Friday, February 04, 2011

Colour-ringed Waxwings in Brighouse

At least 2 Waxwing of the 70 present around Sainsbury's in Brighouse from 08:15hrs until 09:20hrs at least had a white coloured ring and BTO ring on right leg with 3 different coloured rings on left leg. One of the birds present had light green, dark blue and what looked like dark green on it's left leg, not sure about the other bird though.

I contacted Grampian Ringing Group after going on the Euring website and Raymond Duncan of the Grampian Ringing Group emailed me to say that the bird identified with coloured rings on left leg was ringed near the centre of Aberdeen on 28 November 2010. The other bird with white ring and BTO ring on right leg was also ringed somewhere in NE Scotland between the end of October 2010 and end of November 2010.

The flock of Waxwings spent a good deal of time at the top of a very large silver birch tree just north of the dual carriageway across the road from Sainsbury's (ie nearer the centre of Brighouse) occasionally flying down en-masse to a small ornamental Sorbus which had a rapidly diminishing number of pale orange berries on it.

This particular tree was being jealously guarded by a pair of Mistle Thrush which had a fair amount of success scaring the Waxwing away most of the time.

Really aggressive behaviour by both Mistle Thrush at times

This particular scene was played out at least half a dozen times whilst I was there, but occasionally the Waxwings simply overwhelmed the Mistle Thrush.

The weather early this morning couldn't have been worse for photography unfortunately but somehow the Waxwings still looked good despite the drenching.

They show incredible agility for a Starling sized bird.

What an amazing bird, clearly not phased at all by the shoppers and incessant traffic around them, I got a bit of a soaking but it was worth it.


Jeff Cox said...

Pretty good photos David, given the poor light, howling wind and driving rain! I had a look early in the afternoon but they weren't around then.

Mike Henshaw said...

Wonderful Dave,I will try to get down sat early.