Friday, April 20, 2012

Ringstone Res'r

Well done again to Steve and Tony for finding a pair of Redstarts there today just past the reservoir keepers house. Redstarts have become increasingly rare in Calderdale although spring and autumn migrants are always a possibility. These two are quite early in comparison to recent years (other than 2009) and taking into consideration the recent low pressure and heavy rainfall over the last few days.
2006 - 5th May
2007 - 28th April
2008 - 5th May
2009 - 11th Apl
2010 - 24th Apl
2011 - 9th May


Jim Welford said...

Nice one. I made a few nest boxes to put up for the tits on a local patch but not been too well and won't get them up in time. If redstart or pied fly look as though they are setting up territory anywhere with no boxes then they are available. Likewise if there is anywhere that needs a set of nestboxes.

Matt Bell said...

There is probably a degree to which the 'arrival dates' reflect a shortage of observers as well as a lack of redstarts. In other words, those arrival dates were almost certainly not the arrival date into Calderdale, just the first time someone laid eyes on them!