Friday, April 06, 2012

3 day catch-up

I seem to have been a bit busy over the last few days, not too busy to get out but too lazy to post updates so here's a summary:

 Wed 4 April - Lee Dam, Lumbutts Clough, Rochdale Canal
Little Owl - 1 at Mankinholes
Great Spotted Woodpecker - 1 at Mankinholes
Little Grebe - 2 at Lee Dam
Grey Heron - 1 at Lee Dam and 1 at Lumbutts Clough, but could be same bird
Moorhen - 1 at Lee Dam
Pied Wagtail - 1 at lee Dam
Nuthatch - 1 at Lumbutts Clough
Dipper - 1 at Lumbutts Clough
Jackdaw - 178 over Rochdale Canal at Lobb, probably more but that's how many were in the photo
 Thu 5 April - Hardcastle Crags
Walked in from Hebden along the river hoping to see Dipper and Grey Wag but none showed up. Same story with the Lesser 'peckers too.
Green Woodpecker (heard)
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Jay - 1 at Hebden Hey
Nuthatch - 6 very vocal

 Fri 6 April - Strait Hey
Curlew - 3 on Erringden Moor
Skylark - 2
Mipit - 8 along the route but then as I walked down the track from the Pennine Bridleway about 20 flew across, some landed on the walls for a short while then flew off again so it looks like we've had an influx.
Linnet - 2
Still no Wheatear.

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DJSutcliffe said...

Nearly a full time job keeping up to date with blog etc. I know the feeling, just feel like getting feet up after out in this bleak weather!
Nice to see you are picking up Little Owl Jeff, I think theCold Edge pair have moved to lower ground.