Saturday, May 16, 2020

Heath Hill/Sentry Edge

Mile walk - 4 linnet, little owl, 2 swallow nest sites, a few swifts and a stoat. Skylarks, lapwings and curlew(although no juncus) appear to be resident in the heath hill field but unfortunately it will be cut any time.
I would be grateful if someone could i.d. this month for me? 


AndyC said...

Pale tussock.

Muxy said...


David Sutcliffe said...

Great moths to find. It's a beauty. What a shame to be waiting for grass cutting when the waders are on there, they have a tough life. The Lapwings at Cold Edge will have a tough time too with all those corvids up there. Tree planting on the edge of the moor certainly brings the corvids to higher elevation.
I was just looking on the BTO site at wader longevity...An Oystercatcher lived for 41 years and then ended up being shot in France.