Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fly Flatts

Late evening visit
3 Oystercatchers
6 Curlew
4 Lapwings
1 Redshank
2+ Snipe
2 Golden Plover
c200 Canada Geese spread all across the moor and on the res'r !
2 L B B Gulls
2 Swallows
1 Kestrel
2 Skylark
A few mipits and Red Grouse

1 Wheatear at Withens Head opposite the wind farm car park


Brian Sumner . said...

A good haul there Dave, thought Common Sands would have been up there by now. Brave man parking your car up there on an evening !

Dave Sutcliffe said...

I risked it but after the last episode I won't be doing it very often. Not a sign of a Common Sand yet.