Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Other news today

12 Whooper Swans still present (SL TM) - they must like it up there as they have been there since 5th April

Elland G P
5 Buzzards over at about 11.30(PJWS)
1 Common Buzzard over around 12.30 (MH)
And from GS
1 Whitethroat singing along the canal
3 House Martins present and a number of Swallows
Also from Geoff, a large unidentified long-winged raptor larger than a Common Buzzard around 12.50. A large raptor with long wings was also seen at a distance from Ringstone (TM and SL)a few minutes later. Steve and Tony saw the raptor mobbed by several corvids and it dropped lower and was lost from site and was unable to get the scope on it. It will have to go down as a mystery raptor, unfortunately!

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