Friday, April 25, 2014

Another murder mystery

Found these feathers up Jumble Hole today, but this time I don't know the victim. I have an idea, but don't want to jeopardise anyone else's suggestion. Any thoughts?


ChrisJB said...

Not sure why, but woodcock popped into my head straight away.


AndyC said...

Song Thrush

Matt Bell said...

My first thought was song thrush. Loads around at the tops of trees at they moment too.

Bryan Yorke said...

Hello Matt, I would definately go along with Song Thrush. You photo shows a Primary 2 large feather, also Breast feathers and a couple of Belly (White feathers).

By the way enjoy your blog so much. Please check out mine if you get chance at:

By the way just had to "pinch" your joke the other day on the blog.

Met one of your guys Thursday, called Ian he loves spending time photographing up on Hutton Roof. We were conversing and I told him about the joke you put on also telling him I worked once near Luddenfoot where you got the recent Cuckoo (I think!)

Brilliant site keep up the good work.
Bryan Yorke (Burton In Kendal)