Monday, November 03, 2008

Wheatley Valley

2 white Carrion Crows still present in the area
1 frequents the area upstream from Mixenden flats and the other is half a mile up the valley still around Whitegate in the fields by Shaking House Farm.


Nick Carter said...

The bird at Shaking House Farm seems to have been there for ages?

Steve Blacksmith said...

Once went to look at one up on Cold Edge and got a mouthfull of abuse off a horsey woman (for being a nuisance birdwatcher). Was only walking down her drive and asking permission to look round. A lot of others had been before me ! Saw it though, and later one in a flock at Ovenden Wood (Wheatley). These would be in the early 90s.

DJSutcliffe said...

I have records of 2 white crows in Mixenden Park (bowling green/playing field area) the area behind Woodbrook estate leading down to the stream in Mixenden. This was from 1980 onwards. Wonder if these are the same birds or offspring? Queensbury birders have also had one up near the Raggalds for some years now but not sure if it's still about?