Sunday, June 07, 2020

Rishworth garden feeders this week..

Had a nice male Bullfinch this afternoon - Not a common bird for the garden feeders here. This week a few Siskin calls about and the best bird -  a Garden Warbler. A few Blackcap paying occasional visits to the garden but seem to be staying in the Snowberry bushes at the bus stop ! Chiff Chaff hasn't stopped singing since late March and the Song Thrush chattering on since Feb ! Blackbird attacked a Jay earlier today - must have got a bit close to a nest for comfort as it didn't manage to get anything. Long-Tailed Tits are still showing up to run down the fatball feeder, they go off to feed their young on insects come July. Blue, Great, Coal Tit fledglings coming to the feeders also Gold + Greenfinch fledglings and lots and lots of Chaffinch amongst the listed finch species.

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