Sunday, April 26, 2020

Soil Hill - updates from the week

Another steady week on the hill. Fewer standout birds but still some good species. Migrant totals during the week peaked as such:
Willow Warbler: 8 21st
Whitethroat: 4 24th
Barn Swallow: 6 23rd 
Snipe are also still present daily with a maximum count of 4 on the 20th

20th April
2 Greylag Geese flew over Ovenden Moor
1 Buzzard N
3 Wheatear bottom of North Slope

22nd April
2 Oystercatcher
1 Stonechat male on Ned Hill Track
2 Wheatear bottom of North Slope

23rd April
6 Greylag Geese in fields around Bradshaw
9 Golden Plover; One flew north calling. Ten minutes later a flock of 8 flew north but then U-turned back onto the Hill. A search of the summit produced 2 birds
1 Sand Martin flew N
1 Goldcrest singing from Taylor Lane

24th April
1 Buzzard flew N
1 Grasshopper Warbler showed incredibly well
3 Fieldfare flew north
1 Wheatear bottom of the North Slope
1 YELLOWHAMMER; Standout bird of the week. One flew N along the North Slope Treeline calling frequently. Would suspect probably an immature male; very yellow bird but lacking a bright head. Sadly continued north without stopping

25th April
1 Stonechat male bottom of North Slope
1 Wheatear very confiding male bottom of N slope
2 Fieldfare flew E 

26th April
4 Wheatear bottom of North Slope
2 Sand Martin blogging
2 Stonechat bottom of North Slope


darrell j prest said...

Great report and photos looking forward to next weeks

David Sutcliffe said...

Well done Daniel. I echo Darrell's comments.