Monday, April 30, 2012

Luddenden Foot

No sign of the White Stork late morning or early afternoon though it was in the cow field around 8 am today (MB)


Mark said...

It was - It flew down from mythomroyd end of the valley - I almost crashed the car !! A white stork flying alongside the road - I was having fits!!

Shame it turns out to be an Escape??

Jeff Cox said...

Weeeell....not really an escape as the birds are apparently free flying so not captive, but not truly wild either?!

Mark said...

so I can tick it but I need to put an e? next to it ? Oh - the ethics of birding :-)

Steve Blacksmith said...

Why bother with all that ticking and scoring. Just enjoy a fabulous bird living in our valley in a wild state, however temporarily.

We saw it eat a frog on Saturday.

I didn't hear for sure whether it was from Harewood, Jeff?

These birds nest naturally in Spain, Scandinavia and Estonia that I know of. Probably other countries as well. They are thought to bring luck, and are often habituated to humans through being fed. So the distinction is blurred about wild or domestic. They often go back to the place they were born, as many migratory birds do.

Steve Blacksmith said...

A picture of the stork alongside other waterbirds for size comparison can be seen on the Calderdale-wildlife blog.