green woodpecker on the fence near the plantation
3 swallows by the farm 
2 pied wagtails
3 Canada geese

Lee Mount

1 Swift this afternoon and 4 this evening but its getting difficult to find them now.
1 Sparrowhawk over this afternoon and 13 Mistle Thrushes >NW

Mixenden Res'r / Fly Flatts / Ogden

Poor conditions this morning with the driving wind and rain but there is always potentail for something being blown in !
Mixenden - 1 G C Grebe, 20+ Swallows, c10 House martins

Fly Flatts - 20+ Wheatears braving it out on the shoreline. 2 Kestrels, 2 L B B Gulls and 2 B H Gulls

Ogden - 3 Cormorants and a juv G C Grebe, 2 juv Grey Wagtails, 60 B H Gulls and 3 L B B Gulls and 1 Chiff-chaff calling. Blasting of guns on the moorland towards Thorton Moor .!

E-petition to Halt the Extinction of our Hen Harriers

If you haven'y already done so, please sign.

Ilkley Moor Protest

Following on from Hen Harrier Day, this article appeared in the T&A

Please give these guys your support. It can only benefit our local wildlife.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lee Mount

Still 4 Swifts about this evening

Sunny Vale (Shibden Valley)

From Mike St  this afternoon - a Green Sandpiper feeding both at the top end and half way down the lake, in the weeds and even on the vegetation in the middle of the water. I think this is our only second reported Green Sand sighting this year in Calderdale.

I went down there later but was unable to find it unless it had moved off downstream towards Brookfoot. (?) Though I was reminded by a gentleman that this is a private site and that I should use a footpath nearby (but you cant see the lake at all well from the official footpath)!
Lots of Moorhens there too, with around 15 counted and they too were walking on the floating vegetation in the middle of the lake.

Mike doesn't have the option of 'New Post'  on the dashboard - does anyone else have this same problem ?

Fly Flatts and Ogden

Fly Flatts - I shouldn't have bothered in that driving rain and wind ! Just 2 Kestrels sheltering behind a wall, 1 Canada Goose, 1 Lapwing, 1 B H Gull and 2 L B B Gulls.

2 Cormorant
1 juv G C Grebe
90 B H Gulls
3 Common Gulls
1 L B B Gull
1 Curlew high >W
6 Swifts over Ogden Clough
40+ Swallows and a few House Martins feeding behind the eastern side of the plantation
1 Chiff-chaff
1 Kestrel
1 juvenile Grey Heron on the embankment below the res'r

Hen Harrier Day - in pics

570 people getting pretty wet at the Hen Harrier event at Derwent Reservoir, Derbyshire. A few folk from Calderdale were amongst the throng protesting against the persecution of an iconic species that should be plentiful on our uplands.
Pics from Steve Downing

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hen Harrier Day 2014

Over 500 people braved the torrential downpour to protest against Hen Harrier persecution by the grouse shooting fraternity at Derwent Reservoir today, Thanks to Mark Avery and Chris Packham for leading the event and a big "Well done!" to those brave enough, and committed enough to weather the deluge. I did wonder if my kit would survive the drenching, but somehow I managed to get some useable material.

Whiteholme & Withens clough

Bleak at whiteholme this afternoon

Wheatear 8 in the sw corner
Teal 2
Kestrel 1
Meadow pipit 2

Withens clough

Swift 1
Swallow 32
House Martin 3
Reed bunting 1
Stonechat 4
Meadow pipit 43
Willow warbler 1

Good to get out 

Stodfold and Hunter Hill

This afternoon, curtailed with heavy rain.
1 Green Woodpecker and 1 Tawny Owl in Slaughter Gap along with 2 Willow Warblers and despite the rain - 3 Meadow Browns and a Small Tortoiseshell along the shelter of a wall.
c 25 Meadow Pipits near Withens Road.
Plenty of Swallows around on Hunter Hilll and Stodfold and just before the heavy rain started I counted 47 Swifts high >North
1 G C Grebe on Mixenden Res'r

I gather the 3 Common Scoters from yesterday at Ogden have moved on. See Brian's blog (West Yorkshire Birding) from yesterday in an unusual underwing plumage of one of the scoters in flight. I guess BS will be updating with an explanation. !

Saturday, August 09, 2014


3 Common Scoters and 3 Great Crested Grebe (2 juvs) mid morning - and still there late afternoon KM, NK, DP, BS  et al. Also 3 Cormorants later.

Swales Moor etc

I gave it an hour late afternoon but not a lot doing up there yet.
The Linnet flock is starting to grow with 30+ on the many weedy areas so that could be a good sign for winter !!
2 Kestrels with 1 displaying - flying about just like a Merlin so had to check it carefully.
c10 Meadow Pipits
1 Swift
2 House Martins
A few Swallows
1 Stock Dove

Lee Mount
Just 3 Swifts this morning went through about 11 am

Booth Wood Res'r
10 Cormorants there this afternoon

Friday, August 08, 2014

Ringstone and Fly Flatts etc

Last few days
A Hobby passed through Ringstone on Wednesday evening (JB) but not a sign of any migrant waders. From the observations of several local birders regularly at local sites - where are they ?
JB also commented, raising a question if wader passage through our upland reservoirs is a thing of the past ?? Plenty of shoreline at Ringstone and Fly Flatts for the last few weeks but a poor showing so far. I guess we hope for an improvement very soon.

Spring passage was not good this year mainly perhaps because most of our reservoirs were full to overflowing but this autumn is quite different with the long dry spell leaving bags of potential for waders.

The last good year was in 2011 when spring passage for waders at Fly Flatts was really good.

It would be good for a round up of the state of other reservoirs in our area as to there potential this year for some decent wader passage.?

Fly Flatts Res'r earlier this week

Walshaw Plantation

From Pete G yesterday - in Walshaw plantation an amazing spectacle !

Pete was checking the gap between the pine and fir trees and made  perfect timing by catching up with a large movement of Coal Tits heading through, with between 120 to 150 birds streaming through the gap along with a few Goldcrests and Willow Warblers.
An unprecedented count I guess. Nice one Pete.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Various today

3 Swifts still flying around screaming around the nesting area near Rye Lane this morning.

It was good to see Jeff and Linda as well this morning, they stopped - instead of driving past!!! Nice one, and what a surprise with a big raptor nearby as we were chatting - a Marsh Harrier. I don't think we could believe it could we Jeff ?

Hope you got tthe shopping done without further distraction! The bird moved on high to the north about 10:30. A very dark bird with a cream crown but no markings on the wing.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Lee Mount

Down to 10 Swifts tonight along with 2 House Martins >SE and 2 Swallows >S

Fly Flatts

Common Scoter

A drake Common Scoter this morning at 09:00 (1st summer bird by the look of it). It was feeding in the shallows along the embankment at one time and  then left >N at around 10:30
1 Barnacle Goose still there with c40 Canada Geese as well
1 Common Sandpiper
18 Lapwings
5 Wheatears
A few Meadow Pipits
2 juvenile Kestrels in the rocks sheltering from the rain
15 Red Grouse

Plenty of shoreline to tempt some migrant waders in the next few weeks, hopefully.
No hirundines or Swifts moving this morning and still not a sign of any Twite at the feeding station !

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Other news

A Redstart showing yesterday along the  shelter belt at Roils Head playing fields (NCD)

Several reports of Willow Warblers on the move in the last few days - always a good one to watch out for in shrubberies and gardens especially first thing in the morning.

Nothing doing at Whiteholme Res'r today (PGr) but a good number of House Martins feeding at Baitings Res'r below the dam wall and lots of Swallows there and also at Withens Clough with an occasional Sand Martin in the mix of hirundines.

Lee Mount and Ploughcroft

A poor showing the last few days over Lee Mount now the Swifts are heading south. These are one of our first summer visitors to head back towards Africa even though they are one of the last migrants to arrive! A maximum of 5 since Saturday, that's all.

However it was a nice surprise to check the gap in the hill at Ploughcroft by the ski slope at around 10:30 today - there were 50+ Swifts feeding voraciously - but they had moved on by lunch time.

Also this morning, an adult Hobby over Lee Mount circling on thermals around 10.25 and drifting >SE

Monday, August 04, 2014

Young 'uns - Jumble Hole

Two adult whitethroat are still feeding 3 young in front of the house and around the garden. A chiffchaff is feeding unseen young in a nest in a dense hedge nearby.
A green woodpecker was feeding a juv on a telegraph pole, again in front of the house. Two young tawnys can be heard in the evenings.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Withens clough

Mixed weather up here today struggled to find anybirds but a good walk from the carpark to stoodley pike and back via Sunderland pasture 

Dunlin 1
Swift 26 
Swallow 4
House Martin 2
Kestrel 1 

Lots of butterflies on the moor, all in all a good walk even the dog had to cool down tea at the Robin Hood rounded off a good day