Sunday, March 01, 2015

                            Visited Cromwell Bottom NR today for an hour
                             just the usual visitors today but in small numbers,
                             Great, Blue & Coal Tits, 2 LTT, 2 Robins, 2 Chaffinch
                             couple of Blackbirds in the viewing area.
                             1 Wren on the riverbank, 4 Canada's and a juvenile
                             Mute Swan playing about with an old rag on the canal.
                             Car Park feeders busy with the tit family & robins but no sign of the
                             Nuthatch today.
                             4 Herons up in the Heronry 2 doing naughty's so
                             eggs in the nests soon and a few flyovers with branches in their beaks.

                                           10 Goldfinch
                                            2  Chaffinch
                                            2 Greenfinch
                                            1 Backbird
                                            1 Robin
                                            Crows & Gulls flying over back field.

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