Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cromwell Bottom

From Mike H this morning - hundreds of Swallows feeding low over the ski-lake in the bad weather plus a few House Martins. How conditions - and the birds change. Yesterday afternoon in calm conditions 2 Swallows and 1 House Martin over the ski-lake. Today in pouring driving rain and only 5c degrees loads of birds trying to find enough to keep them alive. Always worth birding when the weather is bad!


Bruce said...

We had similar conditions there on Sunday. Between the showers there were at least 200 swallows over the ski lake. I tried in vain to pick up a sand martin, but no joy. We will be down there again this coming Saturday morning.

AndyC said...

There was a mass move of artic terns through manchester yesterday(wens) with some 500 individulas moving east/n/e.keep an eye out