Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Soil Hill

So after a family trip to Bolton Abbey I decided to see if I could get any Ring Ouzel on soil hill. I was rewarded by at least 3, but probably more birds, mainly in and around the young hedge on the Bradford side of the hill, but also around the mounds on the top. Its only the second time I have seen these birds, so I was well excited, though the photos are not much.

Another bird of note was 2 feildfares that I flushed on the top, it seems rather late for them?

Species List: Meadow Pipit, Skylark, Blackbird, Ring Ouzel, Grey Heron, Pheasant, Lapwing, Reed Bunting, Common Gull, Lesser Black-Backed Gull, Mallard, Fieldfare, Jackdaw,

Also just a quick plea, I spotted the bird below at Bolton Abbey and due to not having exceptional binoculars I was unable to properly tell what it was at the time. I know the photo is not great, but its the best I managed. There were plenty of buzzards in the sky at the time, but the wings and tail just seem the wrong shape for buzzard. I know its not brilliant but thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


Dave Sutcliffe said...

Well done with the Ring Ouzel shots - tricky to get sometimes.
Good to have you back on 'the patch' for a while.

Bolton Abbey bird looks like an Osprey to me Daniel. Find one over Calderdale now !!!!

dishfish said...

Cheers dave
I had thought Osprey, but I have not seen enough of them in my time to confidently say it was one. The tail seemed a little long.