Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ogden/Mixenden/Cold Edge

Late posting for Wednesday - I went out to check some res'rs in case of wind blown Kittiwake etc. but nothing doing!
Mixenden Res'r
3 returning Meadow Pipits
120 B H gulls
30 Common Gulls
2 Canada Geese

Ogden - Back Lane fields
1 L B B Gull
14 Curlew
c20 Lapwing
3 Common Snipe
6 Stock Dove
40 Woodpigeon
c230 Starling
1 Skylark

Ogden Res'r
Sparrowhawk, Nuthatch and Great-spotted Woodpecker near the car park but nothing doing on the res'r!

Cold Edge (pm)
2 Curlew
30 Golden Plover
55 Canada Geese and 5 Greylags


Brian Sumner . said...

Wish you would,nt do that Dave, I just saw the word Kittiwake and went into panic mode before Id read your report properly.
Good do on the CED Goldies.

David Sutcliffe said...

Sorry Bri I didn't mean to panic you!!! Always on the look out for the next 'special' bird. I could do with catching up with one of Andy's Woodcock as well!

Brian Sumner . said...

Woodcocks yet another bogey bird for me, my list of bogey birds seems to be getting longer