Sunday, September 04, 2022

Whiteholme Reservoir

 A morning of drizzle with SE winds took us to Whiteholme, which was pleasantly lively with a few birds around.

  • Two juvenile Ruff were present at the north end of the reservoir. Mobile but showed well throughout the morning
  • A nice feeding flock of four Ringed Plover & two Dunlin were present when we arrived. These two Dunlin were then supplemented by five more, bringing the total to seven.
  • Six Common Snipe were feeding together at the north end of the reservoir
  • On the damn wall were four Stonechat & at least 10 Wheatear
  • Six Teal were dotted around the reservoir
  • Two Sand Martin flew high to the east
In total managed 17 species, the full list here;

-Common Snipe

1 comment:

Bradshaw Rambler said...

Worth the long drive Daniel.
Nice one.