Monday, April 06, 2020

Other news today - brief summary....

Summer plumage Water Pipit located at Green Withens Reservoir this afternoon (PG)

A few reports last couple of days of Swallows and a couple of House Martins. (AC MBr BS MM NCD et al.....

Willow Warbler in Jumble Hole (MB)
Mandarin drake on Cold Edge dams yesterday (PB)

Ring Ouzels - one each Crimsworth Dean(HBB)  and Rishworth Lodge area (PG)

An encouraging number of Greenfinch reported in the last week or two. They have been getting really scarce in the last few years so we hope they are on the up again though Chaffinch's are now the ones that are in rapid decline. The BTO are gathering data to try and work out what's happening with them.

Ospreys - see post and comments below from Soil Hill

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darrell j prest said...

Another water pipit at green withens brilliant that's the 3rd in 18 months

I've noticed a big increase in greenfinch locally good news