Saturday, April 28, 2012

White Stork

The ring as shown is too small to carry any information and probably just there to show it is a captive bird, shame that.

Elsewhere a flighty wheatear, a dozen mipit and 4 common sandpiper were at Warley Reservoir, can't see much chance of a wader fest this spring as every reservoir I've seen was overflowing.

Ski lake at Elland still covered in swallows.  Had a look up Luddenden Dean but couldn't see/hear anything out of the ordinary, need to go for a dawn visit really. Called in at Jay House Lane on the way back, only found 4 tree sparrows, suppose hens may be brooding but I had expected a few more.  Some of the hedges have been cut back exposing a few boxes, anyone know how many there are up there now?


Brian Sumner . said...

Cracking photo Jim

Jim Welford said...

Cheers, the bling looks familiar

NTBR said...

The Hinchliffe Arms has changed hands and is now well worth dropping into for good beer and food and a warm welcome after a spot of birding. Non of the walkers are unwelcome approach anymore.