Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shibden Valley

Saturday 19th February 9:00 - snowing.

Shibden Park
6 Jackdaw, 1 magpie, 2 woodpigeon, 1 grey wagtail.
On the lake 77 mallard, 6 moorhen, 45 BH gull and 1 canada goose.
22 long tailed tit, 1 great tit, 2 blue tit.
6 treecreeper including 3 on one tree.
6 goldcrest, 3 wren, 1 robin, 4 blackbird, 2 GS woodpecker.

Cunnery Wood & Beacon Hill
1 jay, 1 kestrel, singing bullfinch.

It's difficult to check the lake out now as the owner has stopped public access to the area. The only views are from the footpath overlooking the lake.
3 teal, 1 moorhen, 1 coot.
2 GS woodpecker, 1 jay, 3 magpie, 2 robin, 7 long tailed tit, 2 carrion crow.


Jeff Cox said...

Any further sightings of the Willow Tit Ian?

Ian Scott said...

No Jeff. I've been through a couple of times since, once was so windy I couldn't hear or see anything! I'd be pretty much relying on it calling unless I stake out Chris' bird table.