Friday, September 13, 2019

Luddenden Dean

Not a lot of birds to report from there this morning but it was a lovely day to be out.

Birds of the day were - 2 Spotted Flycatchers at the top of Dry Carr (Clough Lane) along with at least one Willow Warbler (singing)! and 3+ Chiffchaffs with them. Maybe up to 10 Bullfinch in the area and 2 Dunnocks hiding away with the warblers had us wondering, until we got good sight of them!

1 Green Woodpecker
2 Nuthatch
20+ Swallows
2 House Martins
1 Kestrel
2 Sparrowhawks
40+ Jackdaws
A few Meadow Pipit flyovers

Also from BS and JJL - Black Redstart still present at Withens Head today


Bradshaw Rambler said...

Sounds like a good day out there Dave.
Nice birds.

David Sutcliffe said...

Cheers John. Pleased you caught up with the Black Red - nice one !

Bri - cant see an option to post comments on your blog for some reason this last few days. I was going to say nice to get some half decent shots of the Black Red - it looks like an immature male and wondering if its the same bird from earlier on. The first sighting we had at Moorlands on 23rd July looked like one of this years juveniles, suspecting it to be a male. Could it be the same bird I wonder that's been with us since then ?.

Brian Sumner . said...

Its quite possible Dave as the plumage would be right from then till now and you never get more than 1 in one area. I suppose it has everything it needs there until its ready to move which looks like it won,t be long now as it seems to be feeding more intense and is showing every time I pass now twice a day.
Sorry about the comment box, Ive been getting some updates on my old laptop trying to avoid windows 10 as long as possible so lost a few items off it. Seem to be up and running again now.

David Sutcliffe said...

There was also that sighting at The Withens from Chris J-B on 20th August. It will hopefully stay around a little longer. Gordon went up for it yesterday as well but not heard if he saw it or not.