Friday, March 13, 2015

Mount Tabor

Went to look for early migrants but no luck.  Had the usual pair of Little Owls.  I have never been to the spot and at least one not be visible. 1 Skylark in display flight and song and Cormorant over pass.

  Yesterday 3 Golden Plover landed by The Withens just before dusk.

Other wildlife pretty good at the moment.  There is a herd of 6 Roe Deer about with at least one buck.  I couldn't get the camera to focus from the car through the branches though.  Also we have seen another Badger in the last couple of weeks in a different location to our first local one last year.


Dave Sutcliffe said...

A nice mix there Muxy. The L Owls love that spot it can also be good for early Wheatear!

Muxy said...

Thanks Dave. Yep, I've had them further on the track early before and that's why I was on there, but not today!

Dave Sutcliffe said...

I have always fancied that spot and the ruined farm for a Black Redstart - but never found one there - YET !!

Muxy said...

Don't say that Dave, it's bad enough dipping on Wheatear and Whoops without throwing Black Red in too. Well done to Dave F for the Wheatear, almost(but not) glad I didn't find one a few hours later now.