Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sand Martin challenge !!!!

I was surprised to come across a pair of Sand Martins this afternoon at the lower end of Ogden golf course. Not a usual site for them. Lets try get some pictures.....!!! I thought Swifts were tricky but these are a nightmare to get in any sort of focus - with my set up anyway ! This was the best of a lot of very blurred shots.

Several of the shots would suggest a small falcon, but for the bill, and I was surprised how some of the images show how long the wing is in comparison to normal views where they look much shorter and tucked in at times.
Anyone else up for a challenge ????

These two must, I think, be feeding young somewhere with beak fulls of insects in some of the shots.

Also nearby
Family group of 5 Stonechats
Green Woodpecker
A few Linnets 
2 Red-legged Partridge
8 Mistle Thrush
Adult Common Gull over
Lots of butterflies about as well.

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Dave Brotherton said...

Nice one Dave, looks like you had a positive day out