Saturday, April 04, 2020

Recent news !

Despite the 'islolation' plenty of local birders seem to be doing their local patches. It seems to be paying off with no shortage of news this last few days. I''l try summarize some of the highlights.

Male Ring Ouzel today in the fields opposite Withens Head (formerly the wind-farm car park) (AR)

2 Ospreys - one over Jumble Hole yesterday (MB) and another today over Ringstone (JB). Also at Ringstone the overwintering Common Sandpiper seems to be still around though the summer migrants will also be arriving soon.

Lots of singing Chiffchaffs being reported from a wide range of locations and a Swallow over Barkisland today (GC). 2 Siskin from a garden feeder in Brighouse (RB)

White Wagtail at Norton Tower around the manure pile this afternoon (NCD).

Several reports of Green Woodpeckers singing from a number of locations and Great Spotted Woodpeckers 'drumming'.

If you have a garden then it could be well worth watching from in these next few weeks as some more of our summer migrants arrive.

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Bradshaw Rambler said...

Nice report Dave.
Well done keeping the Calderdale 'logs' burning.
I was hoping for Osprey yesterday - darn't mention how many hours I spent on lookout!