Friday, February 11, 2011

Various sites

This morning - in the mist!
Luddenden Foot
2 Dippers on the Calder and several Goosander

Mixenden Res'r
2 Goosander

Swales Moor
5 Skylark
1 Reed Bunting
No sign of the Linnet flock

Elland GP
4 Little Grebes and 7 Cormorants on the ski lake and a few Goosanders
On the planted landfill site the Alders and Birch's were busy with feeding Redpolls (mainly Lesser but several Mealy Redpolls in with them) also lots of Siskin, a few Reed Buntings and Goldfinch - in all probably around 150 birds. This flock is well worth a look at!

Shroggs - former landfill site
I tramped across the large flat boggy grassland this afternoon to check for Snipe, or possibly Jack Snipe but there was nothing doing.
A bonus was 3 Brambling along with some Bullfinch in the scrubland near Brackendbed Lane.


Mike Stead said...

A Snipe-like bird at Bradley Hall on Tuesday turned out to be a large bat ! Probably a Noctule...good reward for sitting, waiting for Buzzards to make an appearance !

Brian Sumner . said...

Bet it was a bit grim up on Ringby top this morning Dave!

Jeff Cox said...

Thanks Dave. I'm down there on Sunday morning (if I get up in time!) so I'll look out for the Mealies.