Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

  Just had a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker on the bird table,
  was only there 30 seconds surprised it didn't try the nut
  feeder though, it came from the pepper hill trees, I also
  had one last xmas day too and they don't hang around
  for long, jittery little things but great to see, must have
  preferred sunflower seeds that are on the table.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Mike S. had one recently at Elland. Perhaps we are experiencing an influx of LSWs.
I bet you wish you had your camera set up Dave.

Dave Brotherton said...

I hope so Steve, me and wife watched it bouncing about on the bird table
but it was soon off, even if camera was in hand i'd of been lucky to get a pic.

Steve Midgley said...

Nice one