Thursday, April 02, 2020

Common Scoters - 2nd April

Well done Mat Br for picking up flight calls of more Common Scoter flocks tonight heading probably >NE over Mytholmroyd around 21:30. Good work too from Dan B also picking them out over Bradshaw shortly afterwards  with several flocks heading over. Fantastic work you two.

I was out till 23:30 but didn't pick anything definite up over Lee Mount but the moon and the stars look great !

Another small Scoter flock heard over Mytholmroyd at 23:37 (MBr).

I wonder if the birds have been wintering along the west coast and around Ireland and been waiting for the recent prolonged easterly winds to drop and change direction before heading over to our east coast and beyond (? - just a thought.) I can't recall reports of scoters passing over Calderdale in this way previously - though I suspect they do. We do get occasional small flocks on local reservoirs.

Hopefully we might get some more flyovers after dark. Keep listening !!!

A big number overnight at Spurn as well.

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