Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cold Edge and Withens Gap

Black Redstart present at Moorlands Farm this afternoon. Mostly brief views as it was always flitting about catching insects. This is probably the same bird seen at Withens Head Farm recently and is most likely flitting between the two sites. At Moorlands it is constantly harassed by a Robin which seems not to like its company, probably competing for the same food.
Seems like the bird had moved back to Withens Head around 4pm. (BS)
Nice to meet John M up there. We tried hard to get some decent photo's but I've not gone through mine yet ! I am looking forward to seeing shots of John's though !!

Not a lot else around the dams at Cold Edge but a Willow Warbler with 3 Coal Tits was nice to see.
2 Moorhen
2 Tufted Duck
44+ Goldfinch
1 Stonechat
1 Kestrel
Distant Buzzard

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