Monday, April 16, 2012

High Royd again

Went to check on the Mute Swan again, it's really not looking well so after trying several rescue centres again with no joy I've had to turn to the RSPCA, awaiting a call re what happens next. May have an early walk on in the morning just to check it's still alive, will be annoyed if it's not still hanging on in there especially with lack of response from Yorks Swan Rescue Hospital after all we did for them after the Whooper swan rescue.
Whilst with the swan, also had a dipper feeding in the river and a male grey wagtail fly by.
Went up high royd nothing new knocking about but did manage this distant record shot of the happy couple.
On the down side the place is crawling with Aliens and these 3 are the latest batch to emerge.


Andy Kiz said...

Those squirrels are so cute! What happened with the whooper swan in the end? Did it survive?

Andrew Huyton said...

In truth Andy, I don't know. I'm currently feeling quite annoyed and angry with the Yorkshire Swan Rescue Hospital as they have failed to respond to any of my calls regarding an update, or to confirm receipt of the £100 donation we made nor have they responded to the calls I made for help with the Mute Swan. Fortunately the RSPCA came out to rescue that bird and have taken it to a swan rescue centre in Cheshire!

Andy Kiz said...

Good on you Andrew for getting the RSPCA out, its frustrating how hit and miss these 'rescue' companies can be!