Sunday, April 06, 2014


I've currently got a pair of pied wagtail and a pair of grey wagtail building nests in the wall next to the house. The pied wagtails have selected a hole and the male is busy taking in nesting material. 

The female is more interesting in attacking reflections of herself in car windscreens.

The grey wagtails are much better behaved but haven't picked a hole that they like yet.


I checked out the rookeries in Shibden Park and there are just 3 nests now in the section by the railway line. Two at least had rooks in them, the other is a new nest but I didn't see anything visit. I'll check again later this week. 

All of the other spots are devoid of nests.

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Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks for the rookery info Ian. Nice shots of the P/wags