Monday, April 21, 2014

Walk around the Moors

Went for a wander round all the usual moorland spots this afternoon. Ogden Golf course had good numbers of mipits, kestrel and curlew.
On Cold Edge there was a Tufted Duck, Canada Goose, Reed Bunting, Wheatear, Oystercatcher and House Martin
On the moors above Luddenden Dean I stumbled across the best find of the day. A black thrush landed on a fence post in front of me. It took off almost as soon as I raised my bins, but as I watched it fly it revealed itself to be a stunning male Ring Ouzel. It flew down into the Dean but we were unable to relocate it. It is probably the rarest self found bird I have ever found.
On Fly flatts there was a Redshank, Wheatear and Red Grouse
It was a very enjoyable walk. The only downside was that on the moors above Luddenden we found this magpie trap. You can clearly see the bait-bird in this photo, with an unsprung trap either side. I can't see any reason conservation-wise for this. I wonder what you guys think about this, and what should be done...


Tim Walker said...

Hi Dishfish.
I've been running a survey on Rishworth Moor for the past four seasons. In that time I've found over 250 eggs which have been predated by the resident pair of crows,mainly waders & Golden Plover but also including a Merlin Clutch. That's just one pair on one small part of the moor! Add to that the number of chicks which corvids take, and the damage to key SPA species is immense. Larson or Crow Cage Traps are quite legal provided that the decoy bird is provided with clean water& food (which must be replenished daily), shelter and a perch. Target species must be despatched quickly and humanely and non-target birds released.If you observe a CCT which is illegally set (without water food or shelter)it should be reported to the Police FAO the Wildlife Crime Officer. Do NOT interfere with the trap yourslef as you will be guilty of criminal damage.As a conservation tool, I approve of them. I trap mice and rats at home and don't see much of a difference.

Dishfish said...

Ok. Is anyone allowed to set up this kind of trap or is it only certain people?

AndyC said...

They used to use them at Spurn to keep the corvid numbers down , and many other nature reserves, corvid numbers are out of control as there natural predators are not there on the moors etc as they have been taken out by the people who put the traps out.