Monday, March 09, 2015

Wild & Wet Soil Hill

                    Soil Hill late morning,no sign of Snow Bunting
                    or anything else for that matter,the wind was wild
                    and it was pouring down so don't blame em for
                    the no-show, but seen a nice Stonechat on the way
                    back down to the road.

                                 6 Goldfinch
                                 2 Greenfinch
                                 2 Chaffinch
                                 2 Collared Dove
                                 2 Blackbird
                                 1 Dunnock
                                 2 Blue Tits checking the nest boxes.

1 comment:

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Weather deteriorating badly late morning. Well done with the Stonechat. They must be moving back through with 4 as well at Fly Flatts this morning.