Sunday, April 15, 2012

Field full of Wheatear

Blog watcher Tracy sent me an e mail this evening saying there were Wheatears in a field between Queensbury and Shelf so at 1830hrs I went down there to find the field alive with them. I counted at least 21 without bins as I only shot down with the camera but Im sure there were many more further into the field.
Directions on West Yorkshire Birding.


DJSutcliffe said...

Great do with the Wheatears tonight there Bri

Andrew Huyton said...

cracking photo's

Brian Sumner . said...

Only one female remaining tonight at 1830hrs. Must have all gone to Fly Flatts, I hope!

Jeff Cox said...

So you've nicked all our Wheatears Brian - share some with us!!! Darned good pics too.