Sunday, May 17, 2020

Soil Hill - updates from the week

A much slower week overall. Windy conditions have kept activity down overall. 

The Lapwings on the bottom field have been absolutely hammered by the crows, I think the chicks I saw a couple of weeks back lasted a dat. No Lapwings were on that field today, but there are still a few lingering in other fields. Oystercatchers are still present and Snipe are still drumming daily. Curlews are also still regular. 

Numbers well down this week due to the cold weather of possibly due to individuals settling down. The Sedge Warbler was on fine form for most of the week, and was joined by a second singing bird on the 16th but there was no sign of the second bird on the 17th. 
-2nd Sedge Warbler
Sand Martins were present in good numbers up until Monday when northerlies started. Since then they have been much harder to come by. Just two birds on the 15th and again on the 17th. 
Whitethroats are still in good form, but a number of birds are remaining quiet in the wind. I suspect there is still a minimum of 7 territories. Willow Warblers are similar but their activity has dropped well off, making it diffiult to judge how many territories are still active.
A handful of Wheatears have been present through the week, but no more than two on any single day and none on the 16th and 17th. The Stonechats remain present, but have not spent so much time watching them. 

The only other bird of note was a Green Woodpecker on the 15th
-Green Woodpecker

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