Sunday, May 03, 2020

Green withens 7-9

A pair of stonechats around the depot were nice to see, willow warbler still singing from j22 plus 2 goldfinch
A female wheatear was quite tame, but not as many only 3 seen this morning
An oystercatcher flew in from the south landing briefly before heading north followed by a shelduck which spent about a minute before heading south
The pair of tufted duck have been joined by another male and just 1 teal
2 golden plover calling which is a lovely sound
Common sandpipers seem to be everywhere! Always buzzing around the res calling
Dunlin are looking very smart now with 8 seen.
Not as many curlew though?
A few reed buntings around including some very smart males. Wrens are everywhere  how can such a tiny bird be so common up on the tops??
A single swallow went north

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