Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lee Mount

Local female Sparrowhawk passing through.

These Starlings are looking fantastic at the moment though they do ravage the garden feeders. They also wait in the tree until I fill their bath !!! then they have no inhibitions.


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Good Sparrowhawk photo Dave.
Not easy to get them in flight.

Dave Brotherton said...

Nice pics Dave, Starlings have some amazing colours on them.

Sandra said...

We get neither starlings nor house sparrows in our back 'jungle' here in Walsden, although there's a small flock roost on top of one of Rigg's chimneys.

Sandra said...

PS: the flock I refer to on the chimney is, of course, starlings!

Steve Blacksmith said...

Brilliant Starling shots. I've had a pair building in a box on the end of the house, but they're really nervous and I think they've gone for another hole somewhere. While they were building one flew down into my herbs when I was inside, tore off a bunch of sage leaves, and flew up to the box.