Sunday, April 27, 2014

Soil Hill and Mixenden Res'r

Soil Hill
A brief visit to check the top!
2 male Wheatear
Several Skylarks, mipits and a few Linnets and Swallows

Mixenden Res'r
c100 Swallows feeding low over the water
c6 Sand Martins but no House Martins
1 Common Sandpiper
1 Grey Wagtail
5 LBBG's on the water and another 13 >SW along with 2 adult Herring Gulls


Nick Carter said...

Dotterel at Filey today Dave!

Brian Sumner . said...

Last Dotterel on Soil Hill was 17/04/2008.
Must be due another over the weekend.

Bruce said...

The Dotterel at Filey (Reighton), has been been there for many years now. Took you a while to spot it!
We will watch out for some here. Just a female wheatear yesterday on Soil Hill. I trust you are both enjoying a life on the coast?