Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cracking Morning Out & About

   Out & About yesterday morning lots going on
   in the sunshine of Calderdale

    Birds seen-:
                       Barn Owl
                       Long-Eared Owl
                       Little Owl
                       Willow Warbler
                       Wood Warbler ? was more yellowish
                       Meadow Pipit
                       House Martin
                       House Sparrow
                       Blue Tit
                       Jacksnipe ? day before.
                       Song Thrush
                       Corvids & Gulls and a few Unidentified
                       Canada Geese


Steve Midgley said...

Nice trip out mate

David Sutcliffe said...

Some nice shots there Dave.

darrell j prest said...

Some good birds there.
Still not seen barn owl in calderdale!! I have but only escapes

David Sutcliffe said...

Only a matter of time Darrell.