Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lee Mount

What an hour or so in the garden across lunch time
1 female Sparrowhawk over high in perfect conditions with warm rising thermals
A few Swallows then a Peregrine over high about 1.30
Followed by a first sighting over the house, a Red Kite at 1.45 rising on thermals then drifting very high towards Halifax or maybe Beacon Hill area. I tried hard for a photo in the bright sunshine but I couldn't get the camera to focus so missed out there! A fantastic sight (no wing tags seen).
Also an adult Common Gull went over >NE
All sightings today thanks to and eagle eyed daughter enjoying the sunshine on 'raptor watch' !

1 comment:

Steve Blacksmith said...

That's a first I have yet to get from home - Red Kite.