Sunday, April 19, 2020

Soil Hill - updates from the week

Latest update from Soil Hill after a very productive week.

13th April
1st Grasshopper Warbler of the year. Bird flushed at the top of the north slope treeline
18 Curlew in the bottom field
1 Whitethroat
-Grasshopper Warbler

14th April
Highlight of the week, and possibly the spring so far, was a cracking Whimbrel on the bottom fields with the Curlew.
A Jay flew over the hill
7 Willow Warbler
1 Whitethroat
-Willow Warbler

15th April
Scattering of migrants present 
At least one Ring Ouzel, possibly two. Bird seen was an absolute corker of a male. Another bird was heard but could have been the same bird moved up through the scrub. Impression in the field was that it was a different bird.
Pair of Stonechat 
2 Wheatear (1 male)
8 Willow Warbler, 7 singing
1 Whitethroat singing
1 Barn Swallow blogging
-Male Ring Ouzel

16th April
Female Ring Ouzel in the fields off Taylor Lane. Same location as the bird on the 12th, so probably same bird that has been remaining elusive.
1 Grasshopper Warbler reeling
1 male Stonechat 
At least 4 Snipe in the bottom fields 
Peregrine flew through
-Taylor Lane Ring Ouzel

17th April
1 Grasshopper Warbler reeling from different location

18th April
Male Ring Ouzel dropped out of the sky and landed breifly on a wall before heading south. Female bird seen again in fields off Taylor Lane.
1 Goldcrest in plantation across from main entrance track
1 Buzzard flew north
-Ring Ouzel

19th April
1 Wheatear by the NK pond
Marsh Harrier very distantly over towards Ovenden Moor. Lost the bird, cannot say which way it went. 
2 Swallows blogging
2 Whitethroat singing


David Sutcliffe said...

Quite a week Daniel. Keep up the good work ! What next ??

AndyC said...

Excellent records ...had a walk up there the other day and there is so much more vegetation and small bushes , for migrants to feed and rest in...