Thursday, March 17, 2011

Strait Hey, Erringden and Swillington

A walk over the hills this morning looking for Wheatear and finding none. I didn't really expect to find any as my earliest record up here is 20 March in 2005. Still, you never know these days. Plenty of other birds around though:
Curlew - 2
Reed Bunting
Skylark - 5 (4 singing)
Mipit - 7
Red Grouse - 5


Nick Carter said...

Wheatear at Flamborough today

David Sutcliffe said...

Mipits seem to be trickling in now Jeff. Any day now for Wheatear (we hope)! and Sand Martin and Chiffy's!!

Matt Bell said...

Funny Jeff - I was eyeing up Erringden today wondering out wheatear... In the end I had a v quick scout down at Callis / Eastwood sewage works looking for sand martin or chiffchaff (nowt more than 2-3 pied wagtails) and carried on up to Burnt Acres in the hope of a wheatear or little owl (as they used to breed by the ruin) but again - nothing