Saturday, September 17, 2022

Soil Hill

 Very lively Pink-footed Goose passage over the last two days;

  • On the 16th had 328 Pinks fly SE in five skeins between 07:00 - 10:00. The largest flock (177) flew well to the North but all the others cut across the Hill itself.

  • This morning 359 flew SE in eight skeins, slightly less than my field estimation, between 07:00 - 09:30, by which point the passage seemed to stop. At one point three separate skeins could all be seen together. Most birds appeared to the NW over Thornton Moor Reservoir, before cutting across to the north of Soil Hill. Only one of the skeins seemed to cut across the Hill itself, as they all headed SE.

  • Other birding remained fairly steady, with just a couple of Chiffchaff remaining on the migrant front.

In total managed 38 species this morning, the full list here;

-Pink-footed Geese

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