Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mixenden Res'r.......

A great afternoon enjoying the Whoopers. They all left >N at 16:20 from PG. I bet that was a great sight Pete. Good to see a few local birders there this afternoon as well.
A recount from BS made it 244 - that must be a record for Calderdale.

I have just tried to collate all today's reports from the times and directions sparked off by Andy C and Dave F - thanks. Looks like 437 altogether ! And some may well have been missed??!
244 at Mixenden (53+6+185) AC. BS. DB. DJS. JS. PG. NO. SB. PS. TT and DB et al
36 Cromwell Bottom 10:40 then over Mytholmroyd 11:00 (MH. SJ. DJP)
70 NW over Ringstone 09:15 (DF)
7 at Ringstone on the Res'r am (DF and AT)
80 NW over Ogden at 09:20 (BH)
Apologies if I missed anyone! Thanks to everyone for the reports and updates. A lot of interest as well from people in Mixenden who weren't put off by the nearby quad bikes in the plantation!!!
See the link to West Yorkshire Birding blog for Brian's photo's.


Brian Sumner . said...

A great day Dave and enjoyed by all thanks to your grapevine. You,ve done well to sort all the sightings out from today.

AndyC said...

Nice one Dave ,,sounds about right, I new there were a lot coming after the first 53 but did not reckon on so many....amazing sight over Calderdale....

Dave Sutcliffe said...

It's great that so many texted etc. timings and direction of flight important to try and sort them all out.

You have the direction spot on now from yours to mine Andy. Will wait your Osprey call !!!
Bri - thanks for all your support with the Grapevine and your very important Bradford side contacts. Nice one from Haword with 30 Dunlin fly- through sat Fly Flatts this morning

Vicki Johnson said...

Just want to leave my thanks to everyone for reporting the Whoopers on Sunday. Managed to get there for a very quick view but was still great to see so many in one place. And only 10 mins from home too!